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Best Poems About / On RAIN
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Thoughts of Rain

Thoughts of rain
And kings of old
Queens all gone
They fade away
Like shooting stars
And others calling ‘Don’t jump! ’
But I did
I’ll take the free fall
I’m taking the chance that no one will be there to catch me
And while I fall I think
Beautiful, wonderful thoughts of rain
And pretty things
The ones that weren’t smashed in the fight
The things that fell and didn’t jump
But I did
Free falling
A long way down
What happened to the zebra?
Stripes all faded off
What happened to the giraffe?
Spots all jumped away
Like me
Thinking thoughts of rain while falling
And sweet mangoes
And rye
Thoughts of forests
Willow forests
Rain forests
Oceans of knowledge
Of which each of us has but a teaspoon of
Seas of thought
Rivers of philosophy
Thoughts of rain
Rain pattering down
Smelling sweet
Life so perfect
So wonderful
Like rain
Dark stormy days filled with lightning
Sunny days filled with rainbows
Thoughts of rain
Spiral bound
And falling down
And thick soft wool to cushion the blow
Thinking thoughts of rain.
Tsunami HiroshiSu

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a lad in the falling rain
with his mighty umbrella
moves through the flooded road
he feels the water cold

through the way,
in the rain,
by blowing wind
a 'DUPATTA' touched his face
with the wet touch the cloth
she moves with the drip-drip music of the rain

she turns to him,
her smile touches his heart
soon the wind blowed the rain
even in that wet look
she is just like an angel
an angel from heaven in the rain

like the wind moved the rain
she moved him
her eyes carried him
through the unknown way
something he had to say
he dont know, how to say
some words raised in his mind

he singed the unknown words
in the drip-drip music of rain
she heard his
she looked him with a smile

the rain went off
calm & cold wind blowed
Ecstasy of the evening
with a rejuvenated feel
he walked back
with the drip-drip music of rain
and with the lyrics from his heart! !
nikhil PS

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Afternoon Rain

I rushed out of the window
when i saw the rain coming
to invite my friends
to bathe in the rain
Oh! How do I love the afternoon rain.

Outreaching my hands
to feel the enthralling rain
bland rain bedraggled
our naked being
Intruding lightning
made us trembling
audible chortle echoes.....
Oh! How do I cherish The afternoon rain.

Shivering purple lips
quivering wrinkled palms
and curled up toes
brought by austere cold
Much gusto to dance and play in the rain
Oh! How do I long for afternoon rain again.

Until, the rain is over
mother would call me over
she would wipe me all over
and give me clothes to cover
Oh! How do I love my Mother dear.
Cyrus Diaz

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Walking in the rain

The rain has come
The rain, all the blues down
Outside, yet inside

The memories still swinging
They're banging in my mind
The smell of the rains
it make me all blue now

Still I'm waiting now
I wonder
I wander

Remains of you
it's still down in my heart
I can't change
I can't lied to hide it all

What can I do now
Watching you there, walking with him at the town
What can I feel now
The numb, is searing my pain

The memories,
The feel of your hands,
your face, your smile
It feels empty now
It drowns me up now.

I can't hold it down
When I just walking down
In the rain
Watching you two there
I just can stand and stare

In the rain
I want to cry in the rain
I want to scream it away
Just to hide the tears away
In the rain,
Jose Lu

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