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Poems On / About POVERTY  12/1/2015 7:32:22 PM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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Living To Work

To live is teaching my kindergarten boys that it is okay NOT to be the coolest cat on the playground.

To live is conquering poverty while convincing the poverty-stricken they are not stricken by anything for having greater needs than you and me.

To live is teaching my kindergarten girls their hip shakin'/booty shakin' dance is not acceptable during recess. Unless of course they are willing to teach me a few moves.

To live is spending quality time at the lake either on a boat, in a tent, on a jet ski, holding a fishin' pole, storytelling with the stars, etc.

To live is telling at least one joke a day, albeit be lame or thought provoking in hopes of keeping the elevator sane and the bums happy.

To live is advocating change for aspects of our educational system…this pre-occupation with performance rather than understanding is hurting not only our children but also hurting the very educators who keep this country's love for learning alive.

To live is demanding fairness for low socio-economic students and those who are not. Circumstance or lack thereof cannot and should not shape the structure of resources made available.

To live...is helping others.

© 2010 April Michelle
April Michelle

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Ghost Of Poverty

Of poverty.
Sits upon a dusk chair,
Secluded as a forgotten smile.
Secluded as the pale rose,
Beneath the dusk chair of,
Poverties Ghost.
Where words,
Leave the seclusion of their, own tuneful misery.
GuyAdler Dorelien

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Mama; S Sacriffice

There are times I look deep into the mist of my soul, I get scared, It’s me the homeless guy sleeping in the far Shaws of the city, Admiring the beauty of nature
No one seems to care or bothered if I had something to fill the stomach grumblings or a blanket on my back to protect me from the cold, There are times like these when ones voice is no longer heard and he has no choice but to give up all hope, for no one shows love since the death of the pope. But can one like me say I’m stranded in this world filled with poverty, am I suppose to throw the towel? Is it over?
I reminisce but just a few years back me and mama living in a tiny one room, a room dilapated and cold, worrying that any minute someone might attack; it was then that my black nose got the smell, the brutal scent of the wicked rose
Mama a woman dedicated to see me smile
Woke up every morning and walked a mile
Just to see her baby boy had something to eat every night like those kids with everything, I was just a mere little boy with no care in the world, but mama made sure that I always had the biggest toy
I will give my life to the women who gave me life, stand in front of a truck and die, just to see mama on track, tell me if I’m wrong when I want make everything in her life so right
Mama another women who even today lives in a struggle, mama another women who still hasn’t seen the twinkle of joy, mama a women that’s a victim of poverty, mama a women I wish she could own her own property, she froze in winter just to see me warm, sacrificed her life in the streets to keep me out of harm, and if ever a lady should shine on my arm, it would have to be mama, a true lady with no drama, even if I should marry some day, mama will always be the one to get my pay, mama my role model the boss of my heart, mama and I no one will come in-between, mama my black queen.
luvuyo gqamane

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Poverty is like a curse
It deprived Prophet Jesus
Of a wife and popularity

Prophet Muhammad
Became successful
Because he became rich

Poverty is like a torture
By the enemy
Without help from others
One cannot get rid of it
Asif Andalib

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