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Poems On / About RED  7/25/2016 1:10:24 AM
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Red, Red, Red

Scarlet Women!
You've turned my soul crimson.
My eyes bloodshot
My heart aflamed with red fire
Ignited by the red lights in your district
And all i see is red, red, red.

Consumed by the fire you harbour,
The excitement on mutton has vanished
At the emergence of painful red sores
Acquired from your workbench.
Fire burns in my crotch
And all i see is red, red, red.

Scarlet Woman!
Woe to the man you lure into your red chamber.
Your pit of hell is pleasant at first
But the agony thereafter is hellish.
I have eaten the sour grapes you offered
And all i see is red, red, red.

Bleats of agony are now the only words
Set at the doors of my mouth
And the ears of the sympathizing herds.
I wear with great discomfort
Thus gifted garment of lust filled with thorns
And all i see is red, red, red.
Adeoye Adetoba

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Apple Cidar Vinegar!

red red red......how many words to say to you? ? ? ?
Eva Tortora

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A Red Gift

A red rose for you to forget your wishes
to wish your dreams
A red heart for you to have another chance
to have another one
Try not to lose it again
A red fish for you let her live in the pond of your eyes
A red sunset for you to look and remember me every time

A red gift for you if you feel everything is red
Reihaneh Jalalian

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Red Eyes

Red eyes,
Would have red water
Or maybe he a Red,
A communist,
A Leninist, Stalinist or Maoist.

The reasons for to be red-eyed,
Bijay Kant Dubey

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Poems On / About RED