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What Will You Do Then?

Do you remember the day,
When you said we would be friends forever?

Do you remember the day,
When you said no one could never replace me, ever?

Do you remember the day,
When you said you would always be by my side?

Do you remember the day,
When you left me, and I cried?

Do you remember the day,
When you became popular, and left me behind?

Do you remember the day,
When I pretended I didn't mind?

Do you remember the day,
When YOU got left behind?

Do you remember the day,
When you couldn't see straight, you were blind?

Do you remember the day,
When I guided you through it all?

Do you remember the day,
When I helped you so you wouldn't fall?

Do you remember the day,
When you turned on me once again?

Can you fortell the day,
When you will fall, again, what will you do then?
Robyn Pearson

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Remember the time we spent togheter
time couldn't be any better

Remember that very special night
we both knew it was love at first sight

Remember what you've said to me
wish that it could be

Remember our special dance
I believed then we could have a chance

Remember the rears I cried
the future was opened wide

Remember every glance of you
Forever that's how it should be - that's true

Remember the last sentence you said
guess that's why it hurts so bad

Remember your beautiful face
how you were there with such a grace

Remember your gorgeous smile
loved to sitt with you for a while

Remember the song you've sung
that was when all begun

Remember everything about you
I fell in love forever with you
Sheila Butterfly

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I Remember - Loss Through The Eyes Of A Child

I remember
The times when we
Watched the sunset
I could see the reflection
In your eyes

I remember
Sitting on the brick wall
Along St. Angela’s Street
The time when you almost fell off
And cracked your head open

I remember
Chasing butterflies
At Wolf Brook
No matter how hard we tried
We couldn’t catch up with them

I remember
Lunch times at school
The dinner lady looking at you
With surprised eyes
Because you wanted extra veg

I remember
When you told me the news
That one word
Keeps sounding in my head

I remember
Seeing you there
Hair falling out from the chemo
Frail and weak
Not being able to stand

I remember
Trying my hardest
Not to break down and cry
At the sight of seeing my best friend
Hurting and in so much pain

I remember
Walking down long corridors
Visiting your hospital bed
Wanting to stay with you
Forever and never leaving your side

I remember
That phone call
All the tears I shed that day
And all the tears I’ve shed since
You passed away

I will always remember
Watching the sunset
St. Angela’s Street
Chasing butterflies
Lunch times
Holding back the tears
Long corridors
Phone calls
Losing my best friend

But most of all
I will always remember you.
Anni Sane

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I will remember

I will remember
the smiling faces that you
had brought on everyone's faces
I will remember
the many stories
I have heard
I will remember
the first time
I met you
I will remember
the day I found out
I will remember
the tears from your daughter
the way she told me
I will remember
the days I had been at your house
I will never forget
the day you went
But I will remember
how much you were proud of your children
I will remind
your children that you loved them
more than anything
I will remember
the days after
I will remember
comforting your youngest child
I will remember
your life that you lived
I will not forget
everything that has happened
I will always remember you
For you and not for what had happened

This poem is about Danny Greenaway passing away
A loving father and a great husband.
He was an awesome friend to many
katelin offord harper

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