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Poems On / About POVERTY  10/30/2014 1:57:54 PM
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You Are The Mother Beneath Our Wings Dedicated to my mother who thought she had nothing to give-but gave the wisest things!

You are the mother beneath our wings, born into poverty brought us the
wealth of many kings, When you art young and don't have anything, you rely on
your Mother to give you everything, For a poor mother who had nothing you gave the
wisest things, You are the Mother beneath our wings.
Being poor was a rich experience for us and heartbreaking for you
You planted many seeds and nourished your ten kids needs
You gave us the wealth of may kings-coming from poverty taught us many things
The way you loved your life, being the kissin' bandit's wife
We were dirt poor, but it wasn't all bad
If material wealth as all we had-We wouldn't appreciate life and be thankful for what
we have. What you gave was unique, prized above material things
To each child special gifts you did bring
We were never too poor to give something-when you think you can't give nothing
You van give the wisest things-The love you gave will be treasured more than anything
When the trumpet blows and you rise up to meet your king
REMEMBER the lilies blooming in spring and that you gave your best in EVERYTHING!
Miriam McKee

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A man works hard, as if
To remove poverty in the world,
He donates several dollars off and on for it, and
He gazes then struts with puzzling,
He breaks heart of the indigent. Penury is more visible in the dark,
The despondent waits all night long,
Feels morning will never come;
When cock crows and sun rises,
He obeys his hunger and thirst. No desire to see function of life,
Being quailed and sad,
But immune and vulnerable to poverty.
Real generosity human to human,
That is feasible remedy of that!
I.B.S. Sipi, M.D.

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From Poverty To a Throne

I held on to my dreams and sanity
Even when kindness was never shown
Because I had a feeling deep down in my bones
That God can take anyone from poverty to a Throne.

When you are poor and hungry it's hard to go on
And you can't get help from a bank or loan
There were many times when I was treated wrong
But my faith in God remained strong.

Keep your eyes focused on the Lord and him alone
He hear our cries when we weep and moan.
We can call him at midnight or the break of dawn
He will help you when everyone else is gone.

I've found this out since I have been grown
That God loves to make Himself known
He has promised me a mansion of my own
God can take anyone from poverty to a throne
Mary Bowman

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The So Called Good Economic Managers

Due to Government mismanagement we see a society in decay
And the wealthy at the expense of the poor get wealthier it should never be that way
In so called affluent Western Nations people live rough on the street
Without a place to call home to out of rubbish bins they eat.

The Government due to so called good economic management get re-elected but the poor getting more poor
And for the youth of the poor Suburbs job opportunities are fewer
And many young people never find employment because of their address
And lack of career opportunities give rise to feelings of hopelessness.

Life is tough for those in the poor Suburbs where poverty is rife
From the day that they are born they must struggle on through life
The Monarch became Monarch due to birthright doesn't life seem so unfair
Whilst millions are dying of hunger in the bigger World out there.

The so called good economic managers are back in power again
But from their good economic management only the wealthy gain
And even in so called wealthy Western Nations there is widespread poverty
And more people dying of malnutrition than ever before in the twenty first century.
Francis Duggan

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