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Poems On / About RED  5/26/2016 9:20:42 PM
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My eyes are Red, my cheeks are Red
From top to the bottom I am Red
My nerves are Red, my passions are Red
There is something that makes me Red

Red is the night, Red is the light
Wherever I see Red is the sight
Extreme is the height, Red is the kite
Hatred of my Red has turned into favorite

I feel you Red, I touch you Red
I hug you and kiss you oh my Red
Your every shade do make me glad
I love you so much my soul is Red.

vaibhav shah

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My Red Poem

Here I write a red poem,
Sophie Tucker red,
'The last of the red hot mama's red'
It is a hard Tap Dancing Red,
St. Valentine's red...
Cinnamon Apple scented red...
Georgio sweet smelling red,
Victoria Secret Red,
Morning sunrise red,
Red Hot lipstick red,
The blush on your cheeks red,
Happy Go Lucky Red,
Written with my flaming Pink Craylo Pen,
On this October day...
Oh you kid!
Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

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Red is the colour of tomato sauce dripping down the side of your hamburger
Red is the feeling after exercise
Red is the sound of silence
Red is the colour of warm blood flooding your veins
Red is the smell of sweets lying in their containers at the supermarket
Red is the sound of pain
Red is the taste of hot chilli risotto
Red is the colour of bright luscious lipstick
Red is the feeling of joy
Red is the taste of jam toast soldiers for breakfast
Red is the sun setting in the evening
Red is the colour of poppies swaying in the fields
Red is the sweltering Sahara desert
Red is the colour of a ripe cherry resting on a dollop of cream
Red is the feeling of love
Red is the taste of mouth watering cheesy takeaway pizza
Red is the R&B music
Red is a colour that is safe and alive.
Bianca N/A

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Red is cool fire
Red is the feeling of love
Red is the passionate color
Red is the color that brings my love to me
Red smells like roses, so aromatic
Red tastes like cherries, so sweet
Red sounds like a lover, the one who loves me for who you are
Red looks like a fire, that doesn't get out of control
Red feels like a soft kiss
Red makes me know that I will always be loved
Red is my boyfriends name
Brooke Audino

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Poems On / About RED