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Poems On / About POVERTY  5/25/2016 3:49:10 PM
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The Flag Of Victory

The flag of victory,
Hoisted on wound of humanity,
Laugh on one side,
Other side the grief,
Tears on one end,
Wine on the other end,
Poverty..what is poverty?
T he most dangerous virus..
That kills..
And..And finally;
Artificial calamity..

Poverty kills everything..
Almost everything.

Till the time there is poverty,
There is dishonesty,

No religion can yield, on poverty field,
Ah! The flag of victory
A maze in history..
Aftab Alam

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On Overhearing Two Arguing About Poverty

I over heard two fellows arguing about poverty
Whilst I sat in the cafe drinking coffee
And in truth I could not help but overhear them
As they sat at the next table to me.

The older of the two a silver gray haired fellow
Said to rid the World of want and poverty
We would need to depose every despotic leader
But the younger bloke with him did not agree.

He said in so called wealthy societies there's want and hunger
And where affluence is poverty too abound
From here you don't walk far to see poor people
For poverty is everywhere around.

The older bloke countered but this is a free Country
And those in poverty have themselves only to blame
And if hungry people in our midst are living
Do not expect me to feel any shame

The younger man again with him did differ
Saying want is caused by those who only care
For themselves alone and their own self interest
Many must grow poorer for to make one millionaire.

I left them there in the cafe to argue
And not for me to say who is wrong or right
For both of them looked well dressed and well fed fellows
And they won't go to bed hungry tonight.
Francis Duggan

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Stop Acting! We Have Issues To Address!

More than hundred million of our people,
Live in luxury. The luxury you can't find in any castle,
Of a European country, as the labor law is strict there,
Here in my father's land India, abused are our workers,
Who can work nonstop for the peanut salaries and old clothes,
Modern day slaves bend their heads to the floor,
Most of them not protected against ills and injuries,
Mansions and factories filled with cheap laborers,
Where the dogs are well fed, cared and have a clean place,
To call it their home, but the children of our brothers,
Have waited silently for a new dawn for many years,
During the visit of our ministers, our roads are spotless,
During inspection days, everything is kept in order to impress,
During the arrival of foreign dignitaries, the dramas enacted,
To show the prosperity of the poverty stricken political ideology,
When climb down the steps of the red carpeted,
Pathway of the airplane staircases, everyone with a nose,
Can smell the decaying of the uncollected rubbish,
Few kilometers away, the sides of the modern and old roads occupied,
By the homeless, who have nothing to say it their own,
Except the poverty that is nurtured in the hearts of poverty,
Which in turn disperse the seeds of poverty everywhere,
Through dirty wind, water and land agents, here
Seven hundred million live in poverty and another three hundred,
Try to act neither as rich nor as poor, but as a middle class.
veeraiyah subbulakshmi

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Temple By Jayanta Mahapatra

Temple brought out in 1989 is a text
Of a different type and tenor,
Taking poverty and ageing
Into its grip,
The old men in utter despair and dejection,
Poverty maligning them,
Marauding the self.

Though based on news items
Of the suicide of an ageing couple
Living in poverty
And the other on the gangrape and murder
Of a 12-year-old girl child in Bihar's Khagaria,
It is but a story of Putana and Surpanakha,
The misunderstood heroines of India.

Though imagistic and allegorical,
Dreamy and visionary,
It is a story of hunger,
Human hunger and depravity,
Poverty and scarcity
Which the poet felt it
While dispensing with the topic in hand.

Taking the suicide of the South Indian
Octogenarian weaver couple,
He weaves his tale
Of poverty and living,
Dying in harness,
The news of the ganagrape of a girl
In Bihar's Khagaria
Aggravating the scene
Of the long poem.
Bijay Kant Dubey

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