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Southern Rain

Did you know
It rains in the south?
I know it rains everywhere,
But in the south
It rains all the time.
We’re lucky if a week goes by
Without rain.
It rains too much
In the south.
The only thing I don’t like
About living in the south
Is that it rains all the time.
Even though
You get use to the rain
I don’t like it.
I love the south
But not southern rain.
The day I’m writing this
It’s raining.
We’ve been having
A Southern Rain Storm.
Angela M. Maynard

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When I Feel The Rain I Live

Outside it's raining and i'm watching at my window,
In silence of the world, only the dance of rain i could feel,
My thoughts are in torment of questions and answers,
Only the rain knows what i need.

Rain falls gradually in the rhythm of my thoughts,
I feel it's wrapping my pain,
The voice of rain calming my senses,
When my heart is rushing to beat.

I'm watching rain from window,
The cold drops are touching the thirsty ground,
My soul is the same as the soil,
It needs love as much the soil needs rain.

I'm walking in cold rain,
Like crystal pearls are falling from the sky,
When touching my skin it's like magic,
I feel my soul light and released of pain.

I'm listening the music of the rain drops,
And on this music i am dancing, speeding around,
With my arms wide open touching rain drops,
Rain is caressing me with its voice and touch.

I adore rain, it's all my sould wanted,
Caressing me, awaking life in me,
When i feel the rain and listen to its rhythm,
I wish to live again, again, again.
Cristina Teodor

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Beauty Of Rain

After the hot dust and heat,
The rain has a beauty that can't be beat.

Rain brings happiness on warm days,
The clouds blocking the Sun's rays.

Rain whispers to us as it clatters on the rooftops,
And as the rain hits the ground, it hops.

Creating a gentle stream,
Water is much more powerful than it may seem.

It flows and pools,
And as it hits the face, it cools.

On the smiles of the children's faces,
And on the baseball field's bases.
On the gentle rose petals,
It rains down on precious metals.

When the rain ends, it leaves an eerie silence.
All that is beautiful must end; it makes sense.

But the rain will come again.
It will wash away your worries.
So fear not, for the wet wonder will always be there for you.

Rain rain,
Come my way,
I'll accept you any day.

Rain will rain,
Ashlynn Hawkins

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Words Cause Pain

Rain drops are falling on my head
rain rain rain
it's just hiding the tears on my face
rain rain rain
why can't it hide the pain?
rain rain rain
for God sake go away and come back another day
every dropp that falls on my body hurts
what hurts more are does words that people say
sometime i just wish they just take it all away
words hurts! its causes pain! !
but people don't care
they don't care about the pain that you're feeling
having you feeling down on yourself, makes you said and cry
what they don't know is those words could make someone wants to die
next thing you know, have some one commiting suicide
this all could happen over words that people say
makes you build up this pain that you cant control
that pain that will never make you whole
it will tear you apart
rip your heart apart
those are words that'll bring tears
words that cause fears
rain rain rain
please stop!
let the sun come out
so that the world could see my pain.
Esther JeanLoiis

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