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Poems On / About POVERTY  9/3/2015 7:51:25 AM
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Job Proposal

The community has no immunity from the systematic demise
Of inner city enterprise

This demise creates economic development for administrations
In the midst of inner city death cries

Poverty, an opportunity for the business community to procure
Appropriations for the revitalization of bureaucratic relations
Poverty works, it is the hidden agenda that doth lurk

Anti-poverty programs comprehensive and coordinated
Jobs for social workers, counselors and bureaucrats created
While communities, neighborhoods and ghettos waited and waited

Urban Renewal 1949, Community Action Program 1964
Model Cities 1966, Community Development Block Grants 1974
Urban Development Action Grants 1977, Enterprise Zones 1980,
Empowerment Zones 1993

The community has no immunity from the systematice demise
Of inner city enterprise

Poverty and crime are permitted to murder the inner city
Without remorse, without mercy, without justice, without pity

The need for the slums sanctions traditional deterioration of
Social humanity
Representative of, representative of bureaucratic insanity

The community has no immunity from systematic demise
Of inner city enterprise
Josephine DixonBanks

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Because Of Us

We will never defeat the terrorists with our oppressive laws
We will only defeat terrorism by fighting it's root cause
What are we doing one well might ask to alleviate poverty
In war torn and Third World Countries? not much if you ask me.

Because of us thousands of innocents in New York and Washington have died
And because of us so many dreams of life have been destroyed
And because of us in Afghanistan suffering and death dropped from the night sky
Those who say we are the good guys even believe their own lie.

And because of us in Iraq there is fear and death and pain
Far worse than the worst suffering inflicted on his people by the deposed despot Saddam Hussein
And since the Gulf war more than a million Iraqi citizens have met with a premature and tragic end
And why should they wish to believe us when we tell them we're their friend.

In a World where there is so much poverty terrorism will abound
For places of suffering and poverty are to the terrorists breeding ground
If we put as much effort into combating poverty as fighting terrorists then terrorism would subside
And people would live in harmony and peace would be Worldwide.

For the wars and deaths and suffering the terrorists we'll blame
But we ourselves not innocent we too play the dirty game
The game that causes grief and heartbreak they call it Us and They
But one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter at least that's what they say.

Because of us there are refugees and these poor people we demonize
And that they do not seem to like us comes to us as a surprise
And because of us and because of them there is only hell to pay
And that beautiful rose the Rose of Peace is withering to decay.
Francis Duggan

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Poor And Poorer Still

Thief of life...
Life half dead...
Poverty is suffocation;
Life on borrowed air.

Life is eclipsed,
Like the sun by the moon.
Talents in fester,
Poverty is doom.

Hope sits in a corner -
Tired, overused.
Minds lay waste -
Malnourished, underused.

Eyes see blindly,
Dignity in the dust.
Progress now rests
Upon a broken clock.

Work is cure
To some wretched extent,
To mine the locked grave
Poverty had lent.

Wisdom is the key
To unlocking this grave,
The destroyer of poverty,
Removing its chains.
Tanya Stewart Boateng

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The Children Of Poverty Street

At least spare a thought for the children the children of Poverty Street
They are homeless as young teenagers and against the odds they must compete
Their parents serving time for robbery and narcotic offences and most of their role models in jail
Their circumstance of birth is a huge mark against them the poor young people destined to fail.

They steal for to buy food, drugs and alcohol on Poverty Street life is tough
Too young much too young to be homeless without shelter and sleeping rough
They are pushed to the social fringes the young people society disown
Ignored by the Government Bureaucracies and to the Police only known.

Who could envy them their existence those born into cruel circumstance
The Gods are completely against them of success they do not stand a chance
For them life is such a great battle they must battle their ghosts of despair
They don't even dream of the good life to them life is very unfair.

You who waffle on of life's choices with you talk is always so cheap
Bet you were not homeless at thirteen and on a park bench had to sleep
You would not talk of life's choices if you had to steal for to eat
If you felt alone and abandoned like the children of Poverty Street.
Francis Duggan

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