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Poems On / About RACISM  7/29/2014 9:44:51 AM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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Karl Marx

Karl Marx,
advocate of force
in overthrowing capitalism...
now knows that God
is and that God's force
is love

Capitalists started World War II,
the Vietnam War, the wars in Iraq
starting with Churchill's bombing of 9000
in 1920. Capitalists are waging
the invasive wars in Afghanistan.
Capitalists as colonialists invaded
over 100 countries, spreading racism
theft and violence.
O Anna Niemus

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Politics of Sodom

i really love living in malaysia
there is so much real life drama
to watch day after day - red blood
adrenalin driving episodes of political
and social intrigues to whet your
appetite a la the romans watching
lions tear away at their prisoners

you love real life hardcore racism?
multi levelled croynism seasoned
with a touch of shameless nepotism?
and high handed judiciary rape bottoming
out with repetitive juicy charges of sodomy
thrashing where it matters most?

come to my beloved country, Malaysia then
a country that tastes sweet, sour, bitter, spicy
like delecterious mixed fruit, mixed vege rojak
john tiong chunghoo

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A shaken world of helpless men, seeking answers yet creating questions.Seeking life when they are constantly the reason for death.
Worshiping gods who preach love, in exchange for jihad, gods who place a race of jews above gentiles.
Seeking to free ourselves from racism and yet we spit into different faces, with gods who demand that we take the very lives they say they gave.
Cupid Missed

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Racism has nothing to do with color or religious place.
The moment one places themselves over or better than any
Is the time they realize their need for self-integrity.
The man that is equal to all and respector to many is
The man that goes far and is looked up to by all.
Jeff Rushton

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Poems On / About RACISM