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Poems On / About POVERTY  5/30/2015 9:23:22 AM
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The Workings Of Human Life

The workings of human life beyond me to explain
How one person's loss is another one's gain
And why some see greed as okay does seem puzzling to me
In this Human world of inequality
The pauper, the homeless, the poor refugee
A quarter of the World's human population in dire poverty
And billions of have nots are doing it tough
Whilst the privileged minority have far more than enough
Of money and every material thing
Yet many too many their praises do sing
In an age when poverty exists everywhere
Life is so hard for many in the big World out there
In a Human world where the gap between the haves and the have nots grow wide
Far too many of a fair go in life are denied.
Francis Duggan

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My Life Is Good When Compared To Many Others

My life is good when compared to many others so many poor souls in the big World out there
And many poor people live in wealthy Countries poor people as we know do live everywhere
Those arrogant people who talk of life's choices are people who do tend to generalize
That people are born to poor and disadvantaged parents are things they do not seem for to realize
The gap between the haves and the have nots keep widening the rich getting richer does seem to be true
To be born in a poor suburb to very poor parents to any child hardly does seem a fair due
In the refugee camps of the World millions of the Homeless and Stateless poor people without any place for to go
To as any Government does not seem to want them the numbers of the poor and the dispossessed seem to grow
In a World of many billions of people where the majority are poor or in dire poverty
I'm not one who should need cause for complaining as one of life's luckier people is me
I could have been born to pauperised parents I could have been born as a refugee
Those born into poverty do not have life choices though the arrogant with that would not agree
They themselves were born into opportunity a point that they do seem to miss
But despite a good education to life's facts they are ignorant and ignorance it can be bliss.
Francis Duggan

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In A World Of Love

In a World of love of such one can only dream
Joy peace and compassion would reign supreme
The war men would find themselves marginalized
And those who love peace their greatest wishes realized
In a World of love we would not have refugees
Risking their lives in leaky boats for Lands beyond the seas
People in drought ravaged Lands would be supplied with enough to drink and eat
And no person would be Homeless on poverty Street
To all Warlords and Warlike men all power would be denied
And no such a thing as religious zealotry or nationalism or patriotic pride
Love would reach beyond all borders and without borders to defend
Your sworn enemy of the past would become your trusted friend
Love would overcome the desire for war and eliminate poverty
And bring to every person's life peace and joy and harmony
Francis Duggan

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Many Must Grow Poorer

Millions will go to bed hungry tonight that does seem sad to say
And many of them will not wake again for to see another day
The sad fact that many die of malnutrition is sad cause for lament
Whilst billions in war by Governments are spent
Even in the World's wealthiest Nations people live in abject poverty
And the unequal distribution of wealth does seem all wrong to me
The wealthy getting wealthier whilst the homeless of poverty street
Are searching in the rubbish for thrown out food to eat
To have enough of food and shelter should be a basic human right
But millions must try to sleep hungry without shelter tonight
And many cannot feed their families on their meagre take home pay
In an egalatarian World things would never be this way
And many must grow poorer for every new millionaire
And for the hungry millions doesn't life seem so unfair.
Francis Duggan

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