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Poems On / About RAIN  10/4/2015 4:18:30 PM
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The Arabian Rains

Passing clouds are crossing Over the pretty Arabian land Bringing all kinds of good rains And bringing all love to everyone, Rains are falling over the roads And streets to wash them fully and Are filling up all rivers and streets, Cars are driven in the deep water of The streets, but suddenly stop, Umbrellas are open over the heads to Protect from the heavy fallen rains, All pupils and students are required To stay home until a further notice issued, Lovely rains go on falling over Everything to make pretty images, Birds and doves are hiding in their Nests until the pretty rains stop, It's still raining outside and Everyone keeps inside until it's clear, then More rains are expected to fall on all Pretty countries of the pretty Arabian Gulf in the coming days bringing pretty Rains to everyone and everything.

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The Drops Of Rain

Today and only today It was raining dogs and cats outside, I saw the pretty drops of rain while It was falling beautifully outside The name of that pretty girl was written On the pools of water when every drop fell, These drops of rain fell and hit the ground And made pretty pools of water, Every drop fell on the ground Wrote what it looked like her name at the moment, I was nailed like a silent picture Watching the pretty drops of rain writing her name, It looked like a dream, but It was a real sight of rain, I felt happy watching the fall of the Drops of rain on the ground wonderfully, The pretty drops of rain wrote The pretty name of PPE OR It was like typing a pretty name Of a pretty girl, so Later rain stopped, but That pretty name is still in mind.

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It Rained Outside

It rained cats and dogs For a minute, Everyone saw that pretty Rain outside, Rain washed the dirty streets And made some mess, Traffic slowed down and Everyone went home, I saw that rain and I did not care, I cared about my care, I am still outside Looking for a pretty image Of tomorrow's dawn, Rain always reminds me Of my childhood's recollections And of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, I am still looking for A pretty image of this winter, We are still amid the pretty March and rainy days, My grandmother used to say that March is the month of earthquakes And rains, When we were kids, In Winter's times, We used to sit around the Kanoon (The firewood round stove) , Everything has changed these days Because things do not stay as they, so It rained today and That rain nailed me behind the computer For some minutes.

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Rain Again

Rain again for growing grains. Think the gain, forget the pain. Rain down mountains, reduce the strain. Rain again on vain brains, drain migraine, let ideas rain. Remove chains, clear the plain, plant plantain. I'm certain, it'll rain again. The clouds are blue again, the proud are losing again. Yes, it rains, fill all bowls and gain, as it rains again.
Donald Braide

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