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Poems On / About POVERTY  7/7/2015 8:12:39 AM
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If Life In The Human World We Live In

If life in the Human World we live in is in any way fair
None would have to grow poorer for every new millionaire
And none would have to live friendless and homeless and enough food for all to eat
And no such a place known as Poverty Street
In a fair World peace between former enemies would last
And war and it's bad memories a thing of the past
And former terrorists any excuse could not find
To wilfully maim and murder their fellow kind
Without terrorism and war, hunger, homelessness and poverty
What a beautiful World to live in it would be
But due to human greed mistrust exists everywhere
And no such a thing as a fair go for billions in the big World out there
A World free of extreme poverty that leads to crime
But that at least will not be in my lifetime.
Francis Duggan

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poverty! poverty! poverty!
people you have struck
making them even their children to stock
in order to have a food speck

you spread faster and faster
not even like cancer
resulting people to suffer
not a doctor or a poacher

you've made the world not a better place to live in
not for the righteous or those who sin
you make people with profession
cause they lack what we call money

it will be my task to ensure you we barn
for your harsh life is hard to maintain
i say your time is ruin
say bye to prepare to leave
stephen joel

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Poverty Promotes Pity Or Indifference?

who believes
the poor are envied
their poverty

the poor evoke
many emotions envy
is not counted

among emotions
poverty promotes
pity or indifference

are two common responses
poverty defines in hearts
of compassion or inhumanity...

Copyright Terence George Craddock
Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

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Ambitious Sky

Like I say. I fly, I drive, live and arrive.
Power stone, the staff of judgement, the hammer of justice.
The Karate punch, empicably different, life of sky.
Birds fly? But do they see? Can they eat without guilt.
A mind eclipse and peak, I breath, to divulge powerfully.
Like I say; Give it to the next man, the bandit, the Robin-Hood.
The poor never see flying, they see poverty and absence of wealth.
I fly to the lord, request a better body a bondage of freedom, more wealth.
A poor-man with heroine, a black-belt in poverty.
No fusion is right with spirit.
Breath, punch, fly clearly, yes clearly I say.
Philosophies of the McDonalds chain, both in abscent poverty.
Breath once more, punch and breath discipline.
Moses Samandar

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Poems On / About POVERTY