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Poems On / About POVERTY  8/30/2014 9:28:16 PM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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Living Large In Poverty

All things being equal I'd rather be rich,
However, thing don't always work out,
So I'm resigned to spend my time in poverty,
Working in the dirt and grime.

Why, or why me Lord, I may ask,
Gently proding the almighty for just one task,
I wondered if it would be possible,
Just bless me temporarily the ability to pay my bills,
Then I will be a changed fellow.

I then figured then that money was my problem.

What I didn't realize then,
But I do now,
It isn't a matter of money,
It is a matter of know how.

Now matter how you work,
You may never get ahead,
And then there are people who just work themselves dead.

I looked in the mirror and then decided,
Give me the poverty,
And all I need is the serenity,
To be able to live comfortably,
Now, I live with my means,
Not wanting for things,
And I'm very happy.

You may ask, what did I learn?
I will say, ' Living in poverty is not so bad,
Especially if you have a rich dad! '

Nadalia Bagratuni

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A poor man never begs even if he dies Begging is a shame, The one who begs is not poor, A beggar extends his hand as much he can to Get money from here and there, A poor man has his pride not to beg, but Days have beaten him badly, There are things that made him poor.... Poverty is not a shame, but Begging is the biggest shame, There are people who take begging as a Source of earning money because They don't lose anything doing so even if They extend their hands for as long as they Can, Shame, to some people, is not anything, I never saw a poor man begging, but There are other people who beg even they Don't need money.... It's a shame on the the one who begs! Stop begging, O beggar! A poor man's poverty has many reasons, One's livelihood is God's work because Everyone will get his or her.... poverty is not a shame, but Begging is a big shame. ____________________________________________

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Experimenting With Life In Poverty

Life of a man in poverty is pure experiment,
It effortlessly starts in the morning on each day
Swaddled in acuteness of despair and hope,
Hoping to pass on food for breakfast and lunch
Without test of agony in hunger pains; wistfulness
As drive for opportunity of super is forcefully atomic,
Projecting for bliss in posterity without education,
As paranoia of a merchant awaits disillusionment,
Pumping into regular snags from fortune creation,
As economic powers that be fix final nails
to the coffin, in which rests twist of fate,
Hoping for global relations to succor the times
As self reinforced poverty fetters all experiments,
Happening to be in the pauper’s laboratory,
Converting everything all into poverty’s turf.
alexander opicho

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You Will Find Poverty

You will find poverty in the U S and Great Britain, in France and in Japan,
In Canada and in Australia, New Zealand as well as Iran
In South America and Europe, Africa and all through Asia as well
Throughout the Human World some in their Earthly Hell
In the past decade millions of people of hunger have died
As the gap between the haves and the have nots grow wide
In the World's wealthiest Countries homeless people not rare
So many poor people for every millionaire
And the social divide growing wider by the day
And that the poor are growing poorer does seem sad to say
In The Human World poverty of varying degrees
In the refugee camps millions of refugees
And poverty not a stranger anywhere
So many poor souls in the big World out there.
Francis Duggan

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