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My mark

I don't want you to cry on last day
I don't want you to cry tears of sadness
I want you to cry tears of joy
Cry cause because you remember the good things I use to do here on earth
I want you to remember my smile
My jokes
My T L C
I want you to remember me as a fighter
I want you to remember me as the most sweetest person
I want you to remember me as someone who always made you feel good
I want you remember me as the friendliest person
I want you to remember me as the person who use to light up the room
I want you to remember me
As a nice smelling perfume
I want you to remember me
As a hereon
I want you to remember me
As the most craziest person
Not in bad way but in good way
That is why I worked so hard
To became a good person
In order for you to have lots of good memories about me n less bad memories
I want to be remembered as person who left a really good mark

Vangile Mtyali

Written on the 28/02/2008
Vangile Mtyali

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I will remember

I will remember
the smiling faces that you
had brought on everyone's faces
I will remember
the many stories
I have heard
I will remember
the first time
I met you
I will remember
the day I found out
I will remember
the tears from your daughter
the way she told me
I will remember
the days I had been at your house
I will never forget
the day you went
But I will remember
how much you were proud of your children
I will remind
your children that you loved them
more than anything
I will remember
the days after
I will remember
comforting your youngest child
I will remember
your life that you lived
I will not forget
everything that has happened
I will always remember you
For you and not for what had happened

This poem is about Danny Greenaway passing away
A loving father and a great husband.
He was an awesome friend to many
katelin offord harper

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Remember, it's Me

When raindrops touching your lips
remember, it's me giving you a kiss

When the wind is blowing thru your hair
remember, it's me playing with it

When your eyes are wet
remember, it's me wiping your tears

When the sun tickles and make you smile
remember, it's me telling a joke

When your hand are wet
remember it's me watering the plants

When your body is all relaxed
remember, it's me rocking you to sleep

When you cover yourself with a blanket
remember, it's me keeping you warm

When the moon shines thru the window
remember, it's me protecting you

When the radio is playing
remember, it's me singing our song

When you hve butterflies in your stomach
remember, it's me, telling you he is a good guy

When the phone rings
remember, it's me giving you my blessing
Dagmar Wilson

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Remember when

Remember when,
You first asked me out.
Remember when,
We broke up.
Remember when,
I cried for days.
Remember when,
You got back with me.
Remember when,
You cheated on me.
Remember when,
I broke up with you.
Remember when,
I found another guy.
Remember when,
You saw me kiss him.
Remeber when,
I said sorry.
Remember when,
You said sorry.
Remember when,
We got back together.
Remeber when,
Everything crashed,
And we broke up,
This time,
For good.
Do you remember,
Or did you forget...
Dragon Crenshaw

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