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Poems On / About RACISM  2/14/2016 12:54:41 PM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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We Would All Be Brothers And Sisters

We would all be Brothers and Sisters

In my perfect world there would be no war
People would communicate, and work their problems out diplomatically
All nations would be allies
People would wear smiles
And no one would ever know what a gun was
We would all be brothers and sisters

In my perfect world there would be no racism
People would be judged based on the content of their character
We would all hold hands
We would all be friends
We would all be brothers and sisters

In my perfect world there would be no heart ache
Families would love unconditionally
Lost love would become friendship
Friends would have no troubles, only fun
And no one would ever be lonely
We would all be brothers and sisters

In my perfect world there would be no worry
There would be no wars
There would be no racism
There would be no heart ache
There would only be occasional tears of joy
We would all hold hands together, as brothers and sisters
marie souline

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Kick Racism Out

If we really want to make a massive change,
There are some things we need to rearrange.

If we want the problems to actually stop,
We must do a clean sweep, bottom to top.

Start at grass roots, show them whats right,
It dosnt matter if your black or your white.

There should be no problem with religion or creed,
Racism in football, there really is no need.

At the highest level, deal with it severly,
So they understand, it will cost them dearly.

Too many people get away with an excuse,
For what we all know is actual abuse.

Your skin dosnt make you less of a man,
Anyone who thinks so deserves their ban.

They dont deserve to be on a pitch,
No matter if they are poor or rich.

We need to teach youngsters what the game is about,
Its what you do with the ball, not what you shout.

You beat a man with a passage of play,
You dont beat him down with the words you say.

A player aint defined by the colour of his hair,
He's defined by his strength, his power, his flair.

Until we get on top of this, face the facts,
Then were gonna have problems and people will react.

So as a unit we must no longer endure,
Stop making and excuses and accept it no more.

Together as one we must stand and shout,
This is all of our game, Kick Racism Out
Johnny Eardley

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Be Frank


Let us be frank
And thank
To all those who preach
And privately teach

Spread the hatred
And be kindly led
Like fools
As we are all bloody full

World is still believing
Pain still not relieving
Racism raises head
To send us in gallows as dead

White is nice color
Black is no inferior either
Still prefer to go after bright skin
To have beautiful company and very much keen

This is universal truth
No one can deny as such
World may never change
Even we may grow old with age

What are we teaching to kids?
What thoughts we feed?
Nothing more special to impress
On the contrary dark picture before their face

We may talk of advancement
But in fact it is dismal movement
We are where we were
Nothing to surprise and no more to dare

* Note: - Poem is composed by me
hasmukh amathalal

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Internet Racism

We have met before
And you closed the door
Imagine the pain I had to endure
So this is my song
For I have done no wrong

We have met before
And you left me feeling sore
My only crime was to be black
So while the wind keeps track
There are no words that can offer a cure

This is the bit
I call Internet shit
And it doesn't take one with wit
To understand the racism that sweeps the floor
A picture and some words is all that I wore
And you never even found out if I was a bore

We have met before
Immediately you thought of me as unpolished and raw
And the negativity just flowed in waves more and more
A picture and some words is all it takes
For you to conclude that I am a complete fake
And in your narrow minded head you have baked
Internet racism leaving me with a sour taste wide awake
Sylvia Chidi

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Poems On / About RACISM