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Some Day I Won't Remember

Some Day I Won't Remember
How you smell or how you look
Some Day I Won't Remember
All the pieces of me you took
Some Day I Won't Remember
What it was like to kiss you in the rain
Some Day I Won't Remember
All the tears and all the pain
Some Day I Won't Remember
The feel of your skin
Some Day I Won't Remember
All our secrets and our sins
Some Day I Won't Remember
Staying up late at night to cry
Some Day I Won't Remember
That vivid blue-green color of your eyes
Some Day I Won't Remember
The passion that we used to share
Some Day I Won't Remember
What it felt like to have you there
Some Day I Won't Remember
The precious sound of your beating heart
And when that some day comes
I will entirely fall apart
Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

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I can't remember

I can’t remember the day
I can’t remember the night
I just see in your eyes
I just remember the feeling
What you feel you can’t forget

I can’t remember the light
I can’t remember the dark
I can’t remember the heart
I just live the today
Because it can’t be erased

Don’t let me here alone
Help me to remember what I forgot
I’m waiting for someone
Because alone, I cannot

If the rain come here
Help me to remember the tears
If the sun doesn’t shine
Don’t help me to remember the fears
If in the night there are stars
Remember me about the hope
If the sunset would be long
Help me to my eyes I get close
Because I would remember our love.
Ianne de Angel

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.5. Memories of Good Grub

I remember in the fifties we had dripping on our bread
Sprinkled well with salt for extra taste
I remember black pork jelly from the bottom of the dish
Was a relish to be savoured not to waste?

I remember fetching winkles always sold to us in pints
That took ages to get out with just a pin
I remember all the winkle shell looked like a load of snails
And the juicy ones that dribbled down your chin

I remember lumpy porridge milk and sugar on the top
Setting hard enough to cut yourself a slice
I remember having nightmares after having two large bowls
To describe it one would never call it nice

I remember red polony in its plastic sort of skin
Tried and tried our best but couldn’t make it spread
I remember trays of faggots from the butchers for our tea
Though some folks called them savoury ducks instead

I remember being told that I’d remember
The good things as well as the bad
I remember those large Yorkshire puddings
Where the best thing that we’d ever had

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes
David Threadgold www.davidthreadgold.com

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I remember when I thought I lost myself
When I was five I first started my education
When I was ten I was screaming with joy because I was finally two numbers
When I was twelve I finally got taller
I remember the first time when I got to ride in the front seat of the car
I remember when my sister got heart-broken for the first time; I could not bear it
I believe that yesterday was another day without my loved ones
I wish I hadn't made all the mistakes that put my life in this situation
I remember being trapped in a stranger's house and being alone
I cannot remember the feeling of being together
I cannot remember us all being happy
I want to remember every detail of my mother that I have missed
I remember the day I left, watching my mother crying, out the rear window of my dad's rental
My parents remember all the good times that we had
But I remember how we made it through all the hard times and how close we were to slipping
I wish I didn't have to think of my family member's faces frozen in pain, instead the joy plastered to their faces
I hope that we will be together again
I remember the loss we have been given and the joy too.
tiffany fawcett

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