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Best Poems About / On RAIN
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Bombs And Rain

we used to sit
and listen
to the faraway
rolling across the expanse
of land in front of us.
in intensity
as each second passed.

we couldn't see
the b-52's
and neither
could we hear them.

they were there.

doing what they did best,

dropping their
loads of
bombs bombs bombs
bombs bombs bombs
bombs bombs bombs
bombs bombs bombs
bombs bombs bombs
bombs bombs bombs
bombs bombs bombs
bombs bombs bombs
an unsuspecting
human species
we called the enemy.

we knew the jets
were high up
tucked away inside
the blanket of clouds
from which the
rain rain rain
rain rain rain
rain rain rain
rain rain rain
rain rain rain
rain rain rain
rain rain rain
rain rain rain
once fell
to earth
these same
human beings.

Kyle Schlicher

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Rain Fed Words.

She came in a twilight
when the rains were pouring
with vigour akin to a scythe
that rammed through the
invisible atmosphere.

She was not drenched in the rain,
may be she herself was the rain.
the hesitant words which
stood still till then poured out in
that twilight like an ode to that rain.

After that twilight
how many rains came and went
and there is a rain that
lies hidden now even in the white
clouds that stood motionless
in the infinite skies up above.

Even now in twilights I await
that rain or even a rain
that is emaciated by aching
times that I live through.
In the rain from the rain
if only she emerged again.

Rains that I saw after that
unreal twilight poured not as
drops but in her form
the formless form which
seemed like the foam that
the rain germinated on the
rugged grounds around me.

The words that I wrote about her
got washed away in rains
leaving behind traces which
I try to decipher day in and out.
like lines in water the words
about her,
thoughts like the
ground in orgasmic lethargy
that the libidinous rain left behind.

After that I never wrote about her
or the rains that I saw.
How can I write about the rain
or the rain that's she,
which like an impish child
dissolved my writings into
non existence.

But the words that spur me now
the words that I owe my being to
were born in that twilight
when she came as a rain
when the rain and she played
hide and seek before my
eyes that blinked a million times.

The twilights are
when I am alive
when I look for that rain,
that rain which fed words into
my veins, and which is now the
blood that sustains my being.
I know that rain was her way of
infusing life into a still born.
Twilight, rains and rain fed words
Yes I am alive to write only to write.

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Even The Rain

What will suffice for a true-love knot? Even the rain?
But he has bought grief's lottery, bought even the rain.

"our glosses / wanting in this world" "Can you remember?"
Anyone! "when we thought / the poets taught" even the rain?

After we died--That was it!--God left us in the dark.
And as we forgot the dark, we forgot even the rain.

Drought was over. Where was I? Drinks were on the house.
For mixers, my love, you'd poured--what?--even the rain.

Of this pear-shaped orange's perfumed twist, I will say:
Extract Vermouth from the bergamot, even the rain.

How did the Enemy love you--with earth? air? and fire?
He held just one thing back till he got even: the rain.

This is God's site for a new house of executions?
You swear by the Bible, Despot, even the rain?

After the bones--those flowers--this was found in the urn:
The lost river, ashes from the ghat, even the rain.

What was I to prophesy if not the end of the world?
A salt pillar for the lonely lot, even the rain.
Agha Shahid Ali

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Cold winds knocking at the window
Tells me it’s the onset of RAIN
Tiny drops are pouring down
Spreading the fresh earthen smell…

Nature that looks lovely in wet
Flowers that bloom in the shower of rain
That hiding of birds in the warmth of its nest
That gushing of water through narrow streams
That dancing in rain and shedding of tears
That silence which looms after rainfall

RAIN….RAIN….its raining again
This rain sure makes me nostalgic

Oh my friend, my beautiful rain
Pour on me just one more time
‘Coz I walk in the rain
And romance in the rain
It’s only you and me in this lonely night…..
Reshma Naveen

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