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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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Why Tell Me About It I know All Too Well

Why tell me about It I know all too well
That many are living in their Earthly Hell
The hungry the homeless the poor and downtrod
They must be the children of some Lesser God.

Why tell me about it I know for the have nots life must seem unfair
So many grow poorer for every new millionaire
The scourge of poverty rife in every Race
In a fair Human World this would not be the case.

Even in so called wealthy Nations poverty does abound
Not too far from where the rich live the homeless to be found
The streets of the poor suburb a breeding ground for crime
Where many don't live to enjoy their life's prime.

Why tell me about it of course I'm aware
That the poor of the World have never been rare
And millions are living in dire poverty
In a fair Human World this would never be.
Francis Duggan

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Experimenting With Life In Poverty

Life of a man in poverty is pure experiment,
It effortlessly starts in the morning on each day
Swaddled in acuteness of despair and hope,
Hoping to pass on food for breakfast and lunch
Without test of agony in hunger pains; wistfulness
As drive for opportunity of super is forcefully atomic,
Projecting for bliss in posterity without education,
As paranoia of a merchant awaits disillusionment,
Pumping into regular snags from fortune creation,
As economic powers that be fix final nails
to the coffin, in which rests twist of fate,
Hoping for global relations to succor the times
As self reinforced poverty fetters all experiments,
Happening to be in the pauper’s laboratory,
Converting everything all into poverty’s turf.
alexander opicho

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'Great Expectations' Defined Industrial Poverty

little poems

a lot

a definition
of poverty


have tried
to express


'Great Expectations'

few pitiful fragments
of a perfect succinct

I hope to resurrect? ? ?

but anything
is better
than this nothing

i hope
to write anything

large stereotypes

help class

exploited Victorian
pitiful poor

a perceived




social causes

past empiric addressed
does Dickens imply?
God should be ashamed?

to allow urban extensive
Victorian raw industrial disease
pitiless soulless exploitative

suffering sweat shops
industrial grind workhouses
scaled ploy aid programmes

to restamp work rat society
education empire dreams
to a mint of their own making

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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We Need More Love And Understanding Of Others

We need more love and understanding of others in the World we live in today
Materialism and greed for money is the cause of spiritual decay
The gap between the haves and the have nots keeps widening and too many live in poverty
How can you feel love if you are hungry and homeless love doesn't bloom amongst penury
There are millions of angry people in the bigger World out there
And who can blame them for feeling unloved and of hope living in despair
They become poorer whilst a minority grow wealthier life on them is not very fair
Without food the body does not survive one cannot live entirely on air
The wealthy keep on getting wealthier money makes more money as some do say
The greed of some gives rise to poverty for others it does seem for to be this way
Some waste food the bounty of Nature whilst many don't have food to eat
The great gifts of love and understanding of others are strangers to poverty street
And the wealthy as ever growing wealthier in their case it is much wants more
In a World where millions are growing poorer the people we tend to ignore.
Francis Duggan

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