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I remember our days

I remember our days on the haybails
singing to the tunes on the ipod
I remember the parties we went to
we could drink until we dropped
I remember us going through school
lazing about knowing our exams would flop
I remember the summer of 2009
we laughed and smile so much we thought we'd never stop
I remember leaving it all behind
and onto the next train in life we hopped
I remember saying we'll stay friends
and look where we are, that never stopped
I remember falling out during the winter of 09
it was all my fault and i felt like a stupid sop
I remember us all falling in love with someone we'd met
having found someone that made us feel ontop
I remember us all losing that special someone
feeling low, needing to drink and never stop
I remember the days we'd go without speaking
feeling awkward and put on the spot
I remember all the times we'd said we'd stick it through
Cause thats what we're here for, me and you
So lets dry our tears and get it together
cause tonight we party, as if it were forever
Rachel BaByBeAr Anderson

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My mark

I don't want you to cry on last day
I don't want you to cry tears of sadness
I want you to cry tears of joy
Cry cause because you remember the good things I use to do here on earth
I want you to remember my smile
My jokes
My T L C
I want you to remember me as a fighter
I want you to remember me as the most sweetest person
I want you to remember me as someone who always made you feel good
I want you remember me as the friendliest person
I want you to remember me as the person who use to light up the room
I want you to remember me
As a nice smelling perfume
I want you to remember me
As a hereon
I want you to remember me
As the most craziest person
Not in bad way but in good way
That is why I worked so hard
To became a good person
In order for you to have lots of good memories about me n less bad memories
I want to be remembered as person who left a really good mark

Vangile Mtyali

Written on the 28/02/2008
Vangile Mtyali

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Dear Old Friend

Dear old friend,
How far back does your memory span?
does it go through last year?
or before marching band?

Do you remember nail fights
do you remember seeing me cry?
do you remember not seeing me after
do you remember understanding why?

Do you remember cuddle puddles?
Do you remember the tickle war?
do you remember stealing my stuff
and then trying to get back from you on the floor?

Do you remember when you were to high to stand?
do you remember me being there until i could be sure you were okay?
do you remember competitions we went to
playing a rigged game of cards along the way?

do you remember how much fun we had?
do you remember when it ended?
when nome left and things fell apart
making us do things that offended?

I remember

I remember a time when I was at peace
I remember being happy all the time
i remember your hugs
that always felt sublime.

I remember our friendship
I remember what you said
I remember this year that
is now gone and quite dead

oh my dear old friend
what has happened in this year?
what has made things change so
that I am not considered by you a peer?

well there is little
more for me to say
now that I'm done
I'll go away

just think about
the things said here
and know at least
I still hold you dear

My dear old friend
Jack Harris

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Stranger in disguise

I remember how you use to tell me,
With pride in your eyes,
The day I was born
The happiness you couldn't hide

I remember how you held me
And kissed me goodnight
Sang Your senseless lullaby
That always made me smile

I remember how you'd wipe the tears from my eyes
Said this is just the beginning
That I should be brave for more coming in life

I remember how you'd be my strength
Make me smile
and to no problem give in

I remember how you'd call me your princess
And never let me down
Give me all the comfort I needed
Make me wear an invisible crown

I remember how you were my best friend
And always make me laugh
I claimed you even a mother to me
Because I loved you so much more than that

I remember how you'd shower me with love
Make me feel
Like an angel from above

I remember how you once teared up
When I held onto you not letting go
You reminded me you'll be back
That in your heart ill forever live

I remember how I hurt you so
But never my apology and regret
Did I let you know

I remember how you held my hand
Through the times I lay
Unable to be my best

I remember how you gradually changed
Became the person
I didn't dare to face

I remember those sleepless nights
When I heard you scream
And saw you lose your mind

I remember how I started being frightened by you
Unable to go close
Scared of what you might do

I remember the look in your eyes
No longer was there love
But a distant evil lie

I remember how you stopped bothering about me
Didn't even see
when you looked at me

I remember how much I cried
Wishing that time I should've died
So I wouldn't see the person
That inside you lies

I remember how shattered and broken I became
When I said goodbye
and for the last time whispered your name

I remember crying
For the person who changed
And died with the memories that was made

I remember welcoming with fear and regret
The stranger in disguise
Of the dad he'll never be.
Wardah Arshad

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