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Poems On / About RACISM  5/29/2015 1:10:46 PM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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Africa My Motherland

my motherland
in you i have identified my name
my name buried so long under
the pains of separation and segregation
my eyes are seeing the excellency of the present
and my ears hearing No More Racism

o! Africa
revealed beyond the rains of the past
with days of dreams and abandoned ideas
in your presence i have discovered
the memory of our being.
serving my motherland is my hobby

God bless Africa! !
My motherland! ! !
favour ugwumba

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A Better World

A World without patriotism and religion that would not seem a bad thing
No wars to fight for God and Country of other things one could sing
Than in victories paid for in bloodshed there's other things of which to sing of and write
There's love of humanity and Nature there should be more to life than wars to fight
There is a god for everybody the god known as the god within
The journey to a far better World is the journey on which we are about to begin
The dark souls lost in the dark tunnel their way to the light they cannot find
They soon cannot desecrate Nature and seek to divide human kind,
A World without hatred and violence cannot be many decades away
Those who seek their power by division belong now to a darker day
The time of nationalism, racism and patriotism will soon be a time of the past
For most things do have their use by date and few things ever do seem to last
One exception is great Mother Nature she just seems to go on and on
And as for those of patriotism and religious fundimentalism well their time it all but has gone.
Francis Duggan

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I Don'T Understand

I do not understand
Why there is racism
Why people commit hate crimes
Why innocent people die
But most of all, I do not understand
Why people are proud of hurting or killing someone
Because their skin color, culture, and race are different
What i understand the most, is the ocean
Beautiful waves that relax and calm you down
It gives warning of a storm
Ripping its way through the ocean
By sending an army of harsh waves
The ocean in civilized and welcoming...
Are we?
Leila Mass

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Polite And Respectful

Polite and respectful;
Living in the world today,
And, with the things seen around.

The muse of life,
Accepting the truth and doing what is right;
With the muse of the laws!
And, to take a stand oon righteous things only.

With the fruits of the lips that brings peace;
Polite and respectful to all mankind,
And, without racism.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Poems On / About RACISM