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Best Poems About / On RIVER
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I'Ve Got A River (Song Lyrics)

I’ve got a river; it’s filled with love,
I’ve got a river, and all because,
I’m fishing in a river, by His Stripes,
I’ve got a river, of abundant life.

The river is available, all you need,
Faith in Jesus, just believe,
Filled with harmony, it taste so sweet,
It has a fragrance, the smell of peace.

My river is deep, as it is wide,
So you can’t see, to the other side,
Like stars are countless, in the sky,
No beginning & no end, this is why.

The wind is blowing, a storm is near,
But I do not have, a spirit of fear,
Dark and cloudy, soon to be clear,
From eyes that see & ears that hear.

Should I ever need to, go beyond,
Current of the river, will carry me on,
When there’s a problem, going through,
I can walk on the water, and so can you,

It has no borders, or boundary lines,
There’s an endless, amount of time,
I am justified, by my Savior’s life,
Bought & paid, Calvary’s the price.

The water’s also, filled with fish of praise,
And scales of promised, much better days,
If dry land is causing you, to feel sorry blue,
A river is what you’ll need to make it through.
Luke Easter

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A River's Rush

It is the river as mother to the sea
Entraps us into this womblike feeling of ease;
It is the river draws us to this discovery
Of need, our quiet helplessness.
We are the river ran its course
Into an engulfment of restless sea.
How far have we gone from our rivered Nara?
Or how long have we gone astray?
Does the river current come full circle
From the breaking waves of sea?
Do we meet each other, dreamlike,
In the endless stream of the world’s Lachines?
When do we come back as rivulets
In some hidden rock spring?
The river runs full circle, and we discover
We have not even halfway met.
When will my currents break into your rocks,
You distant sea, you entrapment of need
And engulfment of ease?
When will the sea create the river?
When will the river create the sea?
Where they meet in the trickle of a little garden,
Who laves the riverstones?
Who laps the greening shores?
The river’s rush is also our question.
albert b. casuga

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Wanganui River Song

River runs through Wanganui valley,
wild country gorge and galley,
and when we eventually die,
shall our awaken spirits fly.

Become part of this flight,
heaving valley river and light,
where wild flowers grow free,
might you still know me.

There's joy within this place.
In mystic river bed haunting face,
where the risen spirits fly high,
under Wanganui green valley sky.

Did our past ancestors know.
How our golden dreams glow,
where love spell flows along,
within the woven river valley song.

This simple poem I make mine.
River rhythm water mystic rhyme,
where song sung upon birds wing,
allows the rising spirit to sing.

Oh this ancient Wanganui river land.
Link between soul man and hand.
Shall awaken the sleeping dream,
with her creative shape scheme.

River gorge Wanganui country scene.
Shakes alive our past life dream,
where magic rising springs flow.
Our river valley is known to glow.
Wayne Falconer

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A Mother's Warning

A Mother's Warning (short story)
One summer’s day my children (5 & 7) went fishing with me by a fast moving river.
On the banks grew tall grass, and on the rivers edge were dainty blue flowers
As we stood fishing my daughter came up to me holding a small bunch of flowers.
She asked, what kind of flowers are these?
My son also wanted to know.
I recognized that the flowers were Forget-me-not.
She replied, why are they called Forget-me-not.
So, I told them this story;
There was once a brave and noble knight in shining armor, that loved, very much, a beautiful maiden, he had to go away to war to fight to save the maiden, and her family who lived in a castle.
The knight asked her what do you want me to give you before I go to war.
She said, those pretty blue flowers that grow by the river’s edge.
So the knight said, I will get them for you, my love.
The knight walked to the river’s edge to pick the pretty blue flowers.
He slipped into the river while holding the flowers he picked.
His armor filled with water.
He began to sink deeper and deeper in to the water, while he was sinking, he called out Forget me not, and then he drowned.
The last thing the maiden saw of him was his hand held up holding the flowers.
After hearing this story, my daughter replied, it’s so sad.
I said it is, and I told them to look closely at the petals shaped like little blue tears.
While they were looking deep into the flowers, I said, don’t ever get to close to the water because you could fall in and drown, even the strong knight could not escape being killed by the water. Those petals are his tears, for losing his love and life. Remember the brave and noble knight, and never get to close to the river. Then with a fading echoing voice, I said, forget -me- got, forget- me- not....

I told my children this story to scare them away from the river’s edge so they wouldn’t fall into the water, and drown.
It worked! They never stood or played too close to the river’s edge again.
kara towe

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