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Poems On / About RAIN  9/2/2015 4:41:39 PM
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Rain is always beautiful..
It is raining..
Rain has a smell...
First rain is attracting..
It comes from a hidden place..
With a nice wind...

It showers beads of rain drops
How beautiful it is!

Earth is embraced by
the hands of rain..
Earth feels its coolness...

I think the rain has a
Color...light blue....

I would like to dive in the rain
with my fiancee
satheesh kumar

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This Evening The Farmer Is Happy

The corellas on the tall gums are calling as darkness is cloaking the sky
The evening is calm though 'tis raining and we need rain the ground is so dry
This evening the farmer is happy his water tanks filling in the rain
Nice to hear the spluttering of rain water down the guttering to the storm water drain
Yes the farmer with the rain is happy with the warmer days of Summer ahead
The long spells of droughts and of bushfires of such things he does live in dread
In these times of climate change and global warming we do get some weather extremes
For our polluting of our natural environment our price to pay it will be huge it seems
With farm dams and smaller waterways drying out less water birds for to be seen
The countryside dry and brown looking as brown as it ever has been
The rain has never been more welcome the happy farmer has cause to smile
In the Winter and Spring little rainfall we have not seen heavy rain for some-while
The sound of the rain on the galvanize roofs is a pleasant sound for to hear
And the farmer he is looking happier at the end for him of a hard year.
Francis Duggan

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Spring Rain

The spring is in the air,
The cherry blossoms adorn the trees,
The roses are smiling everywhere,
The bees and humming birds are fluttering everywhere.

Here comes the spring rain,
The cold rain drowns all the soaring spirit,
The birds and bees wish the rain go away,
The roses seem to be bothered by the offending rain.

I watch the rain from a distance,
There is no dancing in this cold rain,
I watch the roses close their petals,
As if a beauty hates to be sprayed by a young man.

The rain reminds me of the untimely troubles,
In the middle of happy days,
I am sure the rains and troubles will go away,
And happy days will return over gain.
Jay P Narain

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Summer Rain

There's a girl standing in the rain
She seems lost and frowning in pain
All she wants is a friend for a day
She's alone on a warm summer's day
She stares at the world with hate
I can see her eyes screaming in pain
Would someone please befriend her?
And listen so her pain can be heard
Tell her that in time it will all be well
And make her dance in the rain instead

Let it rain, let it rain
On a warm summers day
Make it rain, make it rain
Let out all the hidden pain

There's a boy dancing in the rain
He seems grateful for everyday
I can tell that he's nine years of age
He doesn't know of the things that cause us pain
He doesn't know of the things that cause us rage
How I wish we could all be nine again
Before we knew reality
Before we lost our innocence

Let it rain, let it rain
On a very warm summers day
Dance in the rain, dance in the rain
Before in time we ask ourselves why

There's an old man sitting by the window
He smiles at the world while it rains
He seems happy though sitting alone
I think he's walking down memory lane
He seems joyful of the life that he lived
I think he's seen so many wonderful things
Like the summer rain and he says:
"It seems like a very beautiful day"

Let it rain, let it rain
So we don't grow bitter and old
It's such a beautiful day
Let it not go to waste
So let us dance in the rain
Before the world tells us that we can't
Let it rain, let it rain, life is an unpredictable thing.
Hafeni Nghidinua

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Poems On / About RAIN