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Poems On / About RACISM  11/29/2014 1:16:27 AM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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We and them

each we and them
are heavy, especially
when used with
self indulgence
at both ends

each becomes a
two pointed sword

each we weighs a kilogram
and them another kilogram
put them all together
they would easily wear,
tear down a country
sinking it in broad daylight

if all the wes and thems
could be translated into
a love for the country
each citizen would
emerge strong, and proud
that he or she has started out
with a heart of gold
a sincere attempt to
help make a difference to
everybody's life
throwing racism to the winds

all the self serving wes and thems
melted down and soldered
into wes, wes and wes so that
they are now a gigantic piece of gold
glittering to the world
john tiong chunghoo

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they know they
are losing grounds
because they are
not native, native
to the land, which is
all that matters

they also know
that all would be
losing grounds
if this frustrating matter
is not handled with
proper care

they have put in
so much of the work
to make sure
everybody thrives

and they hope all
would know but racism
seems to be a monster
that always rears its head
at the wrong places
and wrong time

the devil shrouded
itself to be the mother
of those who would
lose grounds materially,
spiritually all round
john tiong chunghoo

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Burning Bush

His hatred lingers deep in the depths of his soul
A soul supposedly ruled by religion(Christianity)
Where the New Testament teaches peace, love, and unity
He mocks every step that Christ himself took
He's erasing our Judea-Christian laws
He's erasing second chances
He's erasing the progress we have made towards racism
He thinks he's a burning bush that everyone should listen too
but hopefully this bush turns to ashes
Theorem The Truth Serum

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Here the persons clothing expresses their character and personality
Selling drugs is a symbol of courage, prestigious as the purple heart itself
Racism walks with a vibe just as silent as the K in knowledge
Treachery is a trait expressed in our DNA
Differences amongst the people make the difference
Segregation is no longer considered Jim Crow, but the ignorance of our past
Our so called role models read the wrong scripts
Smiles are untold just as frowns are upheld
Sex is no longer a show of affection but an initiation into adult hood.
Money is everything
And Love means nothing
Welcome to todays society
Takaeo Hester

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Poems On / About RACISM