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Poems On / About RACISM  9/19/2014 10:48:03 AM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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My Ancestors Still Speaks

Hear the Negros from my ancestors to the generation of young Blacks
Americans proudly say: Our black is united together around the world,
different ethnic backgrounds together we are one.

Our black stands strong through the evil of racism and diversity

Our black is bold

Our black is free

Our black lives on

My ancestors still speaks.
Anasha Greham

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Peace On Earth

I wish that there was peace on earth
Silencing crime, war, and racism
Other than wedding days, holidays, and birthdays
I wish that we could all get alone
Tranquility, happiness, and joy in a world full of turmoil
It seem to good to be true
As long as we are living
There will never be true peace on earth
Only when we close our eyes
And depart from this place that we call home
Will we truly know
That our peace on earth was nothing but a temporary loan
Donielle Smith

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Apartheid Glorified

Quota Oh quota,
Worst than pota,
Racism strengthened and legalized,
Apartheid glorified and constitutionalized.

Islamic quota, Christian quota,
Harijan quota, tribal quota,
Backward quota, handicapped quota,
Regional quota, linguistic quota.

Quota madness welcomed,
Divisive forces institutionalized,
Ah poor meritorious soul! If this be so,
No end or balm for this woe,
No peace for bright wood,
No cure for thy mood.
Dr. Yogesh Sharma

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We were the slaves masters of old
Cold heartdly we bought and we sold
In humans we deemed no better than animals
We said they used black magic and were cannibals
Money grew in our accounts penned by scribes
We set them free eventually
Situated them in ghettos residentially
A man called martin fought for their equality
While we used our rights with frivolity
But still they have to fight to fight for their rights
But still racism is ugly enough to cause a fright
So when I give money to oxfam understand
I still have that blood guilt on my hands
No matter how much money I give
Daniel Hooks

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Poems On / About RACISM