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Poems On / About RACISM  10/30/2014 7:10:33 AM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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Pen Battle

It started with a thought
A pen and a blank page
Slowly the ink flowed
And released my hidden rage

For here on these pages
My mind is free to speak
Here there is no fear
My words strong, not weak

My pen strikes a blow
On all that is evil and wrong
Stabs at humanity
While they squeal and scream their song

Here I wage my pen battle
Im the master of my war
Here I fight intolerance
Racism, abuse and more

And when the ink has dried
The dead and wounded lie at my feet
The war finally won
By my thought, my pen, and a single blank sheet
James Waters

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Vikram G Aarella says, let the dogs bark

Few dogs barking at an elephant
will not cause it any bother,
Instead of chasing them off
it would do its job rather.

For some, racism is innate
don't argue with them or fight
ignore them like dirt,
they will meet their fate.

With the use of words like yours
you are a real poetry shark,
some are good, some really bad
but, they talk about reality stark.

Let the foxes, wolves and hayenas
along with the dogs bark,
Aarella bhai will be with you
my words you can mark.
Vikram G. Aarella

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Here the persons clothing expresses their character and personality
Selling drugs is a symbol of courage, prestigious as the purple heart itself
Racism walks with a vibe just as silent as the K in knowledge
Treachery is a trait expressed in our DNA
Differences amongst the people make the difference
Segregation is no longer considered Jim Crow, but the ignorance of our past
Our so called role models read the wrong scripts
Smiles are untold just as frowns are upheld
Sex is no longer a show of affection but an initiation into adult hood.
Money is everything
And Love means nothing
Welcome to todays society
Takaeo Hester

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harassment, sadden
Insult, racism
murder, being disloyal,
all are hideous as well fatal;
causes conflict b/n people,
not to live in peace,
on our beautiful earth;
so every of you
my brothers, sisters
Fathers and mothers,
peace, love, faith
equality and justice,
For the sake of human
Not to let our world down.
preach, preach & preach.
anteneh mekuria

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Poems On / About RACISM