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Poems On / About RIVER  11/26/2015 12:54:25 AM
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Sea Of Immortality

The river flows through life as fish in the sea
The soul follows every twist every turn
Follow them and you will see
Follow life as it goes in time you will burn
Life flows as a river around turns and bends please follow me

Follow the river through its course
Through The pain and trials
Follow with truth if in vain the pain will worsen
Through The long hard miles
Follow the river through its course

Through the dams past the currents will flow
Through the trees and vines that you know
Some places flow high some flow low
Some filled with pleasure some with woe
Yet it shall not slow

The river of life it flows through the turns
Follow as the river moves on
To the ocean, to the sea
There your soul shall be lost
In the sea of immortality
Bethany Maxwell

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The River That Flows Upside Down

It flows from the foot of Mt Baw Baw through many a Yarra Valley Town
The waterway known as the Yarra the river that flows upside down
It deepens and crawls at a snail's pace through Melbourne it always looks a muddy gray
The river that flows bottom to top I only quote what others say.

Named after a tribe of indigenous people who lived here till white people came
Their spirits will flow on forever in the river that carries their name
And just like the passing of the Seasons the people they come and they go
But the Yarra that flows down through Melbourne forever and ever will flow.

Old Yarra they say is polluted from chemicals washed into it by rain
As well as plastics, refuse and rubbish from many a pipeline and drain
Of late a rower who fell into the river swallowed water a near fatal intake
He ended up quite ill in hospital from the affects of a bad belly ache.

It is Humans gave the Yarra pollution but the river it still winds it's way
Through the great Southern City of Melbourne at a snail's pace it crawls night and day
To be named after a tribe of the first Australians is not it's only claim to renown
As it lives on in legend and folklore as the river that flows upside down.
Francis Duggan

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The Great Merri River

Through the old brown paddocks it flows night and day
The great Merri river from here far away
Through the coastal lands of Warrnambool on it's way to the sea
Older than the age of the Dinosaurs it pre-dates history.

It has flowed for millions of centuries of time
The river that has inspired story and rhyme
In Nature's four Seasons Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring
Through old coastal lands where the brown bushlark sing.

The great Merri river will flow forever more
To Warrnambool on to the Pacific shore
From it's dark deep pools the sea trout jump for fly
It has flowed through all Seasons and weather warm and dry.

In the long gone Dreamtime in the shade of the trees
The Indigenous people danced their corroborees
On the banks of the Merri in a corroboree ring
By the river they loved as they danced they did sing.

They had lived here for centuries before Europeans came
And for their beloved river they had their own name
The river known to all as the Merri of today
On towards the Pacific it babbles it's way.
Francis Duggan

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Poet Rocks

All poet rocks, start out as pebbles at
the bottom of the river of life. Through
time, some words grow into rocks.
Such as the flower to the plant. Over
time, the poet rock in the river, has
grown and altered the course of the
rivers life flow.

Though many poet rocks remain as
a pebble carpet of the rivers bed.
Capturing the sediments of the river
and enlightening it's society. Poet
rocks, remain as part of the rivers
life flow. Each generation bringing
forth new poet rocks, altering life's

8/27/2009 POEWHIT


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