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Poems On / About POVERTY  11/28/2014 7:07:13 PM
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We Need More Love And Understanding Of Others

We need more love and understanding of others in the World we live in today
Materialism and greed for money is the cause of spiritual decay
The gap between the haves and the have nots keeps widening and too many live in poverty
How can you feel love if you are hungry and homeless love doesn't bloom amongst penury
There are millions of angry people in the bigger World out there
And who can blame them for feeling unloved and of hope living in despair
They become poorer whilst a minority grow wealthier life on them is not very fair
Without food the body does not survive one cannot live entirely on air
The wealthy keep on getting wealthier money makes more money as some do say
The greed of some gives rise to poverty for others it does seem for to be this way
Some waste food the bounty of Nature whilst many don't have food to eat
The great gifts of love and understanding of others are strangers to poverty street
And the wealthy as ever growing wealthier in their case it is much wants more
In a World where millions are growing poorer the people we tend to ignore.
Francis Duggan

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So Many Poor Souls And Not Many Who Care

So many poor souls and not many who care
Are doing it quite tough in the big World out there
The homeless and hungry teenagers of poverty street
Are searching in rubbish bins for something to eat

The gap is increasing in the social divide
And millions are Stateless and Homeless and hungry World wide
The victims of droughts and wars and disease
In the refugee camps millions of refugees.

The marginalized are doing it quite tough
On poverty street they are sleeping rough
People should not have to go hungry in the World of today
But such is not the case that does seem sad to say

For one wealthy person thousands in poverty
Those who need far more than words of sympathy
People who look old before they reach their life's prime
To be born to poor parents is their only crime.
Francis Duggan

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On Poverty Street

On Poverty Street and Refugee camps far away
The struggles of life it goes on every day
The struggles to live in the face of despair
The have nots of the World have never been rare
The homeless and hungry obliged to sleep rough
And many far too many are doing it tough
And thousands are growing poorer for each new millionaire
No such a thing as equality in the big World out there
On the people of Poverty Street the drug dealers prey
For their own gain they treat their fellow human beings in a disrespectful way
For money to feed their addictions the poor sinned against turn to crime
And they end up in jail for a considerable time
On Poverty Street there is no cause for cheer
And of success stories from there one seldom does hear.
Francis Duggan

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IMF Policies

To reduce poverty is their stated goal
Yet the policies they demand
Always leave assisted countries
In a deeper, darker hole

So why demand policies
That always do fail
That always float like a brick
That, like lead, do sail?

Is their faith in doctrine
Honestly that strong
That policy must always be right
And reality always wrong?

Or is their real aim
Opposite to what they claim
Is it to continue poverty
And power to maintain?

You can never reduce poverty
By concentrating wealth
You do not spread diseases
To protect the public health

So the question that must be asked
Is how to tear away their mask
And now force them to fulfil
Their official stated task?

We can start by recognising
That money in healthy economies
Like blood in a healthy body flows
And severing your arteries
Is worse than body blows.

So let countries pay their debts
Like donors giving blood
Instead of descending like vampires
And leaving corpses in the mud.
David Chalk

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Poems On / About POVERTY