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Poems On / About POVERTY  7/23/2014 5:10:37 PM
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On Poverty Street

On Poverty Street and Refugee camps far away
The struggles of life it goes on every day
The struggles to live in the face of despair
The have nots of the World have never been rare
The homeless and hungry obliged to sleep rough
And many far too many are doing it tough
And thousands are growing poorer for each new millionaire
No such a thing as equality in the big World out there
On the people of Poverty Street the drug dealers prey
For their own gain they treat their fellow human beings in a disrespectful way
For money to feed their addictions the poor sinned against turn to crime
And they end up in jail for a considerable time
On Poverty Street there is no cause for cheer
And of success stories from there one seldom does hear.
Francis Duggan

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That Millions Do Live In Poverty

That millions do live in poverty should never be seen as okay
The gap between the haves and the have nots keeps getting bigger by the day
Everyone should have the chance to live happy a home to live in and enough for to eat
There never should be slums and ghettos and never a poverty street,
That millions are born to live in poverty and to end their hard lives in despair
Only tells us if there's a god that god favours the wealthy and that god is not very fair
To leave millions homeless and dying of malnutrition the people condemned to die poor and young
In the refugee camps of the World live the displaced, the poor and unsung,
In the age of celebrity worship the poor in millions multiply
Why millions are destined to be poor don't ask me I wouldn't know why
Even in the World's wealthiest Countries poor people are no longer rare
And millions and millions of have nots in the bigger World out there
And millions are dying of hunger and millions are doing it tough
And millions are displaced and homeless and as refugees living it rough.
Francis Duggan

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in poetry there is no poverty

there is no poverty in poetry: it is a rich world
of flowers
and magic, of images that imaginations create
a warm sun
the deep blue sea, some mysteries of words
that come
and seemingly carry with them a bountry of meanings

liberation, oblation, jubilation
birds coming out from our mouths
butterflies from our
fireworks from our minds
in multicolors
to the darkest skies
of this earth

where can poverty
in a world of freedom: to say what you want to say
to think what you want to think
to dream
to imagine
to find meanings where others think there are none?

the secret garden
a path
a gate
a hiding place for all of us who still believe
about life
and aftelife and life after life

temporary deaths
and temporary losses

a jump a leap to the world beyond us
to eternity
we are meant

this i think is poetry and surely
there can never be

Ayi Escalona

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The Poor Bloke's Prayer

My electricity bill I just cannot pay
Dear God when I need you where are you today
You don't seem to listen when to you I pray
And when I need your help from me you turn away.

The prayer of the poor bloke on poverty street
For his children he cannot afford to buy meat
His wife is unwell in bed feeling run down
A poor family on the poor side of the town.

He prays but God never pays heed to his prayer
Life can be so tough for one on welfare
On a below poverty line income and job opportunities rare
Of how real poverty feels he is all too aware.

If your wife and children are hungry and payment on your bills overdue
To positive thinking 'tis hard to stay true
You pray to your God for assistance but your prayer God does not heed
And your so called friends do not wish to know you in your times of need.
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About POVERTY