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Poems On / About RAIN  11/29/2015 2:43:10 AM
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Rain For Ever

when there is no rain,
there is no life,
no human,
no wish,
and there is no human to wish
now, there is no rain but i 'm alive
because i wish, and my wish is rain
so, there is rain
and rain is rain
in reality or in my dream
look, rain, i feel the rain
moon light

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Fear The Rain

I Fear the Rain!
The very sound of it is like nails to a chalk board
It has no mercy on people like me
when it rains I do not hear the soothing pitter patter, I hear screams
The very screams of people who are tormented by the rain
I do not scream for the rain
the rain will not break me
I refuse to scream for the rain
The rain loves the screams of people like me
But I will not scream
I Fear the Rain!
Sky Welch

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O Rain

Rain, rain, rain
O rain
You have seen that roses almost dried
I don't want to it happen
because I was waiting for flower buds bloom

Rain, rain, rain
O rain
Please coming soon
Don't make me cry
Let the buds of roses bloom beautifully for me

Copyright 2012
Sari Mavi

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What Is Rain

Rain rain is falling down,
Outside rain hits the ground,
What is rain when you see
its like counting 1,2,3
Hear the rain join with the wind
as if it was a symphony
Rain Rain falling down
Outside rain hits the ground! ! ! !
(i wrote it myself)
Mari Rivera

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Poems On / About RAIN