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Poems On / About POVERTY  9/3/2014 2:02:38 AM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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If I Was

If i was given the chance to change the world,
i would change Laws,
i would give people equal opportunities to life,
i would stop poverty

i want things to change

i hate how we have war
i hate how we have poverty
i hate how we have un equal lives
i hate how we have un fair laws
sammie annamaria merlo rodriguos

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When Great Poets Die Penniless


great poets die
in pitiless gutter
when poverty...

defeats us

'there's a writing
beyond time poverty...
(beyond) defeat'

haunts us

a back handed
dark compliement
to Edgar Alan Poe...

post mortem
Terence G. Craddock

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Don'e touch me forever and
don't follow me
It is my time to recah the peak so
don't pull me to the
May be,
You were my old friend
I may from your dirty castle
But now I don'd want your proximity
leave me alone myself to move.
A bright paradise calls me to rule
It is my turn to win and swear
Don't touch even my shadow too
My carpet welcomes me to walk and
my palce with wealth is waiting for me
Get lost my foe!
from my eyes once forall.

a direct conversation of a poet with his poverty

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Like Society No Me No Like Society
Society Deal With Partiality
Society No LIke All A WE
It Only Like Who Inda Dem Friend and Family
CAter Fe De Rich and Not De Poor And Needy
De No Memba Sah Poor People Haffi Feed Dem Pickney
And It Cost Poor People Three Times Dailey
So what About Poor What About Poverty

De Put Nanny Pan De Money
Dem Put Manley Pan De Money
DEm Put Shara Pan De Money It Cant Satisfy We needs
De Money Too Small Fe we

Pickney Fe Go A School Parents No Have No Money
Not To Mention School
Book School BAg And Kakey
Society want We Live and Dead Ina Poverty
A It MMeck ME sah ME No Like Society
Nerica Cherrington

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Poems On / About POVERTY