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Poems On / About RAIN  7/26/2016 12:55:17 PM
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Rare Delight Summer Rain Is!

Night rain is unexpected after the hot day;
More than an hour rain fall has lasted
Drenching roads, all roofs and buildings!

Rain water has stagnated in some places;
Joyfully drenching in the rain water people
Have had a nice time in the beach and park!

Such kind of Summer rain is a great delight
Indeed for the people not having much rain in
All the year usual in the coastal areas sure...!

This unexpected rain has confined all shoppers
In the shops they are looking for their favourite
Items to purchase for important occasions here!

Sudden surprise by rain or wind Nature really
Engages in delights now and then though rare!
Ramesh T A

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Rain -Rain Go Away

Rain Rain come again,
Little Johny wants to play.
But now little Johny is singing,
That Rain Rain go away,
Little Johny wants to play.
Little Rain converted into
Great Rain fall and Flood.
Flood has taken away
Our crops,
Our castles
And our muddy houses.
Men become beggar on the earth.
So please,
Rain Rain go away,
Little Johny wants to play.
vijay gupta

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The Rain

The rain, when it pours, great thoughts stock my brain.
in the grace of God i believe.
The rain, when it pours, a trip to a new world, i dont want to miss the soul train.
A great adventure i will perceive.
The rain, when it pours, my attention stolen, my windows open, and my sight captivated, what a beautiful terrain.
The pain, agony and despair fades away, what a relief.
The rain, when it pours, the sunshine takes a vacation, we take cover, every drop, every splash, a blessing. curses and sins get carried away in the drain.
As long as we're loyal, we will continue to receive.
The rain, when it pours, leaves yearn to get a taste, the soil can't wait to quench the thirst, roots just can't stop drinking and the environment takes a new look, serene.
This is life, Lord let us live.
The rain, when it pours, a soothing bathe from the heavens, just hop in, a washdown and get off the stains.
Everything is so clear, everything is so plain, never gon be an atheist, i wont get deceived.
The rain, when it pours, what a wonderful world, just like zain.
Praises and thanks i send out to the King till i can no more give.
The rain, when it pours, i take a look into the skies and can just imagine how good the Lord is, what a magnificent world...
Habib Mohammed Nazif

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'Mystical Rain'

Beautiful lights that glare before me,
Magic delights you allow me to see.

Mystical Rain in the sky up above,
Mystical Rain throwing stardust of love.

A surreal sight as I stand and adore,
Leading the way - so that men reach the shore.

Mystical Rain in the air all around,
Mystical Rain making love without sound.

Marvelous specks of desire in my view,
Lightly you peck at my face like the dew.

Mystical Rain; blue metallic and green.
Mystical Rain; play your tune quite serene.

A show so alive as you dart through the sky,
Helping planes through the mist, where pilots do fly.

Mystical Rain; shine your light in my path.
Mystical Rain warm my heart; make me laugh.
Angel Crabtree

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Poems On / About RAIN