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A Lovely Old Lady

Her smile it betrays her for her rotting teeth
That lovely old lady that I often meet
Out walking in the park or on the main street
Too careless of her looks to know of conceit.

The story of her life may never be told
Alone and forgotten she is growing old
For empty bottles that she sell for a few pence she searches every rubbish bin
A tiny financial reward for her seems such a big win.

For those on the poverty line their needs are small
What sort of a World do we live in at all?
The gap between the haves and the have nots has grown ever wide
The face of hidden poverty we no longer can hide.

From amongst the wealthy who pride themselves in their generosity
One need not travel far for to see poverty
In a World where many lust for wealth and fame
For the multiplying poor we must all take the blame.

A lovely old lady her I often meet
She doesn't have money for to fix up her teeth
She never ignores me as I pass her by
With her toothless smile she always says hi.
Francis Duggan

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0056.Abhirami Andhadhi Slogan 54


To Get Rid Of Poverty

Tamil Transliteration

Illamai solli oruvartham paal sendru ezhivupattu
Nillamai nengil ninaikuvirael niththam needuthavam
Kallamai kattra kayavartham paal oru kaalaththilum
Sellamai vaiththa thirupurai paadhangal saermingalae


Trumpeting poverty going begging
Getting insult backed humiliation in return
Those who contemplate on redemption
Ask for refuge from the Lady of three cities,
The Saviour of my soul
Preventing association with the rougues,
The habituated criminals devoid of penance
By surrendering unto Her feet

Simple Meaning:

If anybody wants to avoid humiliation resulting from our declaration of poverty and asking for help, the way is surrender unto the feet of Thripurasundari the savior, preventing my association with unscrupulous elements who are not habituated to good practices like penance.


The blessing highlighted by Abhirami Bhattar is his alienation by Abhirami from the people who are never associated with penance.
His wrong declaration to the king also was during his meditation, a state when he was away from the outer world having only Abhirami in his mind;
So blessings of Abhirami cannot go wrong is the intended meaning
rajagopal. h..

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Simple Horizons

Rights of all people are undermined by luxury and riches,
there is no possible reconciliation of the poor and rich.

We lament poverty while doing nothing to make it extinct.

In laps of luxury it's too easy to abhor and look down on
those with little or nothing.

Living a simple life in luxury is a contradiction, give
away everything and live in abject poverty.

See how quickly you'll want to grab it all back, how
tearfully you'll miss it's privileges, how unsimple your
life becomes.

Being born into a certain level of poverty - having enough
to live on - scrimping and making do.

Yet, having also experienced abject poverty where there is
no food or money to scrimp or make do.

Desperately wanting an end of life and it's horrid ways,
living in a one room shack - no rent money to be found -
lying awake in the dark - stomach aching from lack of food -
listening to a mother's cries.

It's the end of the road with no way to turn, burning
indelibly into a child's mind.

Turning fourteen, making eighty dollars every two weeks,
supporting a family of nine, getting a taste for money and
what it could buy.

Partially solving a mystery of life, poverty doesn't have
to stay throughout life.

Working, saving and scrimping - hope in a heart to soon be

Having more than enough money to live comfortably, reveling
in the peace of heart and mind.

Then getting married, having children, being thrown once
again into abject poverty.

Food stamps and general assistance lending a helping hand,
at what price though?

Self-esteem, ego, all crushed by the intrusive questions
and unreasonable demands imposed for their tiny atom of

When one has nothing, life stares into your face - no
emotion - no feeling - eking out a mere existence for your

All hope for self completely gone, intense hatred of wants
and needs exploding now from inner dimensions, flowing
crazily throughout each day, offering no hope or satisfaction.

No longer crawling on all fours, but sliding along the
ground on your belly, defeated and beaten - not caring for
life's promised shores.

All lies decayed on horizons of feckless hope, nothing to
be given or taken from this day forward.

Abject poverty has nothing in common with the simplicity
of life.

Only in the lap of luxury can anything of want be simple.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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The Sobs Of The Starving Children

We know about them from the radio and television and the hungry getting hungrier by the day
But we do not hear the sobs of the starving children from where we live they seem so far away
On the six o clock news at times we do see footage of hungry
children in a Land where poverty and disease is rife
And we feel a twinge of sadness that we cannot help them since we have got our own struggles in life.

Still the sobs of the hungry children are growing louder and
not all of them live in a far Country
And not all of them in the slums of the big city there's such a thing as hidden poverty
The single mother raises her brood on welfare and she has to struggle for to make ends meet
And they survive on bread and tea and milk and cornflakes since she cannot afford to buy them meat.

Banks and corporations make billions in yearly profits and we read and hear of their financial gain
But they don't help to feed the starving children and the growing scourge of poverty remain
A mile from where the billionaire lives there's poverty and hunger yet of their plight he does not wish to know
Still for him to grow wealthier others must grow poorer and
life goes on as it did years ago.

To find want you don't have that far to travel for poverty is everywhere and near
And though the starving children keep on sobbing louder their cries for food we do not seem to hear
And sad to say that those who talk and dream of an egalitarian society will never live to see their dreams come true
And in a World where there is want and hunger the majority of the World's wealth still with the wealthy few.
Francis Duggan

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