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Best Poems About / On RAIN
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Rain! !

I am going to the market,
to buy a drawing kit,
and lo! ! here comes the rain! !
my most favourite rain,
I love rain so much,
and in rain would like to have a lunch,
sometimes rain gives us pain, : (
but not at all in the train, :)
I wanted to buy drawing kit,
but now want to buy a rain coat,
I dance in the rain,
I play in the rain,
I have an umbrella,
and the princess on it is cindrella,
mom wants me to use it,
no! ! no! ! I won't use it! !
rain is so much fun,
and I love it a ton,
rain gives us happiness,
and makes us feel it's plentiness,
rain gives water to the plants in forests,
and even to dearest,
it gives water to plats of farmers,
and puts a smile on their faces, :)
rain is born in the ocean,
and lives in the sky,
but at last dies,
and goes back into the ocean,
rain is a wonderful thing! !
and it always leads me to the spring! !

plzzz rate it! !
Laurel Vijitha

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If It Rains, Who Cares

If it rains who cares, if it rains
If it rains who cares, if it rains
If it rains who cares, if it rains
If it rains who cares

Sit down and listen to the music of the wind
Sit down and listen to the joy that it brings
The falling of the rain, thunder in the sky
Nature plays her symphony as my mind begins to fly

Ten million stampeding raindrops thrash, like horses in the street
As colors that make up the world, lie silently and unafraid
Of the wait that crushes them, whispering words that gently say
They’re dying, but they don’t die, they only fade

The animals lay there heads and listen to her tune
As the trees add the harmonies beneath an autumn moon
Aristocrat clouds crowd the balconies adding atmosphere to the scene
The waves are breaking on the shore, as seashells silently record everything

Everywhere are waterfalls, roaring as they hit the ground
Such an impressive sight to see, a dropp or two fall in clear blue water
Flowers spread their robes to catch the gentle kisses of the rain
Licking their lips with sensual care, no body sees, so their sensuality doesn't matter


The water flowing in the street, will pass into the bay
To solo natures symphony for yet another day
And when the curtains draw, the birds will begin to sing
To encore nature symphony to the music of the wind

But if it rains who cares
If it rains who cares
If it rains who cares
If it rains who cares

Copyright Colin Coplin 1981 / 2010
Colin Coplin

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A dour, a sour,
a glowering man
caught in his
umpteenth April shower.

Fraught in the rain,
again, a strain,
a pain the rain,
the rain, the rain, the rain.
Neil Crawford

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Song Of The Rain

The sky was gray today
When she woke up and got out of the bed
She walked out into her balcony
She saw the rain pouring down fast
It washed her tears away
And washed her sadness away
Rain I hope you will stop soon
It will make the grass grow green again
It will water the flowers in the garden
This is the song of the rain
God created the rain and the sun also
How lucky
You have heard her prayer
It finally stopped raining again
I always found peaceful the sound of the rain
The sound of the rain is music to my ears
And puts me to rest
Any time of the day or night
I am not frighten of the rain
I know that the rain is not going to hurt me
And I am not going to melt either
Because I am not made of ice
The song of the rain I sing
I wrote it for the rain
I had the rain on my mind today
Honestly I did
The rain washes all the mud away, the side walk, and the street away
The song of the rain I keep singing on and on
Until I run out of voice
And tired myself out
People say the rain is for the ducks
Some say it is raining cats and dogs
Every time it rains out
Aldo Kraas

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