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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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The World Through The Other Side Of The Glass

We all start out young we come from many decades. We are born in times of war, famine, poverty, golden ages, fads, happiness and more. We come into this world knowing we are here to make a change for the better. We born a promise a promise to good and the harder be growing up the more mature we become. We find not only that the world around us change, but people change as well. You remember the good times and the bad times. We often wonder what could have been and what might have been. You get to point in life where so much has changed, that you settle in a nostalgic state. You live your life from that perspective and that is the last year you felt most comfortable. We never know why things happen? Maybe they happen for reason or maybe they happen to better us? Life is river and we are rowing to get there. We are faced with many rapids which change our course and make us realize that we need to work as team. We are one of many among a world trying to understand each other. The faces grow and the time goes. The sun sets and the sun rise each and every day. We find the palm trees and the vast smells of the ocean calm the soul. We find that if we go to happy and quiet place we can cope with whatever challenges we are faced. We know are dreamers and believers. We know we have one mssion.
joe hirsch

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Martyr Cry

find your voice. stop been what you become that simple toy. don't get annoy find a way to escape the ploy. make it count and you will see we where bound to succeed you know what i mean? i see the poverty but i also see the riches and life is full of weakness but one chance to take over is the reason why i am living.. stay on the price to see what lies over the mountains and let the water come flow over like a fountain. make it yours, but stay true to your self don't loose your soul. and youll see at the end even if you have 1 dollar your heart would be more valuable then all the gold. let the rain pour because the people that give more are those who are poor. let those words hit you hard.. and if you don't agree with me then I could care less who you are. because you never seen what i seen. or better yet never been where i been. i champion the have not…. those are my peoples, and my heart will be yours even when i spit money we will always be equals. let the hopeless have hope and the non believer believe.. the tight bastards give and our faith let it live. i see you, i see your pain... because i see a little of myself in your shoe's today. i am hungry. hungry for change too see the black become white and white become black so we could take it all back to the start when all we possessed was our heart. revolution revolution revolution! ! ! ! ! ! ! my life to the people not no damned institution. live only by Gods constitution.. give me and all my people restitution..
Raymond Valadez

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The Venus Project

There is war and poverty degradation and scarcity it's complete monotony so Let me lend you the solution from the words of a prodigy.we are level zero type zero called a civilized race of civilization goverments of this or that party democrats republicans facists communists revolutions all sorts of supplicants But never obtaining the true message of 'Yes we can' instead of sitting on your behinds get up and rise and do something instead. Haven't you taken enough checks and money wishing the days weren't dark anymore wishing they were sunny tired of kids beingng taught about fanstasy religion and the easter bunny. Then open yourself and realize that in order for all of the above to dissappear no more fear of death loss of loved ones or hearing the same words from the leaders of 'nothing is fair' We'll listen on what I tell you how life can brother better lived and have entertainment to.still be spared. There Is a plan being formed with the ideas of a man with.a mind more ginormous than a storm his name is Jacques fresco the man who Started it all. The Venus project We'll leave most pain left forgotten in the dust of a race of half wits displaced in corruption this civilization will be truly civilized with a non interpretive language of mathematics and science a truth of conscience an ultimate unbeaten alliance. But don't confuse This with a Utopia because civilizations always evolve like the universe animals objects and us so listen. All cities will be contructed in a circulatory system agruculutual fiuelds science labs and unvirsities of peace of all the worlds resources so peace can glisten come get off the ground here the futured sound of intelligently balancing all the worlds resources together this is true intelligence
Daegonius Bonapartea

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Poverty Crone (A Haiku)

Poverty crone
Dancing with open belly
Along with croon.
Abdul Wahab

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