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Poems On / About RAIN  7/29/2015 3:01:29 PM
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Rains Are Scary

Only drops of rains bring life And death at the same time, We pray God to have rains To bring life to us and to the The thirsty lands everywhere, By time and if these pretty rains Do not stop, then We will floods spreading to drown us And to kill us, We're drowning, but Either we ignore this fact or We're in great oblivion, Pretty rains perish us and We're drowning to the bottom, A long, long time ago, It was Noah's greatest flood, so Shall we get another flood like that? There are waves like mountains in our seas, so Shall be rescued by the highest mountains? We're waiting our inevitable death, but We don't do anything, We're drowning! We're sinking! We're dying bitterly! Shall the pretty sun shine tomorrow without Us?

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Dogs And Cats

It rained here today Dogs and cats... April is not innocent when To its cruelty... Spring is here and there For all colorful flowers and roses... Those pretty rains that fell today Had a great impact on me... I did not need any umbrella Simply because rains lasted a few minutes Only in that pretty neighborhood I was in at that time... I love Spring's yearly rains Simply because they remind me of A lot of dear things in my earliest Days of my childhood... ______________________________________________________________________

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as i sit on the roof i hear the world sing the most indifferent song. the rain in its beuty falls in almost sarinaed, dancing in a rythmic tune. not to far away the fastration the red tint even in the almost green rain. In the east in a room the easy lust of 2 young poeples makeing the dark hevey blue but with the green light. the teens in the rain smiling dancingmaking a lavindure color purple. the widow in the graveyard weeps the black tears. but even as i sit here in the white clothes i see hear feel the green dancing rain
Him Name

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What True Peacefulness Is Called

I am at peace when the raindrops fall. And all is silent and I'm all alone. I sit there silently hearing everything. Like the buzzing of little bitty hummingbird wings. The rushing water that flows through my creek. And the pitter patter of little kids rain boots on the wet concrete. The splashing sounds as they jump around. The swishing noises as the rain water falls back to the ground. Hearing the distant chirping of birds hidden in the trees. Taking shelter until the rain has ceased. Hearing but complete silence from everything when the rain has but stopped. Yes, this to me is what true peacefulness is called.
Secrets Of The Dark

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Poems On / About RAIN