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Poems On / About POVERTY  12/19/2014 7:31:07 PM
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The Poet

He once walked the streets of Dublin wearing shabby pants and coat
And nowadays many critics claim him to be Ireland's greatest poet
He died in eighteen forty nine of malnutrition we are told
At a young age for a man to die just forty six years old.

He died a Dublin pauper without a penny to his name
But his lovely poems and ballads assured him immortal fame
His name will live on in Ireland long as Ireland's fields are green
Irish people will remember Mangan and his poem 'Dark Rosaleen'

In Mangan the poor of Ireland have a name to celebrate
He's proved the point that though a man be poor doesn't mean he can't be great
He's proved the point that even poor man can be blessed with genius mind
That his poverty type existence does'nt mean he's backward kind.

He once walked the streets of Dublin a gaunt and corpse like man
But through this fragile figure's mind the stream of genius ran
And though he eased his woes with opium and died in poverty
He will always be remembered as a Prince of Poetry.
Francis Duggan

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Lady Luck Tonight Could Smile On Me

We only live to see the better day
And good times may not be too far away
I may live on the verge of poverty
But lady luck tonight could smile on me.

Tonight my lotto numbers may come up
And I'll drink nectar from the golden cup
After tonight the future could be great
And i might have good cause to celebrate.

Some say that money happiness can't buy
But with plenty money life i could enjoy
And for a start I'd buy a brand new car
And i could travel, i could travel far.

There's much to do and there's so much to see
I'd visit countries far beyond the sea
No boss to please no orders to obey
And I'd not have to work another day.

I may live on the verge of poverty
But lady luck tonight could smile on me
And tomorrow i would ring the boss and say
I quit my job and thank you sir 'good day'.
Francis Duggan

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Far Too Many

Far too many with too little it has always been that way
And far too many have to struggle just to live from day to day
And far too many children never reach the adult stage
And people still dying of hunger in this enlightened age.

The majority of the wealth still owned by the privileged few
And that money speaks all languages still happen to be true
In a so called egalitarian society don't tell me all is fair
When so many workers are underpaid and so many on welfare.

With the increase in the human population comes the increase in poverty
And that for a few to grow wealthy many must grow poor doesn't seem just right to me
You make the horse work harder when you threaten him with the rod
And to keep the poor living in fear the wealthy invented god

A huge increase in poverty as the population grow
And that far too many have too little does this have to be so?
And far too many on low wages and far too many unemployed
And too many far too many in wars and famines have died.
Francis Duggan

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A New And A Better World

A new and a better World I may not live to see
But the time is not far distant when all people will live free
Of oppressive regimes and terrorism and greed and poverty
For all of those poor victims of capitalism who live in penury.

A new and better World may be a century away
And I for one will not be around for to celebrate that day
And though one hundred years may seem far off in time not a lengthy span
Only the life time after all of one long lived woman or man.

We may not be that far away in time when ageing people will recall
We never thought we'd live to see the day of a fair go for all
When people are not discriminated against due to their religion or race
And in human society for poverty and oppression there isn't any place.

A new and a far better World for me will come too late
For time is ever ticking and the reaper for me wait
But the day is not that distant when people in wars or of hunger will not die
And a fair go is something that all people will enjoy.
Francis Duggan

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