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Poems On / About RAIN  11/28/2014 10:52:58 PM
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Just After Rain

just after rain
when the water lies hesitant and pure
on the roads and footpaths
and a few cars still have their lights on

just after rain
when the frontyard trees sweat the last drops
from their chlorophyll brows
and the air is promise-crammed and light
and there are apparently more towers
in the distant city-centre than before

just after rain
when the pets emerge from under houses
and overlong browsers from within shops...

just after rain
we breathe in deeply and effortlessly
we enjoy watching where we put our feet
as we jaunt home

just after rain
there is no other time that is not
just after rain
Ross Clark

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Rain, Rain Oh! ! ! My heavenly friend.

Rain, Rain Oh! My heavenly friend,
Whenever you come down,
Top of my town,
Bring a shiny little crown,
And cloudy long gown.

Rain, Rain Oh! My heavenly friend,
Make the desert green,
Don't be so mean,
Bring happiness to teens.

Rain, Rain Oh! My heavenly friend,
Listen to my say,
Not in the month of May,
In a beautiful way,
With some sun rays,
Don't be late today.
Mukta Sawant

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That Rain

Thunder starts rolling in
As it fell from the skys
Oh how it knows me so
As I stand underneath it
While I welcomed it with wide open arms
With my head facing the lightning bolts up ahead
The rain drops upon my face
Like welcoming kisses
As the thunder roared louder than the mightiest lion
As the lightning bolts lit up the sky brighter than Vegas itself
I twirled in the rain
Not caring who saw
In that rain
That rain I welcomed ever so
That rain which had the softest touch I had ever felt
Storm Pedersen

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Oh Rain Come Agian

Oh rain, oh rain, oh rain
Come again, come again
We are scorching in the summer
Come with sudden thunder
Don't just drizzle
Little and little
But come and pour
Plenty of water
The land is dry
Animals are making cry
Temperature crossed forty five
Bees are coming out of their hive
Without water land is hell
Plants have turned pale
Oh rain. Oh rain
Come again, come again
To turn landscape green
As it ever had been
Oh rain, por water
To make earth greener
More healthier and richer
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

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