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Poems On / About POVERTY  5/2/2016 4:23:05 PM
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May Day Two

May Day Two
May Day Two
hand over hand up the ladder rope the line down over the wall down the side jump ship hop skip punch lip over toe step on joe awaken the higher calling why foist the animal on other people jogging brings forth sweaty salty hand over hand into the bag smash crunch pitch dark night falls no tent no cover lay in poverty with others unassembled slow motion oxidizing breaking up the vital spots nothing stays in just one spot but people homeless people try to sleep they hug the wall the foam up under legs too long and blanket over one of them is happy one of them is sad they only wanted rest but had to move along when daylight comes they miss the savage best keep going hoping using all the withered limbs of Jesus hanging from the branches of all the little trees in traction and in tension as they breeze flap extend into the sunshines forth upon the old home down the lane past the gate of whitewashed halls the old rickety unpainted design is missing from my mind intent on the new steel girders of the new wifi incrusted cities why must eye die in poverty in the south without a fighting chance to get even with my captive city whoa whoa unto the Texas land a beggar in a strange strange land like a misplaced nomad wandering out of the desert trying to find the shade of vermillion for some respite from the hot thoughtless sun wildering the satisfied pillar of the Incan Indian is salt piled high in Action colored sequence of the dead plumage of the martyred Saints of God erupting into the Sky above nothing normal nothing overwrought the candlesticks all gone sold in the traffic to be smolten down as metal cabinets all in a ring of fire burning bridges down in Cleveland burning down the old Ohio burning down the new regime of Action when all the poets die only poets ever cry CharlaX Bukowski in May Day Two Action shot with sorrow
Charles Hice

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The Poverty Of The World

the poverty of the world
the hunger of the children
will always be here
no matter what
no matter when

now, tell me
what makes you different
from their hunger from their poverty?

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Poverty Is A Gift

Father, poverty is a gift
Ask any bird taking a rain bath.
Son, don't make's me laugh
There's nothing but rain
Poverty isn't a gift
There's nothing but pain.
So son fastens your reigns
Ride for them riches today
Don't live by wage's daily
Paid only once monthly
Father poverty is a gift.
Son nothing is ever enough,
Just ask your mum.
Mark Heathcote

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And What Is Poverty

And what is poverty
In which we are busy
in discussing so much?
Is not poverty lacking of faith?
Has it some friend and
if yes who are they?

We are fully aware
poverty is nothing
But a mental status
So long as we are telling
we have brain,
Let the brain in its way.

And we are in our world
With every richness with us.
gajanan mishra

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Poems On / About POVERTY