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Poems On / About RACISM  4/27/2015 7:03:12 AM
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Best Poems About / On RACISM
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Pain In My Eyes

Society upsets me
Corruption upsets me
Poverty upsets me
Money and fame upsets me

War upsets me
Racism upsets me
Killing upsets me
Bloodshed upsets me

The world upsets me
Where will we all be?
I ain't blind, I can see
Do y'all have eyes or is it just me?

Fareez Nasir

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Race is a lie,
Racism a sin
The only difference between them.
Is what lies deep within.
The foundations of human life,
are decendants of life liven.
Each born different,
each born unique
when you hate them for that difference.
You become impure,
Yes you may be different,
But for the worse, there be no cure.
Lives are liven how lives reside as wave crashes to wave.
Nothing will survive.
Michael Cassidy

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Down You Racism

We are black and God made us so
If you say our heart is black we say no
Go......go.... go down....... you racism
If we are to be brutally oppressed
If we are to be hated and suppressed
Go.......go......go down.....Brahmanism.

We will be armed to overcome the dire
We will be one to set the burning fire
There will be no banned distances again
There will be one blood and same vain.

We are black........

There will be one table to sit and dine
There will be human named single line
We will be no more called untouchable
We will be no more called vulnerable.

We are black.......
Dhal Bahadur Jirel

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Self Righteous And Self Centered Sick Cliques

Today so many are blatantly crazed,
It doesn't matter which ones out of their minds...
Defend the right to protect their madness,
From others who show no respect at all.
And at the cost and expense of a fallen society...
Diminished by an ignorance defended.
Divided into self righteous and self centered sick cliques,
Of racism, corruption and deceivers wicked...
Who themselves have never been connected to truth.
No matter where on knees they falsely pray,
To seduce others with similar demonic beliefs to fear.
Yet obey!
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Poems On / About RACISM