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Poems On / About POVERTY  7/27/2016 7:53:41 PM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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A) The Poor Are Poor Because We Cheat Them


nothing so compelling as the winds of social injustice sweeping across the grasslands of give nothing away

the poor are poor because we cheat them ten thousand years cheat them the wretched three billion the 2 dollar a day twelve hour shift shadow girls the must abort the child to keep the job to keep the family fed shadow girls and by god get the boy to feel like a loser you can sell the man any proposition to ease his pain a while the poor are poor because we cheat them ten thousand years cheat them their courage their vigilance bear the mark to each his bone get the other guy to work the street the poor are poor because we cheat them ten thousand years cheat them their sons paid the greed wages of war blood-flow poverty boys unnamed unburied sweet unwashed boys ten thousand years the talkers talk but no matter what the talkers say it is their brothers they have these boys kill ten thousand years poverty's lovers love in the shadow of an impossible dream ten thousand years a man works the poverty only to find he becomes that poverty ten thousand years thrown into the fires of the liars' sins this man shakes the hand of half truths tells his children everything will be OK keeps on keeping to himself but could it have been otherwise what's going on here in these it no longer matters times these cold sweat fall flat on your face times one grows suspicious no amount of singing can change that
paul bamberger

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Poverty In The 21st Century

It's the 21st century
The media displays it day and night,
Poverty across the globe lies
Poverty cries out from the belly of little boys
Little girls, parents too
Desperately searching for food,
Shelter, clothing, for love,
Companion, for attention
Those with plenty, refuse
To amend, a world haunted by

Is poverty affecting the rich?
Are their poverty the same
As the poor in financial constrains?
For they, too, poverty of love
I see poverty in the learned
I see poverty in those whose
Selfish acts are destroying society.
I see poverty in all level of humanity

The world is still an imperfect place
Yet life is still beautiful, the wind
Blows, we see it not, give thanks
For what you possess, now go,
Help if you can along the way,
Help to eradicate poverty
In your surrounding, widen
Your boundary across your
Country, to nations of the world.

Help to fight poverty, now!

Winston Harding
Winston Harding

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The Crowned Hero

overty! What a cruel name they named you
They chant your name
You are wicked
You killed my only brother
You made us sleep not, my roof is leaking
My clothes are tattered and worn out
I cannot eat three times
I'm lean and skinny
I cannot send my kids to school

Poverty oh poverty

You are great
You are just known in some places
You are indeed great
You stopped them from getting fat or dieting
You made them good planners
You made them meteorologist without schooling
You made them conscious of supreme One
You singlehandedly reduced the world's population
You made them communal
You are the champion
Farida Gulani

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The Shadow Inside My Shadow

poverty is not my cousin,
is not my lover,
is not my preacher,
poverty is not my brother.

poverty is not my prayer,
or the song that i sing
is not my answer
poverty is not my dream.

poverty is not my teacher,
not the hand that i hold.
poverty is not my anger,
not my spirit, not my soul.

ah! but this poverty is real
it races thru my mind
crashes into my heart,
& leaves me deaf and blind.

poverty is my companion.
the aching cold inside my hollow.
the blow behind my eyes,
poverty is the shadow
inside my shadow.
Eric Cockrell

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Poems On / About POVERTY