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Poems On / About POVERTY  8/21/2014 4:57:27 PM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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My Life Is Good When Compared To Many Others

My life is good when compared to many others so many poor souls in the big World out there
And many poor people live in wealthy Countries poor people as we know do live everywhere
Those arrogant people who talk of life's choices are people who do tend to generalize
That people are born to poor and disadvantaged parents are things they do not seem for to realize
The gap between the haves and the have nots keep widening the rich getting richer does seem to be true
To be born in a poor suburb to very poor parents to any child hardly does seem a fair due
In the refugee camps of the World millions of the Homeless and Stateless poor people without any place for to go
To as any Government does not seem to want them the numbers of the poor and the dispossessed seem to grow
In a World of many billions of people where the majority are poor or in dire poverty
I'm not one who should need cause for complaining as one of life's luckier people is me
I could have been born to pauperised parents I could have been born as a refugee
Those born into poverty do not have life choices though the arrogant with that would not agree
They themselves were born into opportunity a point that they do seem to miss
But despite a good education to life's facts they are ignorant and ignorance it can be bliss.
Francis Duggan

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On The Subject Of An Afterlife

On the subject of an Afterlife of hell
For the earthly sinners I'd rather not dwell
Since billions of poor people do live in their Earthly hell
in a World where some see
It as a sin for to live in poverty they are suffering for their Earthly sins though with that you do not agree
Do you believe that the prophesy of the meek the earth shall inherit to them does not apply
Since any sort of a reasonable existence the greedy super rich of them choose to deny
The minority who live in an Earthly heaven who take but never give
Those who believe that the World is their's and do not subscribe to live and let live
Hell on Earth for the billions in poverty should be enough punishment for their sins the price they do pay
But you believe in the Hereafter all sinners must suffer whilst their bones here on Earth do decay
And as for the poor man who steals to feed his children the gates of heaven he won't enter in
Than the Corporate crim who out of greed steals millions that his is really not a lesser sin
On the subject of the Afterlife with you I will not argue since you have your opinions and that does suit me fine
And as for me I too have my opinions and your's is very different to mine.
Francis Duggan

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The Forgotten Hungry And Homeless

The forgotten hungry and homeless nowadays to be found everywhere
There are millions of them close to a billion in the bigger World out there
The refugees of drought stricken Lands and of warlords and the homeless of Poverty Street
Basic human rights of them are denied shelter from the weather and enough for to eat
In a Human World where everyone is supposed to be equal after all we breathe in the same air
But the poor and the homeless and the hungry cannot feel that life is very fair
The minority those who are too wealthy people with too much of everything
Are people that many look up to though their praises I cannot sing,
In an egalatarian Human World everyone would have a home to live in
And nobody would be without food and well dressed and not ragged and thin
The poor by the day growing poorer and that does seem a sad thing to say
And the refugee camps of the World are all overcrowded today,
'Tis sad to think that from the poverty of many that a minority does stand to gain
And I with enough of food and shelter have no reason for to complain.
Francis Duggan

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Whoever Said Money With It Does Not Bring

Their families and friends and loved ones with expensive gifts they can shower
Whoever said money with it does not bring great power
Are wrong in their thinking to me it does seem
The pauper will never be held in high esteem
For my thinking on this matter credit I am not due
Since I only say here what is obviuosly true
Whoever first said money speaks every language surely got it right
With little of it life is an uphill fight
Though of happiness money not a guarantee
You will not find many who embrace poverty
Not many happy faces on Poverty Street
Where most have to struggle just to make ends meet
The praises of the wealthy you hear many sing
And those with heaps of money have almost everything.
Francis Duggan

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