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Poems On / About POVERTY  7/6/2015 12:48:59 PM
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Real Days Of Life

Days sever and combine At the same time... There are days for happiness, but There are for sadness anytime... Days carry inside them, Like our real cells, A lot of different things, Good or bad, Lovely or unlovely, Poverty or richness, and Prosperity or misery To us anytime... We are sometimes squeezed By days either To be or to be not... We are sometimes good allies to our days, but We are often bad allies to our days... Days can do what they want and We only suffer from these them... _______________________________________________________________________

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Life As Diagnosed By Us

We only look for a better life That is great, wonderful, sublime, and Care-free anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... Stagnant water is never drinkable Simply because it's impure and rotten... We love only to be and To be today, tomorrow, and after tomorrow... We are all pretty human beings Who look for a peaceful world That is for everyone on earth and No one is exempted anytime... Love is greatly and wonderful The foundation-stone that We all stand on anytime... Poverty is a curable disease Simply because that's the way If we fix it anytime... All people are great and wonderful Simply because that's the slogan We must keep by our hearts... All other burdens of life can be Negotiated peaceful and there must only Deals for the humanity's sake anytime... We all know our world's diseases, so Why don't we fix them immediately? ______________________________________________________________________

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Old Garments

Always new garments have brilliance In the first sight While old ones get faded with time... Some people buy new clothes Every now and then While some other people like To put on used or old clothes... A few people mix those new and old Clothes, but It depends on their spending... Standard-of-living urges someone To buy or not to buy, To have new or old clothes, and Many other things might come anytime... Poverty always looks at old garments While richness has another approach, but It depends.... _____________________________________________________________________

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Life's Whole Image

Life is wholly great, but It's all, but a great mirage anytime Simply it takes more than what it gives anytime... It hammers our heads with all of Its great authority to shut us down... We live dead in it although We are alive anytime... There is no difference between us and Those of the tombs' people... We only suffer from all that's going on In this life anytime... This life is only the playground of Misery, poverty, and injustice anytime... Our life is not carefree here Simply because we're squeezed in-between things in it... We are victims and we are the victims of What's going on in this life... This life's whole image is merely A bad, an absurd, and a miserable one anytime... ______________________________________________________________________

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