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Poems On / About POVERTY  11/29/2015 9:52:54 AM
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That Millions Do Live In Poverty

That millions do live in poverty should never be seen as okay
The gap between the haves and the have nots keeps getting bigger by the day
Everyone should have the chance to live happy a home to live in and enough for to eat
There never should be slums and ghettos and never a poverty street,
That millions are born to live in poverty and to end their hard lives in despair
Only tells us if there's a god that god favours the wealthy and that god is not very fair
To leave millions homeless and dying of malnutrition the people condemned to die poor and young
In the refugee camps of the World live the displaced, the poor and unsung,
In the age of celebrity worship the poor in millions multiply
Why millions are destined to be poor don't ask me I wouldn't know why
Even in the World's wealthiest Countries poor people are no longer rare
And millions and millions of have nots in the bigger World out there
And millions are dying of hunger and millions are doing it tough
And millions are displaced and homeless and as refugees living it rough.
Francis Duggan

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We Need More Love And Understanding Of Others

We need more love and understanding of others in the World we live in today
Materialism and greed for money is the cause of spiritual decay
The gap between the haves and the have nots keeps widening and too many live in poverty
How can you feel love if you are hungry and homeless love doesn't bloom amongst penury
There are millions of angry people in the bigger World out there
And who can blame them for feeling unloved and of hope living in despair
They become poorer whilst a minority grow wealthier life on them is not very fair
Without food the body does not survive one cannot live entirely on air
The wealthy keep on getting wealthier money makes more money as some do say
The greed of some gives rise to poverty for others it does seem for to be this way
Some waste food the bounty of Nature whilst many don't have food to eat
The great gifts of love and understanding of others are strangers to poverty street
And the wealthy as ever growing wealthier in their case it is much wants more
In a World where millions are growing poorer the people we tend to ignore.
Francis Duggan

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Love Finds It Hard To Live Amongst Poverty

The most I can offer you is sympathy
That life can be a bugger one would have to agree
Your mind it is ravaged by financial worries and care
The spectre of poverty at you does stare
Life is not meant to be easy said George Bernard Shaw
And in the bigger World out there it is Murphy's Law
Everyone for themselves and God for us all
Those words from my boyhood I often recall
Your ex wife with her and your young son and daughter live with another man
For to grow old with you was not in her life's plan
You were the man she once did love and admire
But of a poverty type of existence she quickly did tire
Love finds it hard to live amongst poverty
Life can be a bugger you are telling me.
Francis Duggan

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If Life In The Human World We Live In

If life in the Human World we live in is in any way fair
None would have to grow poorer for every new millionaire
And none would have to live friendless and homeless and enough food for all to eat
And no such a place known as Poverty Street
In a fair World peace between former enemies would last
And war and it's bad memories a thing of the past
And former terrorists any excuse could not find
To wilfully maim and murder their fellow kind
Without terrorism and war, hunger, homelessness and poverty
What a beautiful World to live in it would be
But due to human greed mistrust exists everywhere
And no such a thing as a fair go for billions in the big World out there
A World free of extreme poverty that leads to crime
But that at least will not be in my lifetime.
Francis Duggan

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