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Poems On / About RAIN  8/27/2015 2:21:25 PM
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November Rain

November rain washed away my guilt
November rain washed away my pain
November rain - so tired I felt
November rain was not just any rain

Long I longed with deep torment
For so long my body waited
November rain, , , , Oh, sweet friend
November rain- slowly I faded.

November rain- I cried within
Steady and slowly, it kept on pouring
November rain, watered my skin
And deep inside, I heard my roaring.

November rain, it refused to quit
November rain kept on pouring
And alone outside, in the streets I wept-
dripping... dripping and falling.
Amy Phillip

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Tonight's A Great Night

Tonight's a great night it is raining the first heavy rains of the Fall
The first heavy rains since last Winter the farmers rejoice one and all
The drought it may well not be over but 'tis good to hear the patter of the rain
Falling on the galvanize iron and gurgling down the shoot to the drain,
The town's water reservoir close to empty tonight's rain will help in some way
To slightly ease the water restrictions that we have known for many a day
For each dropp of rain it is welcome for months it has been sunny, windy, warm and dry
We've not had a decent day or night's rainfall since last year in early July,
The sound of the rain on the galvanize iron is so very welcome to hear
Since weather records were first taken this is by far the driest year
But tonight lets be happy 'tis raining and tonight we will drink to the rain
If it did not stop raining for a week about that we would not complain,
Tonight is a great night it is raining the dark clouds are letting it down
And the water tanks getting a small boost in the backyards all over the town.
Francis Duggan

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Rain From Heaven

rain rain rain rain
the murmer of rain
the sweet song of rain
the wind along with rain
the nostalgic feeling of rain
which can be enjoyed with a sad song
now its raining! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
the dropp that fallen in my face
let it be the last dropp before I die
and let that dropp clean all my guilt
so that my soul will not see hell
then you might hear my sound
along with the next rain; Says
'the rain on that day was from heaven'

Martin Thomas

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Today Is May Day

Today is the very day, unique and niece Today looks good to behold Today is may day May day is very beautiful Beautiful looks surround may day See the may rain The first rain has started on a smooth note See the may rain falling, it is falling heavily See the tears falling down as rain, the clouds very heavy as well Miracle awaits you, when you put in your best at what you do to earn your daily bread Work does not kill but only replenishes Work the work, do your best The best awaits a good prize

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