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Best Poems About / On REMEMBER
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Like A Child

I remember when I was young,
playing all day in the sun.

I remember being young, looking up to see a face, I remember climbing trees going as high as I could go.

I remember when I was young, so small, so innocent, so dumb, I remember the magic of Christmas and my fears of halloween.

I remember being young, playing all day long, I remember the first time I saw snow, it's all offbeat now...

I remember being young, I remember it all, I remember every day, I can't believe it's been this long.
Kindred velarde

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Remember When

Remember when it was always so hard to say goodbye,
Remember when you said it was just you and I?
Remember when you said you really liked me,
Remember when I was the only one you’d see?

Remember when we’d dance together all night,
Remember when it felt so right?
Remember when you’d hold me close,
Remember when you’d tell me I’m the one you chose?

Remember when you said there was no reason to worry,
Remember when you said that you’re in no hurry?
Remember when you said we have all the time in the world,
Remember when you picked me up and twirled?

Remember when we’d look so long into each other’s eyes,
Remember when you said you’d treat me better than other guys?
Remember when you’d kiss me on my forehead and cheek,
Remember when we hung out almost every day of the week?

Remember all the nights we shared together,
Remember kissing in freezing cold weather?
Remember making me laugh so hard I’d cry,
Remember telling me that you’d never lie?

Remember when you called me “shawty” or “boo, ”
Remember when I meant something to you?
Remember when you gave me your Spanish book to use,
Remember when you’d give me sips of your booze?

Remember when I left my sweatshirt under your bed,
Remember when you’d put your Sox hat on my head?
Remember when you hanging out with my brother made me smile,
Remember when your dad and brother thought you should keep me for a while?

Remember when you said you’d talk about me to all your buddies,
Remember when you’d give me space when working on my studies?
Remember when we’d fight about the Packers and the Bears,
Remember when we planned to go to Renaissance Faires?

Remember when you said I was pretty on Valentines Day,
Remember all the other cute things that you’d say?
Remember when we’d joke around using proper English,
Remember all those impressions that were so easy to distinguish?

Remember when we went to the opera and laughed the whole time,
Remember when you’d tell me stories of Chicago’s crime?
Remember when at all the parties people always thought we were a thing,
Remember when you told me it was more than just some fling?

Remember when something changed after spring vacation,
Remember when you stopped all communication?
Remember when you left me high and dry,
Remember when you left without saying goodbye?

Remember when you said something was wrong,
Remember when you didn’t talk to me all summer long?
Remember when you said you’d tell me why someday,
Remember when you didn’t look at me the same way?

Remember when you said you can’t wait to be with me next year?
But that was then, now next year is here.
Things are so different now and I wish they hadn’t changed
After all I remember, I never would have thought we’d be so estranged.

I remember when you told me you’d ask me out in your own way.
I remember when you then broke my heart in May.
I remember when you’d hold my hand.
I remember when you ended things sooner than I planned.

I remember how now you act like things are like it used to be
I remember feeling like this isn’t fair to me.
I remember still feeling confused, in need of explanation.
I remember wanting you back being my greatest temptation.

Remember when you saw me cry?
I remember when you didn’t try.
Remember when acted like you didn’t know me at all?
I’ll remember that every time I see you this Fall…
miss liss

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I Remember Love

I dont remember being alone.
I dont remember playing in the rain.
I dont remember going to school, but i remember love,
yes i remember love.

I dont remember singing the blues.
I dont remember cuting school, but i remember love,
yes, i remember love.

yes i remember love, she has a beatifull face,
i remember love, she kept me warm and safe,
yes i remember her love, it was all i needed,
and it became, my food, my wine, and my faith.
david gerardino

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Do You Remember The Time? ? ?

Do you remember the time when we first talk the laughs we had. Do you remember the time when we first saw each other the smiles we had. Do you remember the time when we first kissed how quick it was. Do you remember the time when I told you I love you and you said 'I love you two'. Do you remember the time I said 'I'll never let you go I promise'. Do you remember the time when I told you that I will die for you just to see your beautiful smile again…
jesus laureano

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