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Poems On / About POVERTY  7/24/2014 2:03:18 PM
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Not Everyone Can Be Famous

Not everyone can be famous though many yearn for fame
In a World where millions do die without a penny to their name
And that any hope of an egalatarian Human World cannot exist cannot be denied
Whilst the gap between the haves and the have nots is growing ever wide
Their dreams of great wealth and fame millions do pursue
But for many of course such dreams never come true
And many who have great dreams die in poverty
For dreams are just dreams that's how it seems to be
Around the World today in every village, city and town
People daydream of great things of wealth and renown
And though to live in poverty only the saintlike would choose
For one for to win many destined to lose
To achieve in a big way seems a human need
And though many strive for success only few do succeed.
Francis Duggan

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The Workings Of Human Life

The workings of human life beyond me to explain
How one person's loss is another one's gain
And why some see greed as okay does seem puzzling to me
In this Human world of inequality
The pauper, the homeless, the poor refugee
A quarter of the World's human population in dire poverty
And billions of have nots are doing it tough
Whilst the privileged minority have far more than enough
Of money and every material thing
Yet many too many their praises do sing
In an age when poverty exists everywhere
Life is so hard for many in the big World out there
In a Human world where the gap between the haves and the have nots grow wide
Far too many of a fair go in life are denied.
Francis Duggan

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Many Say Our Life's Journey

Many say our life's journey is fashioned from the life choices we make
That due to poor decisions the wrong road we do take
But assumptions to make to some people do come easily
The people who discount what is known as life's destiny,
The child born of parents living in poverty
Disadvantaged from birth what life choice has she or he?
Homeless as teenagers with little to eat
On the dingy sidewalks of Poverty Street
Life choices not for those of the poor streets of town
For most from there life's journey never leads to renown
Homeless as teenagers they turn to drugs and crime
And like their parents before them serve many years of jail time
Life choices are not for everyone it does seem to me
Though with me on this one many would disagree.
Francis Duggan

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Construction of poverty

Delhi works in chaos to prepare itself for the commonwealth games.A white elephant in making amidst trampling of the poor.the facade of being rich.The pain as the poor struggle to make ends meet in these construction sites which have a absolute inhuman conditions.

The lovely face beyond the rugged curtains
Awakening like a clock dictated
Never a smile in a flood of grimaces
Will there ever be moments to rejoice
In their poverty near the riverbed

Rush for mega dreams cant wait
And hopes for the future are always
Built on speed and tears and
Amidst tales of sweat, burns and blood

Trampling on them their bare bodies
A naked struggle a thankless sacrifice
For the ecstacy of sports and finicky guests
Of a mega mask of portrayal of a city
Rich in its progress of the future
In their poverty near the river bed
Nitin Suresh

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Poems On / About POVERTY