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Poems On / About POVERTY  2/13/2016 12:46:01 AM
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Holy Thursday (Experience)

Is this a holy thing to see.
In a rich and fruitful land.
Babes reduced to misery.
Fed with cold and usurous hand?

Is that trembling cry a song?
Can it be a song of joy?
And so many children poor?
It is a land of poverty!

And their sun does never shine.
And their fields are bleak & bare.
And their ways are fill'd with thorns
It is eternal winter there.

For where-e'er the sun does shine.
And where-e'er the rain does fall:
Babe can never hunger there,
Nor poverty the mind appall.
William Blake

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Sonnet: My Life

My poverty has been my best Teacher;
My selflessness has been my best helper;
My miseries have been my best lover;
My love of God has been my best Master.

If not for poverty, could I turn great?
If not for miseries, could I change fate?
If not for enemies, could I be sane?
If not for evil minds, could I God gain?

Our freedom won hard is not for abuse;
Our liberty is not to ignore laws;
Our literacy is for use, not misuse;
Our will-power is not like Eagle's claws.

A righteous life is what God wants of us;
And love, we must our neighbours without fuss.
Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Compassion And Empathy

They have so much in common compassion and empathy
And those who do possess them are blessed 'twould seem to me
For these are rare enough gifts in the Human World of today
Where many are poor and homeless and in life have lost their way
Those with empathy and compassion in words never put others down
And you never will find them amongst the judgemental of the town
They feel for the suffering of others more of their type we do need
For their kindness and generosity of spirit as good people they do succeed
Those with empathy and compassion always helping people in poverty
They help the homeless and the destitute and they help the refugee
If everyone were like them there would not be poverty and crime
And war that cause death and suffering would be of another time
But not everyone is like them which does seem sad to say
So for those with compassion and empathy let us hear the loud hooray.
Francis Duggan

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If It Was Not Terrorized

For all of the wealth one man has,
Another lives in poverty.
For all of the poverty that man has...
Another finds hope.
For all of the hope that man finds...
Another is motivated.
For all of the motivation that man has,
Another finds success.
And from all of the success stories told...
The quest for peace seems neverending!
Much like the cost of it that feeds fear,
And yet the price to find it...
Is more visible than it is to locate!
Perhaps if it was not terrorized,
It would appear!
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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