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Dear 12 Year Old Preteen

Dear twelve year old preteen,

Why aren’t you afraid of the monsters under your bed? I can’t help but think of the ones in my head and wonder “did you have them back then? ” I remember the way you would stare at the big bear trucking company sign as if it was a trigger, and I still tense up every now and then too. Sometimes the sign’s letters shift as if they are on a track that moves them, and I read ‘beer.’ I wonder… Was that why you starred so often? How many times have you asked him to quit now? I know you use to ask him a lot.. I asked him again last night but he can’t seem to put it down; each drink is a game of Russian roulette with a bottle rather than a gun. How’s school? I remember everyone as being so cruel. When they threw them, did the basket balls hurt nearly as bad as you felt? I blocked that out long ago, but I have been remembering more lately, so maybe that will come back to me someday soon. Do you have things you blocked out and can’t remember? I still think about how I hadn’t been quick enough to grab the pills. I have wrote a few since. Have you wrote it yet? I can’t help but remember the plan… Do you think it would hurt? You know... To die? It's an arsenal filled day again and it’s always going to be an ongoing battle. They tell you to take the road less traveled, but I know you only ever wanted the choice. Are you still holding your breath? I am getting kind of tired. Don’t let them fool you,16 isn’t a magic number. Do you still live by the saying life goes on? I do, only now it might dig my grave. Life is full of pain and if life goes on then it does too.I'm sorry I didn't try harder. I should have protected you better, but then again I guess I don't protect me now either.
Breanna Choma

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Do You Remember

Do you remember when a smile
Meant that everything was ok
Do you remember for just a little while
That we were once that way

Do you remember when an embrace meant mine
And love was real and true
Do you remember when everything was fine
And there was nothing to work through

Do you remember when a kiss
Was a truly treasured thing
Do you remember love was like this
And forever showed in a ring

Do you remember when a glance meant Hi
And the sun shined on us all the time
Do you remember when to say goodbye
Was the last thing on your mind

Do you remember when silence spoke kind
And shadows told things unsaid
Do you remember when love was blind
And sweet dreams filled your head

Do you remember yourself at all now
Or are you a victim of the cost
Do you remember now all about
A forgotten heart and innocence lost

Do you remember me at all now
Do you even see my face
Do you remember I am around
Or has someone taken my place.

Do you remember me at all.
Count Dracula

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with every sunrise
remember I was your everlasting sun
with every meal
remember I was the lasting taste
with every girl
remember I was you beauty
with every promise
remember I kept all mine
with every exam
remember I was by your side
with every success
remember I was you goal
with every problem
remember I drew your smile
with every love
remember you were my first
with every pain
remembr how you hurt me
with every request
remember I never declined any
with every picture
remember mine
with every break up
remember I never let go
with every time you study
remember I helped one day
with every betrayal
remember how loyal I was
with every love word
remember my tears
That I’ll never forget you
Maha Moustafa

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The Body

I remember washing the blood out of the carpet,
I remember picking up the knife and cleaning it until it sparkled,
I remember throwing away the stained furniture,
So if I remember these things,
Tell me,
Why can’t I remember where the body is?
Rachel Brewer

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