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Poems On / About RAIN  10/4/2015 8:22:51 PM
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When Heavy Rains Fall Immediately Anytime

Rains fall heavily and They turn everything wet Even our pretty words... It sounds like something is Hitting the ground strongly... It's rainy outside and people Go inside immediately... It smells different Simply because those pretty Rains wash everything outside... Thunderstorms and lightnings Happen every now and then... I love those falling rains and Their musical sounds... My late grandmother used to sing To us the rains' songs... It gets a little bit windy, but It's not cold at all... Heavy rains are no more, but Some pretty drizzles occur Outside as I hear... There is nothing pretty like Hearing the sound of those Falling rains outside anytime... ______________________________________________________________________

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Rains' Water

When rains fall, We pray God immediately For His great giving anytime... There is no doubt that rains Are helpful to anyone... My late grandmother was a great Cook a long time ago... She used to make the best soup Of lentil with rains' water... She never accepted, but Those of rains' water Simply because it tasted differently... The lentil soup was the best food My grandmother ever did... We can make a lot of things Mixed with rains' water anytime... Thanks to God's giving and Praises be to Him for His Pretty rains anytime, anywhere, and Even everywhere on our planet... ______________________________________________________________________

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The Rain

The rain is pure and soft like a waterfall in the summer day spring, so beautiful as a gold diamond ring.. listen to the water dropp voice you couldn't never hear. a best friend for life and nothing to fear. sound like the open free soul. that feeling were you love someone and never want to let go. The rain is like a rose arise from the ground. makes wonderful colours in the dark gray cloud. so bright and a voice so loud. The rain is your best friend when your out. people don't know you cry or not proud. The rain is so soft and gentle feeling on your skin. look so confused don't know were to begin. The rain is the blood in our heart flowing threw are vain. and every dropp last of pain. Thats why i love the rain.
neil derek singleton

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Rain: Is My Crue...

Rain, rain, rain, rain, heal my heart for it is broken.

Rain, from the angelic-like sky.

Rain, pour here and clean my (heart) , my(mind) , my (soul) .

Rain why are you here?

Rain, are you here to wash away my Pain.......? (no)

Are you here to wash away my Debts.....? (no)

Rain, are you here to wash away Guilt..........? ...........(NO) !

Rain, will never be here for Me, Rain will never be there for You!

But, still i ask the Rain please cover my Tears that are of Guilt, Hate-rid, and Shame? ? ? ? ..............................................................................................................
Naazia Thomas

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Poems On / About RAIN