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I remember when I thought I lost myself
When I was five I first started my education
When I was ten I was screaming with joy because I was finally two numbers
When I was twelve I finally got taller
I remember the first time when I got to ride in the front seat of the car
I remember when my sister got heart-broken for the first time; I could not bear it
I believe that yesterday was another day without my loved ones
I wish I hadn't made all the mistakes that put my life in this situation
I remember being trapped in a stranger's house and being alone
I cannot remember the feeling of being together
I cannot remember us all being happy
I want to remember every detail of my mother that I have missed
I remember the day I left, watching my mother crying, out the rear window of my dad's rental
My parents remember all the good times that we had
But I remember how we made it through all the hard times and how close we were to slipping
I wish I didn't have to think of my family member's faces frozen in pain, instead the joy plastered to their faces
I hope that we will be together again
I remember the loss we have been given and the joy too.
tiffany fawcett

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i remember

I rememember when you said I Love You.
I remember when i said yeah me to.
I remember when you said Love me Forever.
I remember when we carved our names on eachother.
I remember our kiss and i ignored that the fact that u missed.
I remember when you said together always. Look what happen now.
I remember the tears you made me cry and you running back to hug and kiss me.
I remember when i could never truly be honest with you but we got throw that.
I remember when you i said fine im leaving and you saying fine the door is always open for you to walk in an out.
I remember when i looked into your eyes and remembering all of our silly fights and in the end of those me throwing my phone on the floor n us laughing because we knoe the fight was over.
I remember us looking back saying our goodbyes n our ILovesYou
catarina garcia

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I remember our days

I remember our days on the haybails
singing to the tunes on the ipod
I remember the parties we went to
we could drink until we dropped
I remember us going through school
lazing about knowing our exams would flop
I remember the summer of 2009
we laughed and smile so much we thought we'd never stop
I remember leaving it all behind
and onto the next train in life we hopped
I remember saying we'll stay friends
and look where we are, that never stopped
I remember falling out during the winter of 09
it was all my fault and i felt like a stupid sop
I remember us all falling in love with someone we'd met
having found someone that made us feel ontop
I remember us all losing that special someone
feeling low, needing to drink and never stop
I remember the days we'd go without speaking
feeling awkward and put on the spot
I remember all the times we'd said we'd stick it through
Cause thats what we're here for, me and you
So lets dry our tears and get it together
cause tonight we party, as if it were forever
Rachel BaByBeAr Anderson

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Remember, it's Me

When raindrops touching your lips
remember, it's me giving you a kiss

When the wind is blowing thru your hair
remember, it's me playing with it

When your eyes are wet
remember, it's me wiping your tears

When the sun tickles and make you smile
remember, it's me telling a joke

When your hand are wet
remember it's me watering the plants

When your body is all relaxed
remember, it's me rocking you to sleep

When you cover yourself with a blanket
remember, it's me keeping you warm

When the moon shines thru the window
remember, it's me protecting you

When the radio is playing
remember, it's me singing our song

When you hve butterflies in your stomach
remember, it's me, telling you he is a good guy

When the phone rings
remember, it's me giving you my blessing
Dagmar Wilson

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