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I Love You Forever

You were on my mind when I woke up this morning. I guess the next time I see your face, It'll take a little while. I was remembering your arms around me, I love the way the always feel warm. With you by my side, I compleatly feel no harm. I was remembering your voice, makes my heart skip a beat. But without you baby, my whole bodys weak. I was remembering our times, the good and the bad, the funny times when you cheered me up, and especially the sad. Remembering you eyes, how they always meet mine. Remembering all the little things you do to make my life worth while. I was wondering when we'll be together, just us two.

I love you forever
Davina Teeling

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I Remember

the unfortunate day, i remember
the sharp carving knife, i remember
over the veins of my wrist, i remember
i try to slit but i can't, i remember

i close my eyes, i remember
memories pleasant, memories regretted, i remember
pandemonium in my mind, HAVOC! ! ! i remember
i begin to scream AHHH! ! ! AHHH! ! ! i remember

i cannot forget
...the tears
......the mucus
.........the saliva

i jerk my head from side to side, i remember
death has his hands on my back
transfering his wiles into me, i remember
I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANY MORE! ! ! i remember

diazepam, zoloft in my hand, i remember
bottoms up, down they go, i remember
i lay on my bed, i close my eyes, i remember
praying they never ever open, i remember

three days pass, i remember
i awake, i remember
hands over my face, i beging to cry.........

i'll never forge
Gary Rounds

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To Julie

Remember our first step? First talk on phone?
First stare? and most of all remember my first 'I Love you! '
even on phone, then I knew I was right.

Remember our first date? First movie even corny?
First kiss? and Most of all remember our first notose?
then I knew I'm truly in-love with you.

Remember our first trial? informing your parents about us?
First time I met your Family? First time I join your peers?
and worst of all remember the 'Ulat' era,
Then I knew I was wrong to leave you.

Remember our first.......? our first.......?
first..... even.....? and most of all remember.....
then I I knew.... etc...etc.....

Remember these rememberings, I Knew I'll always remember you.
Because, remembering a words to remember,
are to remember of my eternal love......

I love you Julie, and I will always will........
Harry Postanes

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I Remember Now

I remember wanting it back

I remember all the boredom
I remember all the security
I remember holding myself back
I remember the want
I remember the denial

I remember getting it back

I discover all of the excitement
I discover all the new ways
I discover all the acceptance
I discover all of the interest
I discover all the greenest grass

I remember all of the dreams

I remember all the waiting
I remember all the uncertainty
I remember all the letting down
I remember what I ought not to have forgotten
I remember the limbo of my decisions
Jack Cyclone

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