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Poems On / About POVERTY  12/21/2014 1:21:30 PM
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Best Poems About / On POVERTY
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End poverty
In the world now
Come and work
Together to end poverty
In the world
So many people in the world are starving
Aldo Kraas

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We are not alone
When it comes to poverty
Because we live in the streets
Among poverty
Aldo Kraas

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Nature Knows The Poor

The poor in the eyes of the world
is as a living-dead
the wind of life blows the poor
to whatever direction it moves
A healthy-poor looks sick all the time

She is not an old lady
It is poverty lashing her
He is not an old man
It is poverty lashing him
He was bright than his mate, it was school fees....
No! he is not mad,
it is poverty.....

Respect is not for the poor
Justice is not kind to the poor
Truth from the poor is not valued
Wisdom of the poor is treated as ignorance
A critic voice asks
' if he is intelligent, why arent he rich? '.
Some poor work hard but poverty is still their friend

The poor wears one cloth always
The poor also loves beautiful decent clothes,
it is poverty.....
The poor is not allergic to good food,
it is poverty.....
See poor that kid
and with torn shorts
begging for food from other kids out of hunger,
it is poverty.....
See that pale man
with red eyes
it is not symptoms of malaria
it is hunger...it is poverty.....

Men fear poverty as they fear death
Some men dispise the poor
as they despise dirty-smelly rags
Nature creates poverty
to create balance & continuity
to create peaceful human co-existence

start to care
start to be kind
and start to love the poor
Nature is aware of poverty
He is aware of what He creates
He knows His creation best
Seinu Abdulgafar

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Poverty it is a word that i associate with a mild situation but also it reminds me how it is important to live it in a state of struggle.
First, poverty is a condition created by humankind and for this it is from humans that solutions may follow.
Protection is also a word that i associate with a step to do for the beginning of a path capable to advance such a fight against not only poverty that i know, but mainly extreme poverty which it is a sign hard to carry alone. A lot has been done till now thanks to a moltitude of persons which are elevated to pursue a noble aim and advantageous means to reach a great resolution.
To root up poverty and first of all extreme poverty and all that comes after: desease, abuse and injustice, we as humans will see the light of humanity and even reach out a long term peace.
Paola Degli Esposti

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Poems On / About POVERTY