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Poems On / About RED  10/7/2015 12:24:32 PM
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These Words Are An Understatment; As The Dawn Breaks

Your unlike dawn nor dusk, neh you have a heart like midnight.
A heart of such a coldness is lost, yet for what reason is it?
Was it the snow that buried your soul far out in the yonder woods,
Where leaves have fallen too soon to protect the earth? Where the cold has turned all life into death? Where dawn and dusk part, neh near theiy waters breaking point, where the dawn is not. Where the dawn is red and running into the blue rings of the water break? Where the dawn is closing fast, it is not a sight of beauty, but a simple point where the soul is lost? And as the dawn is closing it seems to cover every thought that your mind may have. And as dawn is closing it covers everything in a black darkness that protects the sight, and in doing so forces the crashing river of salty water break over the edge and rush down to where it falls away, far away. And as dusk breaks through there is nothing but emptiness and silence. Where only you breath, as everything inside and around you is dead... because the earth is shattered and the river that rushed down has left your cheeks dry... where the red dawn has broken through leaves your eyes dry, irritated, and red... where the leaves where not there to sheild and protect you from the wind, rain and snow that filled your ears with mud... while the dusk around you is dark. But you know you are alone with the dead... where words have no power... where only they have the control of the earth that you are to them... as the dawn breaks.
Ashley Fortin

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Rose Heart

Rose is

not red...

heart also red...


Rose is red...

Heart is rose...

Rose is heart...!
otteri selvakumar

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The Red Tulip

Winter is almost over.
Spring will blossom the red tulips.
The red tulips of the best days.
Walking at the Capitol Hill
of the worked day,
to wish the love life will brighten
like the red tulips.
Natasa Tocuc

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Poems On / About RED