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Poems On / About REMEMBER  11/25/2015 12:18:16 PM
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3 Remeber Me3 (Dedicated 2 Keith)

Remember all the times we shared especially when we laughed and cried.
long night calls till 6 in the morning. Remember how our friendship ended multiple times, but in the end we couldn't be away from each other.
Remember how we been their for each other knowing the pasts and what lies ahead in our futures.Remember when you changed my life showing me whats beyond my walls.
Remember that no matter where we are I'm always gonna be here for you.
so please remember me after all that's went down between us.
Remember how we've made each other smile laugh and just talk about anything. I'll remember you forever Keith not only because your an amazing person, you've changed my life tremendously, your my only true best friend forever.
Don't ever forget our Past, Our Future we've shared because once I'm gone I'll only only gonna be a Memory....
Hadyn Rodriguez

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If I Forget

If I forget to tell you just how much you mean to me, I hope that you will remember while your not here with me. If I forget to tell you that you are my world and more, I hope that you will remember what I am waiting for. If I forget to tell you I want you in my life, I hope that you will remember that I am always by your side. If I forget to tell you I love you more than words can say, I hope that you will remember regardless of the hurt. If I forget to tell you I am sorry for my mistakes, I hope that you will remember with every one I make. If I forget to tell you no other can compare, I hope that you will remember the love that we both share. If I forget to tell you I miss you everyday, I hope that you will remember your absence causes pain. If
I forget to tell you that forever is what I want, I hope you will
remember that forever is what we have got. Whether I say these words to
you, or wait until you are here with me, I will show you this forever,
and these words will have no need because you are all I see.
nadia gopaul

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Remember those times we laughed and played along the sandy beach
Remember those times we use to try catch the stars even those beyond our reach
Remember those times we danced all night until the break of dawn
Remember those times we whispered together sealing secrets sworn
Remember those times you under the pale moonlight you used to kiss me tenderly
Remember those times we strolled through life as if it were our own melody
Remember those times of silent speech when we spoke with only our eyes
Remember those times every morning and night having to say our sweet goodbyes
Remember those times we rolled around together upon the hills
Remember those times you used to pick me spring born daffodils
Remember my sweet the memories which range throughout the years
Because my love, now I am gone, remember my smile shed no tears
jax col

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when we did meet? When we did feel that together forever to be where we destined?
When you told me that together forever will we be? Remember? When we did promise each other that nothing will us separate till all eternity passes? Remember? Cause the truest love was ours?
When to the shore of the river we went? Sit did you next to me with our bodies touching? The way you looked into my eyes? Then slowly did I begin kissing you? The first kiss I got from you? So, shyly yet so hotly and strongly did you kiss me? Remember? The rising moon was the main witness of the consumation of our physical and emotional union.Remember? Still do I feel that evening deeply in soul and being.Remember?
vassilis kikezos

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