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Poems On / About POVERTY  7/23/2014 6:53:51 AM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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Forgotten In The The Sea Of Life

The poor are neglected and forgotten Like the old pages of an old book in
An isolated library in an old house, They were born poor because some greedy People stole their life and their bread In a bad moment and in a bad place, Poverty is the poor people's common friend Because everyone refused them completely, They are not bad, but nobody accepts the Poor people and God damn their ugly poverty, Poverty is a sin because the greedy people Considered the poor and their poverty a sin, The poor are dreaming and their poverty is Hovering like an ugly bird over their heads, The poor people did not buy poverty or did Not make it, but some bad minds and hearts, and
One day everything will be different when we Clean the whole world from this God damn this poverty.

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It’s the 21st century,
World has advanced in many ways, yet poverty still cries.
Looking at the little boy with tears in eyes,
Desperately searching for love, companion and good clothes
We all know what it clearly indicates and shows,
It haunts me, and part of me wants to make a change and,
the other me wants to forget
but I can surely bet
It’s something one with a good heart wouldn’t do!
If it takes some sacrifice, I’m ready
But is the rest of the world?
I see poverty in a rich man trying to find love,
I see poverty in a well-educated man who lacks modesty.
I see poverty in a literate man who lacks respect for poor.
I see poverty in a selfish man who wants more
The world is still imperfect despite all the advancements,
Because there is,
Ricky Baker

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April, March! Soldiers Search for HUNGER MARCH - A2 Story

Lot of hunger and empty bowl without food is poverty,
Not having one more dress to take bath is poverty,
Sheltered, willing but failing to accommodate a guest is also poverty,
Mother's sick but cannot afford treatment is also poverty,
If treated, prescribed but cannot buy medicine is poverty;
A mother's thought,2 mouthful of rice with 3 children is poverty.
April, March! Soldiers search for Hunger march at poverty's home.

The fort of confidence is dismantled by poverty and frustration;
They can build castles in air though lack inspiration,
They simply look for food threw in dustbin in month of May!
They die while living, live in dying daily with their life of dismay;
Poverty is not crime but it is a curse and worse...
I'm brand ambassador of poverty and I endorse!
April, March! Soldiers search for Hunger march at poverty's home.

Don't show poverty as excuse...
God gave you brain and make use and bemuse,
No matter if you are born in poverty's slum-dom
While some are handicap blind, dumb, deaf and a cough;
You work and Strive dawn to dusk with inspiration, if
You make education oxygen of your life and your kingdom.
April, March! Soldiers search for Hunger march at poverty's home.

Hence, don't look up to someone or don't cry and cry;
Go far, father and farthest, Age is no bar so try and try!
Take all ladders, Surpass Eiffel Tower and reach the sky!
Remember one Booker T Washington and Abraham Lincoln
Became presidents of America, and poverty is won!
April, March! Soldiers search for Hunger march at poverty's home.

From in India to Cambodia and Georgia to Indonesia,
From Kazakhstan to Afghanistan, China and all Asia;
From Namibia to Zambia and Algeria to Nigeria,
From Uganda to Rwanda, Morocco and all South Africa;
Bolivia to Columbia, Guyana to Argentina and all South America;
Third world is resounding with Mania! Mania! Food Mania!
April, March! Soldiers search for Hunger march at poverty's home.
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BIG NOTICE BOARD: Sorry, if you LIKE to grasp central theme of poem Just take a break! Now READ PART1 to make your reading wholesome.

April, March! Soldiers Search for HUNGER MARCH - A1 Story
Harindhar Reddy

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This I wonder while I lay in bed,
Why it is we all can't be fed
Poverty stricking our sisters and brothers
Making life struggle for fathers and mothers
If the world comes together as one
Poverty will be done
If the the world came together universal
This problem would not be controversal
Working united will make poverty eradicate
By 2015 we will be exasperated
We cannot be intimidated
If by 2015 we want poverty eliminated
Deplorable living conditions is limited acess to education
Struggling to strive
Being unable to thrive
Suffering from hunger and thirst
Yet all hopes not lost
For we can extend a helping hand
To the needy in a foreign land
Nicki Faith

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