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Poems On / About RIVER  5/24/2016 10:44:55 AM
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The Daughter Of River

The river of very big eyes of grown up girl
Always awakes in the lap of the lulling aunt
Though the moral duty of the lulling aunt is to lull!
In foggy night the raft of illusory realism floats on its chest
At dead night it sees hide-and-seek among nebula and stars.
No river knows about its biography but this River knew
And knew too someone calls from the opposite shore of the ocean.
She was absorbed in a state of drowsiness of black owl
The decko was called three times by her name!
She had kissed her sleeping daughter before left the house
And like a sleep-walker she went to the river.
She was caught by the trap of river and never come back
From then the daughter of Paranoid River weeps loudly.
Zillur Rahman Shuvro

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Ganga the river system that starts from Himalayas
The holiest river of India the people believes
The gangetic plain fertile and feeds the country
Gives such large segment of society by farm labor
Ganga have such strong feeling and importance.

Ganga flows through uttarakand and then south to east
Have a strong cultural and histrocial importance
The purity of water were acclaimed all over
Through length and width Ganga the mighty river
That helps to make the largest area to irrigate

Ganga the river system to be maintained in clean
Every drop of water must make potable to drink
Ganga the river have much importance to life system
As all other great rivers of the world that flows.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Life is like a river.
The river of life is long and deep.

Sometimes the river becomes rough,
and the swift current overwhelms.

Rocks protruding from the waters
become obstacles threatening our path.

These parts of the river, like life,
for all intent, seem to be impassable.

Water thrashing around us
On the edge of succumbing to the cold water.

At these times we feel, ironically,
as if we may drown in the river of life.

When we feel we can no longer swim,
and it feels as if all hope is lost.

The current slows, the water warms,
and our journey on the river ends.
Spidey Ortiz

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River Of Love

I've been to many places throughout the world,
As a teen and as a small girl,
But one place holds me to the end,
That place has always been a questioning friend.
One moment sweet and so golden pure,
other times so evil, leaving me unsure,
But whether I dream or sit awake,
River of love knows my heart did break.

River of love, river of pure,
Why do you leave me so unsure?
River of mortality,
Why do you do this to me?
River of love, river of my youth,
Will you tell me where I went wrong?
because one's heart is not a dead flower,
And I don't want to spend my life crying for hours.
Adnana Saric

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