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Poems On / About POVERTY  5/27/2016 11:04:12 PM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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Riches And Poverty

Men speak of riches and poverty, two extremes of our reality,
But, for many, it would seem, they never enter either extreme,
Some, attaining all they require, never seek to rise any higher,
Some are content living small, but into poverty they never fall.

There are two other extremes, as many chase present dreams,
Woven into the present reality, we see the realm of spirituality,
In the scope of man’s diversity, is an indifference we can see,
Creating in some indecision, caused by man’s worldly religion.

While many recognize The Lord, by many, God is just ignored,
And all following Jesus Christ, become rich in this present life,
But, all who choose to ignore, God, will remain spiritually poor,
Giving rise to spiritual poverty, along with a spiritual prosperity.

There’re men who go to church, week after week as they perch,
Within their very favorite pew, but, never have been born anew,
Hearing those they espouse, thinking there are in God’s house,
Empty sermons are all they preach, as Truth they do not teach.

Many religious people you know, are churched, but never grow,
Falling away, into apostasy, becoming impoverished spiritually;
The poor shall always be friend, until this Age comes to an end,
As true riches all believers see, when with God we enter Eternity.

(Copyright ©05/2010)
Bob Gotti

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Poor Humanity

What is the use of God's creation?
When a poor man has no relation
What is worst than food scarcity?
Which is more painful than poverty?
What is the greatness of this earth?
When people are starving to death!
Where is the government's treasury?
When the poors are living in misery!
Some say God is having all the fame
Is not poverty a greatest shame?
I will not say a country is poor
I will only say humanity is poor!
Poverty buries all our multi talents
Many of us are going out of stations!
When a country is having famine
Alas poor men's words have no meaning!
Who is there to wipe out their tears?
And how many problems they still have to bear?
I hope one day poors get united and arise
That day I shall sing 'Poors are wise'!
kanndasa dasan

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What Is Poverty?

What does poverty really entail?
How bad does it have to get?
For some a bad economy
Is poverty from where they sit

But if you look back to hard times
During the early years
It’s not having a home to live in
The hopelessness can bring tears

The Great Depression had it all
No jobs and no place to dwell
Barely enough to eat or nothing at all
These folks went through hell

Thread bare was the term for clothing
Dirt poor was a phrase as well
Looking at black and white pictures
Oh yes, you can surely tell

It’s a time when we hope God
Is able to see
That folks need His help because
They have slipped into poverty!
Marilyn Lott

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Poverty has robbed me of my history
As it tries to assault me
Forever looking for a job, something to do
Protecting my future from what I’ve been through
Tenaciously crying out in my prayers
Poverty will not be the reasons for my fears
It will not take me captive
For my generation I have to live
We misunderstand the purpose of prosperity
Forever blinded we continue to abuse it instead of setting the captives free
Never looking out for the children
We invest instead in buildings
So many haunting questions lingers in my mind
When I see my brothers out of desperation turning to crime
I see us depleting every single week
Tempted to react but I am obedient so I turn the other cheek
Frustration seeps into my brain
As I look for a way of escape or someone to explain
We ourselves are instruments of affliction for miniscule gains
Never noticing that the effect of poverty remains
Astell Collins

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