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Poems On / About POVERTY  7/24/2014 8:33:46 PM
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Jap V.D.

Faggots must not be liberated as liberation will make 'em so lazy as
to plunge 'em into poverty, give 'em Jap V.D. & make 'em all crazy
Richard Thripp

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Bedroom Tax The Legacy

In the aftermath
of your destruction
you leave a legacy

A legacy of poverty and pain
children starving
people dying
lost souls crying

Shame on you
Dave Alan Walker

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Here we are in America camouflaged in poverty
Our minds programmed - voice of prosperity
While there in Africa we lie starving
While there in Africa we lie dying
Unconscious of respect - subconscious of suspect
Who robbed us of our rights - and reduced our span of life

Here we are in America stagnated in progress
Our minds programmed for failure - of feeling worthless
While there in Africa we are aware
Here, there, everywhere, we're weak, we need care
There's a drought in Africa, we cry
Just one grain will keep us alive
With deceit and conceit, we lie
Our bodies parched and dry
Our minds rotting as we die

We need unity - we must achieve solidarity
We need a positive program - a positive program is in demand
We must demand, therefore we can demand. We can command.

We are sick of poverty and misery
We are sick of poverty and misery
We have come to the end of worthlessness
We support each other in the process
Of learning to love ourselves, while we protest
We love each other as we suggest steps to success

We must rescue each other, rescue ourselves
We must proclaim or claim prosperity
We are taking over responsibility
As we enter, in solidarity
We are taking control of our lives
By programming our minds to survive
Sally Stewart

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The Children Of Poverty Street

At least spare a thought for the children the children of Poverty Street
They are homeless as young teenagers and against the odds they must compete
Their parents serving time for robbery and narcotic offences and most of their role models in jail
Their circumstance of birth is a huge mark against them the poor young people destined to fail.

They steal for to buy food, drugs and alcohol on Poverty Street life is tough
Too young much too young to be homeless without shelter and sleeping rough
They are pushed to the social fringes the young people society disown
Ignored by the Government Bureaucracies and to the Police only known.

Who could envy them their existence those born into cruel circumstance
The Gods are completely against them of success they do not stand a chance
For them life is such a great battle they must battle their ghosts of despair
They don't even dream of the good life to them life is very unfair.

You who waffle on of life's choices with you talk is always so cheap
Bet you were not homeless at thirteen and on a park bench had to sleep
You would not talk of life's choices if you had to steal for to eat
If you felt alone and abandoned like the children of Poverty Street.
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About POVERTY