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Poems On / About POVERTY  7/23/2016 4:09:26 PM
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I Am

I am to be or not to be, No one cares about me Simply because People care about your money, your situation, and........................, I am a human being Who cares about others' pains and sufferings Anywhere and everywhere, There are people, in our life, Who don't care about you Because they live their life as they like, I Care about any kid whose soul was perished Unjustly here or there wrongfully or under Any injustice with the missiles of treachery By the planes of treachery, I am not like anyone, but It hurts me to see the death of childhood in Gaza or in any other place, I am not selfish to that extent in which I Get mean to prevent myself from seeing kids' Scattered pieces of flesh, women, and men, My fingers get tired typing about pains, sufferings, and even about poverty, Poverty is an industry and A human being never comes to life poor, I am aginst this usless idea, Poverty is made by those who make to others, I am existing when I feel the other people In words and in action, I am not sitting in my ivory tower To talk this way or that way looking for Those might believe in my lies here and There, Who made these ivory towers to those Hundreds of those big liars in The daytime? We are like one body if a member of that body hurts, then the whole body hurts, These are wonderful words said by our messenger (Peace be upon him) , where are we from these words? It hurts me a million of times everyday And I feel ever kid's pains he or she got From the hatred's arrows, There are a lot of bubbles around us that Fly away, then they explode As when a newborn baby farts, Those who don't feel people, then They don't belong to these people, Pains and sufferings are, in our time, a must and are necssary, Where am I from that time? ! Regardless of all that, ' I remain as is without that ' Igo ' Because we're all human beings From Adam and Eve, We are all from dust, We're all from a handful of dust, Only a handful of dust suffices man's eyes, Only a handful of dust...., Only a handful of dust... _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Born In Poverty

Born in poverty,
Raised in poverty,
Still living in poverty!
Edward Kofi Louis

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Impoverish Child

A small poverty-stricken girl wearing shabby clothes and unkempt hair. Treasures in heaven was all she bear. Poverty seem to be her destiny in life, but as she grew she struggle to survive. Nine was the age she began to toil. Sunrise to sunset was all. She was taught God's love and never be idle for survival. She remember God's word, through sorrow the heart will be better. Through diligence life began to matter.
Life had dealt her a bad hand, she remember it's God who giveth wealth to make one stand.
through prayer and toil riches in life came soon. Poverty was not her doom.
Sylvia James

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Sympathies Dry

Poverty is not mother of grief.
The mother is disparity.
Prosperity cannot drive out grief.
Prosperity eliminates poverty.
With poverty elopes sympathy.
Suicides grow not from poverty
But from want of sympathy.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Poems On / About POVERTY