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Poems On / About RACISM  7/31/2014 8:27:39 AM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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Time again, , ,

Time again,
Time again let it Flow,
The Euphony is the Music and echoes of Kingdom Composure,
I Play the Drum,
Saying it Opened and a New history Emerged,
From incipient to resilient,
Time again in Purity,
It was a New Understanding,
Blessed is the man with Good Work's,
Hold on the Blessing's,
New is Bird and Life is a New World with Beauty,
Time again,
We take the Progress and Beauty with no Felonies,
Some have spirits of ruins,
But Ceation's Hold the Better than the Worst,
We take Progress in our Hands,
Saying that the Lord is Prosperity with Limited Blessing's,
We Find the beauty with no Racism or Crime and Murders,
What you Believe in,
Make it Better for the rest of Humanity
Abdul Karim

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Walking through the darkness of racism,
Devouring the thoughts of virgin minds in life;
Very few taking the easy way out by not truly studying
the minds and personalities of certain people,
the rest creating an image from the start trying to find the
result of that particular person;
Suffering these rare thoughts is like being in the pit of Hell,
I would love to stop the burning sensation but it's not even worth
spitting on;

alicia cross

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Courage...Or Lack Of....

.....This is an open statement in response to the recent PoemHunter postings by the anonymous 'Black Alex.'

As a person of color, I've known the ignominy, the humiliation, the vitriolic pain of racism, both in statement and deed. My years have taught me acceptance, understanding the valued principle of free-speech. However, I do believe that writers..spewing venom..such as this...should dare exercise courage of his/her convictions, and leave free-speech...unfettered.....by the cowardly cloak of.....anonymity!
James B. Earley

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World is a bunch of denied,
Frontiers trimmed, leaders thrilled,
Honest hacked, corrupt decked,
Killers hailed, warriors jailed,
Farmers killed, looters filled,
Knowledge whacked, rogues jacked.
Temples doomed, bars bloomed,
Intruders housed, brother doused,
Cows butchered, flesh racked,
Poetry exiled, porn rhymed,
Nature amputed, smog jotted,
Equality cursed, racism nursed,
Yogis branded, doggies revered,
World is nothing but sad end.

By: -
Dr. Yogesh Sharma
Dr. Yogesh Sharma

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Poems On / About RACISM