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Poems On / About POVERTY  5/29/2015 7:03:35 PM
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The Moral Decline Of Our World

Our world is morally corrupt Simply because it is going towards Its decline anytime... Nothing indicates that our world Is doing good on all levels... We don't know what's going on With everyone on our planet... Some people choose the wrong directions Indefinitely and without borders towards A corrupt world that is far what is honest And what is good anytime and anywhere... Only ugly wars, poverty, adultery, dishonesty, Homelessness, loss, ...., ...., ...., etc, prevail Our world is declining rapidly towards its Inevitable and fatal end if it does not Divert its compass towards what is moral immediately... It's not over for our world, but It's too late to fix our world's sick body anytime... The moral buildup is more important than Anything else anytime, so Shall our world change itself so fast? ! I doubt it... ______________________________________________________________________

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Roots Of Poverty

Stressing the little things in life, always remaining true to the roots of poverty left from a childhood held together by a mother who loved us with all her heart.
Taking care of all our needs and keeping us as safe as she knew how.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Rains' Fall

Those rains fall By day and by night Accompanied by that cold weather Over there, People are in abject poverty and They're in absolute misery Simply because they're surrounded By a lot of headaches, All those rains are merely Floods in those streets and In these narrow alleys, People lack all accommodations Simply because they suffer from What's going on around them, Hope fades day by day Simply because there is nothing pretty In that far horizon, It's all, but A sad tale of those people Who suffer from everything around them... Although rains are good and pretty, but They are headaches when they turn into floods Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. ______________________________________________________________________

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On The Outside

I need a backative that I couldnt find in you. Life is not just about you. Life is not about me. We live eternally through our children so what is the legacy that we are leaving behind? The brain wash that we were given? The poverty? the foot stool position? scraping the scraps from the table of other races? Living in squalor communities where ever we go? Demanding and marching for equality from people who do not think we deserve it? Being considered a burden because our people are on welfare (doesn't matter if more whites are on it, it was designed for them not us) ? Whites stole america and built it as there kingdom, where is ours? Should Jamaica be our Kingdom? Black people see everything outside of themselves as better and we are so beautiful and talented.
ras palmer

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Poems On / About POVERTY