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Poems On / About RACISM  10/9/2015 12:40:28 PM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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Lucifer's War

My father’s house is destroyed

Due to inhalation of poisonous racism

That ruined the entire nation.

How could that be? He created the human race -

Yet here we are fighting against tribal ground,

We claimed we are under desolation,

Proclaiming the tidbits of our existence,

Fighting for freedom? Or are we just ignorant?

We are the by product of the heavenly war,

When Lucifer wage war against his creator,

Proclaiming his arrogant (self) existence,

Was his war justified or not?

He was clothed with all precious diadems,

Exalted by his loving creator,

But he rose against him,

Proclaiming his highest dominance.

Do you see yourself?

Government of this world,

Or your house government, and work governance?

Aren’t you exalting yourself? Don’t sabotage the other?

Don’t you not? You hail yourself for your ignorance.

Justice you say,

Where is justice?

Corrupt are you all, who hail himself higher than -

The most high God who created this universe.
Tess Rockenstire

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088.Clogged Arteries

Readers: there was a news in the Times of India dated 28 9 09..Nepal ditches India, says caste is akin to racism; this is true; still in rural areas an upper caste boy or girl can not love or marry the opposite sex from a different caste which is considered lower; there are reported honour killings by the family members only

The above inspired me write this; I dream of an India which has no caste; its worth recalling Bharathiyar, who said “ Jathigal illaiyadi paappa, Kula thaazhchi uyarchi sollall paavam

All the entrances
Are decorated
With the rainbow
Of flowers

My eyes
Fall on the flower
A white rose!

When all the flowers
Are covered with snow
This rose is waking up
With tear-drops!

This flower
Supposed to laugh!
Who has prisoned the pity
Behind the window bars!

The beauty fit
For a crown,
Has been surrounded
By thorns around!

Who has thrown fire,
On the glory of a flower,
Full of dreams
Making it lose colour?

Unable to find
An answer to my queries
Trying to remove
The stigma of social segregation
I kiss the thorns profusely, thus
Passing the blood that runs my life
Through my lips to the flower
That will make the flower red!

28 9 09
rajagopal haran

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Golf Pro

There are two types of people:
Those who play golf,
And those who recognize it
for the idiotic malpractice that it is,
that recognize it for the land wasting,
water guzzling, pesticide and herbicide
carcinogen drenched
leeching into the groundwater,
sanitized version of nature,
Bob Hope celebrity goofball,
mundane polo shirt and jackass slacks,
elitist, history of bigotry, racism, sexism,
and anti-Semitism, over-priced, over-rated,
time-wasting, posing-as-a-sport
moronic indulgence that it is.
I’m the first type.
Michael Philips

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Oh! You are a little black boy,
and playing with your small toy.
Oh! You are black from outside,
but your heart and soul are white.

Your innocence is covering you,
from your head till your smallest toe.

You are behaving spontaneously.
You are naive, curious, innocent and asking continuously.
You are vivid at day, and tired at night.
You are a beautiful flower swaying with delight.

You and the whole children are a bless had been granted from the Lord.
And I consider you all as a noble reward.

(the children are great, they are from the biggest blesses that God granted to us.....I dedicate this poem to the whole kids on this planet 'the white and the black' they are both equal.'NO FOR RACISM'......)
merna ibrahim

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Poems On / About RACISM