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Poems On / About POVERTY  10/31/2014 8:28:41 AM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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Poverty is like a curse
It deprived Prophet Jesus
Of a wife and popularity

Prophet Muhammad
Became successful
Because he became rich

Poverty is like a torture
By the enemy
Without help from others
One cannot get rid of it
Asif Andalib

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Poverty's Breath

Our lives on earth are based on poverty, why then should anyone make a 'vow of poverty'.
No matter what we accumulate after we are born, it cannot accompany us into death.
We are born with nothing but our life and intellect in tact.
Those of us who are lucky enough to maintain our intellect to the end must also lose it along with life when we take our final breath.
There are no exceptions, we are all in the same situation.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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I'm in love with Paupertas

Who will discover me
deep in my poverty
i am at ease
i only need
a tiny bit of cheese
'say cheese'
quite suddenly
'oh please! '
-it shouted loud-
do no catch me
without a proper fight
you almighty cat
with all your might
don't kill my spouse
let me remain a pauper
i am a topper mouse
and without a fright
so catch me properly
for i' m in love
with Paupertas
and i so hope
with me is she
-you naughty rat-
so get upon your feet
or leave me be.
Madrason aug 13-2013
-* Paupertas= the goddess of poverty
Madrason writer

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Like Society No Me No Like Society
Society Deal With Partiality
Society No LIke All A WE
It Only Like Who Inda Dem Friend and Family
CAter Fe De Rich and Not De Poor And Needy
De No Memba Sah Poor People Haffi Feed Dem Pickney
And It Cost Poor People Three Times Dailey
So what About Poor What About Poverty

De Put Nanny Pan De Money
Dem Put Manley Pan De Money
DEm Put Shara Pan De Money It Cant Satisfy We needs
De Money Too Small Fe we

Pickney Fe Go A School Parents No Have No Money
Not To Mention School
Book School BAg And Kakey
Society want We Live and Dead Ina Poverty
A It MMeck ME sah ME No Like Society
Nerica Cherrington

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Poems On / About POVERTY