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I Can'T Remember

I can’t remember the day
I can’t remember the night
I just see in your eyes
I just remember the feeling
What you feel you can’t forget

I can’t remember the light
I can’t remember the dark
I can’t remember the heart
I just live the today
Because it can’t be erased

Don’t let me here alone
Help me to remember what I forgot
I’m waiting for someone
Because alone, I cannot

If the rain come here
Help me to remember the tears
If the sun doesn’t shine
Don’t help me to remember the fears
If in the night there are stars
Remember me about the hope
If the sunset would be long
Help me to my eyes I get close
Because I would remember our love.
Ianne de Angel

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When There Is You And Me

i rEmeBer how u coL loLa,

I rEmeMbEr wEn I first mEt u..
u mAde my hEaRt meLt aFter giVing me sHeRry..
d firSt tYm u l0oked aT mE..
fr0m d cOrnEr oF uR eyEs
d fiRst tYm u smiLed aT mE..
Wid d0z siLly sMyL..

It wAs FebRuary..
I rEmeMber d fiRst t0uch..
u wEr pErfect I rEmeMber
In b0dy, miNd aNd souL..

onLy u wEr s0 thin

I rEmeMber uR pErfect eYes..

dos dAt nEvr loOked bEyoNd mE
I rEmemBer d beAuTy oF uR smYL..
d smyL dAt enLighTenEd urR faCe wEn u sAw mE
I rEmeMbEr hOw u lovEd to pLay wiD my hAir..

h0w u wud make gigiL oVer me

I rEmember h0w u layd ur head on me

I rEmeMbEr d0z siLy fyTs tRu d f0n..
My pOsSesiVenEss oveRpoWeriNg u
How u oLwEyz usEd to sAy “SORRY”..
EvEn iF I mAde a miStAke..

anD i reMember h0w wuD i bEg u n0t 2 leaVe me.

askin u 2 sTay

No, I cAnt 4gEt wAt I wAnt 2 rEmeMbEr

yEap, I wiL nEver 4gEt..


yeap I wiL rEmeMbEr eVerYtHing..
joie ricafort

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I Remember Our Days

I remember our days on the haybails
singing to the tunes on the ipod
I remember the parties we went to
we could drink until we dropped
I remember us going through school
lazing about knowing our exams would flop
I remember the summer of 2009
we laughed and smile so much we thought we'd never stop
I remember leaving it all behind
and onto the next train in life we hopped
I remember saying we'll stay friends
and look where we are, that never stopped
I remember falling out during the winter of 09
it was all my fault and i felt like a stupid sop
I remember us all falling in love with someone we'd met
having found someone that made us feel ontop
I remember us all losing that special someone
feeling low, needing to drink and never stop
I remember the days we'd go without speaking
feeling awkward and put on the spot
I remember all the times we'd said we'd stick it through
Cause thats what we're here for, me and you
So lets dry our tears and get it together
cause tonight we party, as if it were forever
Rachel BaByBeAr Anderson

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Remember when you played "Jacks"
You picked one up before the ball came back?
Remember playing "Hide and Seek"
You closed your eyes and sneaked a peek?
Remember when you flew a kite,
To get it up took all your might?
Remember when a piece of chalk
Wrote game boundaries on the walk?
Remember when with your hands
You made a ball from rubber bands?
Remember how you bounced a ball
For no rhyme or reason at all?
Remember how you had a fit
When you heard "Tag, you're it?"
Remember how skates and a wooden box
Made a racer that was tops?
Remember when you spun a top
And wished it would never stop?
Remember kicking an empty can
Along the curb as you ran?
Remember who got blamed
When everyday the rules were changed?
Do kids today have more fun
Sitting and watching their Nintendos run?
Sue Chuzi

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