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.5. Friends

I remember in the fifties we didn’t have a lot
We were always pleased with everything we had
I remember how we utilised the things that we had got
Making things we knew would make each other glad

I remember sticks of rhubarb were red but mainly green
Tasting sour it would shrivel up your face
I remember hide & seek we tried hard not to be seen
Or running fast and calling it a race

I remember playing football in the middle of the road
Using jackets as a makeshift sort of goal
I remember by the pond on the day we found a toad
Where the tadpoles swam around it in a shoal

I remember in the summer playing out till it was dark
Made up games from almost anything we found
I remember bits of wood that we took down to the park
Wickets, bats a ball we had a cricket ground

I remember setting standards for other kids to beat
Always being there to set the latest trends
I remember summer sun that gave out a pleasant heat
But I remember most those very special friends

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes
David Threadgold www.davidthreadgold.com

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Remember when you played "Jacks"
You picked one up before the ball came back?
Remember playing "Hide and Seek"
You closed your eyes and sneaked a peek?
Remember when you flew a kite,
To get it up took all your might?
Remember when a piece of chalk
Wrote game boundaries on the walk?
Remember when with your hands
You made a ball from rubber bands?
Remember how you bounced a ball
For no rhyme or reason at all?
Remember how you had a fit
When you heard "Tag, you're it?"
Remember how skates and a wooden box
Made a racer that was tops?
Remember when you spun a top
And wished it would never stop?
Remember kicking an empty can
Along the curb as you ran?
Remember who got blamed
When everyday the rules were changed?
Do kids today have more fun
Sitting and watching their Nintendos run?
Sue Chuzi

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What Will You Do Then?

Do you remember the day,
When you said we would be friends forever?

Do you remember the day,
When you said no one could never replace me, ever?

Do you remember the day,
When you said you would always be by my side?

Do you remember the day,
When you left me, and I cried?

Do you remember the day,
When you became popular, and left me behind?

Do you remember the day,
When I pretended I didn't mind?

Do you remember the day,
When YOU got left behind?

Do you remember the day,
When you couldn't see straight, you were blind?

Do you remember the day,
When I guided you through it all?

Do you remember the day,
When I helped you so you wouldn't fall?

Do you remember the day,
When you turned on me once again?

Can you fortell the day,
When you will fall, again, what will you do then?
Robyn Pearson

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Remember the time we spent togheter
time couldn't be any better

Remember that very special night
we both knew it was love at first sight

Remember what you've said to me
wish that it could be

Remember our special dance
I believed then we could have a chance

Remember the rears I cried
the future was opened wide

Remember every glance of you
Forever that's how it should be - that's true

Remember the last sentence you said
guess that's why it hurts so bad

Remember your beautiful face
how you were there with such a grace

Remember your gorgeous smile
loved to sitt with you for a while

Remember the song you've sung
that was when all begun

Remember everything about you
I fell in love forever with you
Sheila Butterfly

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