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Poems On / About RACISM  11/28/2014 3:28:55 PM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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the best of both worlds

everyone keep asking me who am I?
I'm just an ordinary girl
I belive in all prophets
I belive in humanity
I read the Holy Quran
I read poetry and literature
I'm against racism
I support charity
I'm jut an ordinary girl
I wear a veil
I respect human rights
I'm not an angel
I'm not a rationalist
maybe I'm not perfect because no one is,
but I'm always me
I 've the best of both worlds.
Rehab Helmy

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Love Thy Neighbor

Jesus said a lot of things, Mohammed said them, too
Moses went to the mountaintop, Dr. King did, too
But, no one really listened to them
Instead they put their pictures on the wall
bound their writings up in leather
read interpretations of them all
an image stands; a hero falls

Everybody wants to be Jesus, Mohammed looked a lot like me
Moses, he's a friend of mine, I had Dr. King for tea
But Jesus has his way with women
Mohammed has a taste for oil and blood
Moses builds a strong militia
Dr. King says racism is good
An image stands; a hero falls
KMC Centlivre

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Unsmeared View

the child sees the world
as it is, its charm and loveliness

the mountain for its glory
the birds for their brevity of songs
and woman for her propensity
to shower him warm kisses

a child is a bouquet or rose
that opens to us an unsmeared view of love
till racism and religious bigotry dislodge
him from that sacred sanctuary
to fall into a sea of distorted values
where he shuttles helplessly between love and hate

ask hitler, saddam hussein, who left nothing
but shredded, withered and torn roses
flying into our path
john tiong chunghoo

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Am I to Believe?

So, you turned water into wine
You've waltzed upon the open seas
Drifting so languishly, seeking only love and peace
Am I to believe?

Throughout the vast open lands
Shaking minds from bondage and despair
With an open heart and blessed hands
Am I to believe?

So, you 've healed the sick
Gave light to sightless eyes
Through the ridicule from hypocrytes
To the great Roman leaders lies

Giving your life so freely
So all men may see
Courage and faith
That living forever is
Our destiny

Free from bondage, racism
Shame and disgrace
Enlightening forever
This human race
Matt Mondschein

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Poems On / About RACISM