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Poems On / About POVERTY  11/24/2015 8:13:23 PM
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Problem Of Today's Era

a birth in a poverty is lack of their destiny
a death in a poverty is so painful
a life of their rare a dream
because every one has right to live a life

poverty increase day by day
which can not demolish in any way
because poor people has set there target
to live a life of indigent

poverty that is a fear for nation
poverty that who demolish whole nation
poverty that which is like a darkness
because in darkness we can not see anything

poverty is the slow poison of today's era
because it does not attack us directly
it started it's work slowly
and at last it destroy the whole nation

poverty that increase unemployment
poverty that who spoiled the nation enjoyment
poverty that who never decrease
poverty that destroy the nation peace
maharshi trivedi

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April, March! Soldiers Search For Hunger March - A2 Story

Lot of hunger and empty bowl without food is poverty,
Not having one more dress to take bath is poverty,
Sheltered, willing but failing to accommodate a guest is also poverty,
Mother's sick but cannot afford treatment is also poverty,
If treated, prescribed but cannot buy medicine is poverty;
A mother's thought,2 mouthful of rice with 3 children is poverty.
April, March! Soldiers search for Hunger march at poverty's home.

The fort of confidence is dismantled by poverty and frustration;
They can build castles in air though lack inspiration,
They simply look for food threw in dustbin in month of May!
They die while living, live in dying daily with their life of dismay;
Poverty is not crime but it is a curse and worse...
I'm brand ambassador of poverty and I endorse!
April, March! Soldiers search for Hunger march at poverty's home.

Don't show poverty as excuse...
God gave you brain and make use and bemuse,
No matter if you are born in poverty's slum-dom
While some are handicap blind, dumb, deaf and a cough;
You work and Strive dawn to dusk with inspiration, if
You make education oxygen of your life and your kingdom.
April, March! Soldiers search for Hunger march at poverty's home.

Hence, don't look up to someone or don't cry and cry;
Go far, father and farthest, Age is no bar so try and try!
Take all ladders, Surpass Eiffel Tower and reach the sky!
Remember one Booker T Washington and Abraham Lincoln
Became presidents of America, and poverty is won!
April, March! Soldiers search for Hunger march at poverty's home.

From in India to Cambodia and Georgia to Indonesia,
From Kazakhstan to Afghanistan, China and all Asia;
From Namibia to Zambia and Algeria to Nigeria,
From Uganda to Rwanda, Morocco and all South Africa;
Bolivia to Columbia, Guyana to Argentina and all South America;
Third world is resounding with Mania! Mania! Food Mania!
April, March! Soldiers search for Hunger march at poverty's home.
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April, March! Soldiers Search for HUNGER MARCH - A1 Story
Harindhar Reddy

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The City

I pity every city.

I pity about dirty poverty, which is spread in widening city.

I feel pity about people in poverty in the widen city.

I feel pity for the enriched poverty which is in all the city.

I feel pity because of my humanity.

I feel pity and I can feel only pity about people in poverty.

I can feel only pity because poverty is as wide as city.

I can feel only pity about poverty because I' am blessed only to feel pity.

I can feel only pity because I' am blessed, with hand full of scarcity.
Narendra Kuppan

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The Poor People People Are Among Us

They call them poor because They don't have money or anything That is sufficient to them and to their families, It's not one's mistake to be poor anytime Simply because that there are reasons Behind one's poverty, These poor people are greatly and wonderfully Nice and pretty like us, Days have made them poor, so It was not their choice anytime, They have great love in their hearts To all people around them, They never look at other people With envy or with disdain Simply because they are good people, Their miserable eyes explain Their plight in our world... It's poverty that remains a great plight To those people who live on the sidewalks, Under the bridges, among the tombs, ...., and anywhere, .. That poverty is a cruel monster That breaks hearts when seeing people Waiting for a hand to give or any charity's help, These poor people are our brothers and They are our sisters, so Why don't we keep them happy and well? ! ______________________________________________________________________

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Poems On / About POVERTY