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Poems On / About REMEMBER  9/2/2015 9:48:13 AM
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I still remember you in my every moment
I still remember you in my every breath
when you got angry at me with red eyes
I still imagine all your words
You are always inside me
When I close my eyes, I see your face in the sky
I still remember your new born baby face,

I still remember the fragrance of your hands,
I still remember your beautiful voice,
i still remember How you captivated my attention
I still remember your sad and happy moments
I remember your fav color and chocolate

i still remember how you forgot me
but After all this time I am still in love with you
i still remember you in my prayers
fahim ul amin

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Remembered Past

The fimiler breath of your old lies.
Somehow changed my life.

Every now and again I remember we were friends.
Even though its in the past maybe can change at last.
I remember your long lost stare
I remember the sent of your hair.
I remember every touch an kiss,
I remember my fingers tracing your lips.

I remember losing you bit by bit
I remember when it slipped.
I remember when I fell
I remember how it felt

But what I remember the most is that you didn't hurt.
That you were okay with letting go
faith toy

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I Remember

I remember the first gaze of yours...
I remember every time you held my hands in yours...
I remember the one time you kissed my arms....
I remember your silly pranks on me...
I remember the pure love you felt for me...
I remember your anger and rage...
I remember your playful nature....
I remember the way you craved to be with me....
I remember the special bond between us....
I remember the moments we spent together....
They were all so fresh and sweet and cute...
I am sorry for the mistake I did...
And made all those sweet moments short-lived...
But please forgive me for my sins...
And give me a chance to rectify my mistake...
And live back the sweet moments that we spent together...
Srishti chaplot

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Remember your hope not your blue
Remember your share not your dues
Remember your laugh not your tears
Remember your courage not your fear

Remember your gain not your vain
Remember your joys not your pain
Remember your smile not your cross
Remember your victory not your loss
Remember and listen to what i say.
Remember i don't want you to lose faith your self along the way! ! ! !
Writing by salma torrez.
salma. torrez

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