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Poems On / About POVERTY  10/30/2014 5:51:32 PM
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Terence Craddock Replies To Aristotle

Aristotle proclaimed
'Poverty is the parent
of revolution & crime.'

Terence Craddock replied
cracking centuries hard social nut
of sweeping statement problem.

'When people
have more to gain
from the possible
success of revolutions,

through potential
redistribution of wealth,
than peril consequences
of a revolution failing,

meaning most
are so desperate

they have nothing to lose;
then yes poverty is birth parent
of inevitable revolutions.

Poverty and Crime
desperation starvation
and economic crime,

will by dire necessity
often go hand in hand.

Severe compulsive addictions
substance abuse cravings
needing addiction release,

are also prime cause candidates
for social group individual crime.'
Terence G. Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

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Here we are in America camouflaged in poverty
Our minds programmed - voice of prosperity
While there in Africa we lie starving
While there in Africa we lie dying
Unconscious of respect - subconscious of suspect
Who robbed us of our rights - and reduced our span of life

Here we are in America stagnated in progress
Our minds programmed for failure - of feeling worthless
While there in Africa we are aware
Here, there, everywhere, we're weak, we need care
There's a drought in Africa, we cry
Just one grain will keep us alive
With deceit and conceit, we lie
Our bodies parched and dry
Our minds rotting as we die

We need unity - we must achieve solidarity
We need a positive program - a positive program is in demand
We must demand, therefore we can demand. We can command.

We are sick of poverty and misery
We are sick of poverty and misery
We have come to the end of worthlessness
We support each other in the process
Of learning to love ourselves, while we protest
We love each other as we suggest steps to success

We must rescue each other, rescue ourselves
We must proclaim or claim prosperity
We are taking over responsibility
As we enter, in solidarity
We are taking control of our lives
By programming our minds to survive
Sally Stewart

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In A Fair World

I cannot empathize with the poor since I'm not in poverty
And I can only imagine how miserable life must be
For those who go to sleep hungry they live with death each day
In a fair World this would not be it would be fair to say.

In a fair World this would not be but all in life's not fair
And thousands are in poverty for every millionaire
In third World Countries every year millions of hunger die
The crops don't grow in rain starved lands, the parched earth far too dry.

In a fair World there would be enough food to go around
And not one hungry person in the whole World to be found
But there is only hunger where poverty reside
And the gap between the haves and have nots has never been so wide.

In a fair World there would not be want and need and very little crime
But the social gap keeps widening despite the march of time
And I who have never lived in the slums or in a third World Land
What it feels like to be really poor could never understand.
Francis Duggan

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'Great Expectations' Defined Industrial Poverty

little poems

a lot

a definition
of poverty


have tried
to express


'Great Expectations'

few pitiful fragments
of a perfect succinct

I hope to resurrect? ? ?

but anything
is better
than this nothing

i hope
to write anything

large stereotypes

help class

exploited Victorian
pitiful poor

a perceived




social causes

past empiric addressed
does Dickens imply?
God should be ashamed?

to allow urban extensive
Victorian raw industrial disease
pitiless soulless exploitative

suffering sweat shops
industrial grind workhouses
scaled ploy aid programmes

to restamp work rat society
education empire dreams
to a mint of their own making

Copyright Terence George Craddock
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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