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Poems On / About POVERTY  11/26/2015 1:34:10 PM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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Remember Her...

When i no longer remember me will you remember 2 remember when the world has scribbled scars upon mine face that cut deep inside my soulless soul used and crushed my dreams before my own eyes and then threw me like trash will you remember to remember a girl driven to desparations by pains and poverties beyond me stripping me off my dignity till i lose my own sanity till my mind i cannot think my heart i can no longer feel a beggar begging the world for my survival will you remember to remember when the world no longer remembers me buried my soul amongst the soil and dust when im like dirt under the soles of your feet Mama will you remember to remember your baby when i no longer remember that little girl trapped in her shadows and have long forgotten my ways back home when with every breath i take i shake and crumble back to the ground that gave birth to me embraced me and sang me lullabies to comfort me and wipe away the tears in my eyes as i catch a glimpse of my shattered face tears pouring down and i no longer remember will you remember to remember remember her
Phatheka 'Sweet Blaq Rose' Azania

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Poverty Lacks All Subs And Sandwiches

Poor people can not eat All kinds of subs and sandwiches Simply because they don't have money To buy them anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, They can not eat any kind of fast food, Cooked food, or any kind of food, but They can eat only ready-made food from the garbage Or left food on the sidewalks, They don't eat good foods because simply they can't Buy any kind of food anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, I went everywhere in our pretty world and I saw these Poor people eating from the garbage and they go inside Just to pick some left food, These poor people when they pick the left or thrown food In the garbage or on the sidewalks and these people look Like birds picking their food in the same way, The poor people regretfully can't get good food because They are poor and they have no choice at all anytime, Poor people suffer simply because they lack money and they Lack the world's attention though some people have a lot of food, Our world is greatly unfair about the poor people and may be Not caring about the poor and their abject poverty anytime, and Greatly all the world is surely responsible directly or indirectly Towards all the poor people anywhere, everywhere, and anywhere.

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Umbilical Cord

Birthed into igniting flames of poverty, my fade was not much. Breast fed the scares of struggle, I was bound to speak language of ubiquitous freedom. Umbilical cord, though the parting of Bhiko's and Gandhi was known, it pained me to count ours. As I open my mouth, not only do I inhale the cries of freedom seekers, but the appealing gauge grass silently mock the imitated struggle of youth adopting to rainbow nation. I bit my tongue, trying to convey the forced language, well spoked by those who remembered the soldiers not the war. Had this been a dream, I dreamt casualties in war, thou the parting of us. I never understood the colour on my skin, but never took grunted the portrayed images in the labour room. Umbilical cord, the medium of love to vein, I relate to emotions conveyed on the faces of ones titled poor.
Tlou Romeo

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Dna (Human Evolution)

once upon a time, (or so 'they' say) we were just a bunch of monkeys swinging from the vines 'Til one fine day, we fell out of the trees and put our feet on the ground, we lost our tails and shaved our faces and used our brains to make ourselves a 'civilization' HUMAN, HUMAN, HUMAN EVOLUTION HUMAN EVOLUTION 'TIL WE ALL STAND we're on our way to a 'brand-new' age: to 1984, to Huxley's 'brave' new world we've got the technology and science is on our side... we're even re-writing history to prove we're right, there's nothing wrong with HUMAN, HUMAN, HUMAN EVOLUTION HUMAN EVOLUTION 'TIL WE ALL STAND its all coincidence- a series of accidents like Humpty Dumpty, like Jack and Jill, like your girlfriend forgetting to take her pill. NOTHING happens for any reason. there is neither well nor ill just a little more of this HUMAN, HUMAN, HUMAN EVOLUTION HUMAN EVOLUTION 'TIL WE ALL STAND now, we have sky scrapers and urban populations and thirty-one flavors of religion... we have apathy and poverty and HIV we've got controlled starvation, prescribed sedation, prime-time television, public education, and a steady murder rate. we've got everything but a Master plan HUMAN, HUMAN, HUMAN EVOLUTION HUMAN EVOLUTION 'TIL WE ALL STAND
mark bennett

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