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Poems On / About RAIN  10/8/2015 5:06:57 PM
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Majestic Rain

Velvet petals in the majestic rain calling out to your senses
only ripples remain, The fear of illusion is just a game.

With ridden souls playing in the rain with a song in play, It's a
ray of hope coming our way, So there is no wrong rain.

Petals laying our path in the majestic rain, What else is there to remain, In the majestic rain

There will be a day when all there is magic in the air and sweet senses every where, All souls will wake with a song in there heart always.
Csper Mcc

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It's raining out there, would you mind to join me?
Lets play in the rain, we'll laugh and dance till the rain's over.
It's 11: 16 pm right now, the clock will strikes to 12 soon.
Oh, I wish I'm Cinderella, I just need to end all this stupid act.

Come on, let dance with me till the song's over.
Before the rains stop, please can you be my prince?
I just love to dance in the rain, because in that way, you'll never notice me crying.
eanDeGreat de Psychotics

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I Am The Rain

Love and long for love
Until the trumpet is blown
And rain down to earth again.
Rain drops are lovers who never die
Let s shower in the rain
Until we become the rain:
I am the rain

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Rain Again

Rain again

Once again equinox
Normally time of rain
Rain, rain, rain, excellent
But depends where you are
Pacific, Atlantic or desert
Some enjoy and play
In latter they pray.
Nassy Fesharaki

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Poems On / About RAIN