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Poems On / About POVERTY  10/7/2015 7:34:29 AM
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See Him Approach

See him approach
In his cragly wag
His silent trumpeting
Of poverty.
Scruffy lad
You arouse my pity
My nose is loose
Because of you.
You approach
In your cragly wag
Your silent trumpeting
Of poverty.
Scruffy lad
He arouses my pity
My nose is loose
Because of him.
samuel nze

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Poor As I Am

I live in Kinshasa,
The foundation of poverty,
The summit of culture,
A strange mixture: I know.

Poverty is a general state
Our natural behaviour
And they told me conscientiously
That my generation is a sacrificed one.

Poor as I am
I am trying to struggle
Against all consequences of colonialism
Convinced that another day
I will become rich
As they say of my country.
St Antoine de la Vuadi

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Many Say Our Life's Journey

Many say our life's journey is fashioned from the life choices we make
That due to poor decisions the wrong road we do take
But assumptions to make to some people do come easily
The people who discount what is known as life's destiny,
The child born of parents living in poverty
Disadvantaged from birth what life choice has she or he?
Homeless as teenagers with little to eat
On the dingy sidewalks of Poverty Street
Life choices not for those of the poor streets of town
For most from there life's journey never leads to renown
Homeless as teenagers they turn to drugs and crime
And like their parents before them serve many years of jail time
Life choices are not for everyone it does seem to me
Though with me on this one many would disagree.
Francis Duggan

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Don'T Go Abroad

All good ones walk on the same road
And say that the West is the best.
They find in it peaceful life's code
In the Third World there is no rest.

Bag and baggage they go to west
And leave behind inferiority
In all those who want to contest
With problems with torn poverty.

Brave ones don't leave the battlefield
Good cause is all they want to have
Neither medals nor shining shield
And for coming time the path pave.

Please live in Poverty's cottage
And try to build it up anew
Try to fill the empty pottage
With paradise' honey and dew.
Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

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Poems On / About POVERTY