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Poems On / About RACISM  4/28/2015 1:47:45 AM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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For Some To Be Racist

For racism in this World there should not be a place
For the crimes of one you condemn a whole race
For some to be racist any excuse they will find
Since racism is born of ignorance and ignorance is blind.

On your thinking on race you seem so far from right
The windows of your soul are shaded to light
Like a malignant cancer racism does grow
Of this person's race how many do you know?

To our idea of perfection we may try to cling
But of a perfect race there is no such a thing
Before we learned how to walk we first had to crawl
And the reaper one day will take care of us all.

Everybody is somebody's daughter and somebody's son
And you condemn a whole race for the crimes of one
All sinners are obliged to live with their shame
And for the sins of the father the son you don't blame.
Francis Duggan

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On Reading Of Racism In Ireland

I always feel disappointed when of racism I read
And when I read of it in Ireland I feel very sad indeed
For racism in society should never have a place
And people should never be judged on their colour or their race.

As the Land of saints and scholars Ireland was known Worldwide
And the Irish people suffered and their rights to them denied
But the Irish in their sense of fair play could take a certain pride
And for their human rights and liberty the sons of Ireland died.

Poor migrants from Romania their possessions weigh light
To live and work in Ireland do they not have the right?
They may come un-invited but their numbers only small
And the Irish too are migrants as history will recall.

I read it's the Irish media that fans racism's flame
If this be so of their bad work they must feel a great shame
They cannot say in years to come the fault was never ours
When they first used the noxious spray that poisoned all the flowers.

I am an Irish migrant far from my native shore
And others treat me with respect than that one could not ask for more
A fair go for all people and for everyone fair play
Those words from centuries ago are relevant today.
Francis Duggan

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Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly perhaps the best known Australian though in old Melbourne jail he died dangling from a rope
A victim of years of police harassment he was one born on life's precarious slope
For years the Kelly family were victims of racism by the racist authorities they never really did get a fair go
But what happened to the Kellys is still happening racism has not died as we well know.

It was racism made outlaws of the Kellys but the legend of the Kellys lives today
Their story is known far beyond Australia all around the World in Countries far away
Their sister Kate by the police violated and their mother jailed for a minor offence,
Ned and Dan Kelly with Steve Hart and Joe Byrne became outlaws though police harassment was never used in their defence.

To the underclass the Kelly gang were heroes for with them they readily could identify
To some villians but to the many heroes their legend it would seem will never die
In their last stand at Glenrowan they went down fighting Ned the only gang member taken alive
Shot down through the legs as he wore body protective armour
But at his trial the judgement of the judge he did not survive.

Perhaps the best known of all Australians is Ned Kelly and to die by hanging was his awful fate
When Judge Redmond Barry passed the death sentence on him a
hero for the poor he did create
But from the maltreatment of the Kellys lessons were not learned as society creates new outlaws every day
And due to intolerance that lead to injustice by the so called law upholders disrespect for man made laws the price we pay
Francis Duggan

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Kevin Andrews

Kevin Andrews the Australian Minister for Immigration says African refugees don't adjust to life in this Land
That Australian ways and culture they do not understand
His excuse for accepting less of African refugees
Seems nothing but latent racism of varying degrees.

He says African refugees are not well educated I only quote what he say
His remarks smack of racism in a very latent way
Kevin Andrews will never be seen as a great
He's not the type of person we should celebrate.

With words he is clever as most politicians are
He just says so much without taking it too far
Just to appease the racist voters amongst the voters out there
And racists as we well know have never been rare.

The accusation that he is a racist of course Kevin denies
Though his feelings on the matter he can barely disguise
And though many with what he says may well agree
It does sound like latent racism to me.
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About RACISM