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Travel Haiku - Snake River

Snake River
we twist and turn
to its slithers

Snake River
Hells Canyon looms
to the heavens

Snake River
this hell is cool,
clean and a wondrous treat

The Snake River marks the base of a seemingly bottomless gorge called Hells Canyon, a 7,000-foot deep abyss that is one of nature's grandest achievements. Whether you sign on for three days or five, a rafting trip offers plenty of fun on full-bodied, roller-coaster-style rapids. The Snake's warm, clear water is excellent for swimming and yields pristine sandy beaches you can really dig your toes into. The three-day trip will take you through the upper portion of the canyon and over the two largest rapids. Spend a full five days on the river and the secluded beauty of Hells Canyon will remain eternally etched in your memory.
john tiong chunghoo

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Life's River

Life is like a river.
It is faster at some parts
slower at other
but always putting
up a fight.
A fight to bring you down.
Some people allow the
river to take them,
giving up. If you give
up then you'll
have a harder time then ever,
but if you fight the
river, never going under the surface of it,
you will see everything at the
end, clearly for what it is.
Or maybe even in the middle of the
river. Either way,
life is like a river.
Always strong, yet gentle.
It will always test you.
Nichole Herrin

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The River Flows

The river flows and moss grows
And I dangle my feet in the water
The water is cold, but so is my heart
As I sit and just watch time goes by

No place I have to go, no place to be
Time has passed too fast, as fast as the river flows
Who else has sat here and felt this way
Felt pain in their heart and soul

They don't understand, did they ever?
All the hurt down deep in my soul
The leaves sway with the wind
And the chill sets in

I know I must leave, I don't know where
Guess I'll find my way down the road
With tears in my eyes and a broken heart
I'll find my way back to somewhere

The river flows on and the moss will keep growing
Till someone else sits here
And remembers things like I do
And wish I had them all back

I leave in the night, goodbye to the river and moss
May each persons who comes this way
Find a peace inside like I did but on the way
I'll always remember that the river flows on and the moss grows.

Written by Jo Carey

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And... The River Runs Through It

Those sweet memories still linger in my mind
The chain of mountains, The birds singing their song,
The outspread meadows...
And the river that runs through it!

I still see us walking along the river bank holding each other's hand.
And as we lie down on the grass, Interlocked in arms, looking at the sky,
The rock sings for us, a melodious song,
As the river runs through it!

I still go there
Sometimes in dreams and sometimes in real.
The birds are still singing and the rock still sings.
Everything is unchanged except the fact that
You are nowhere to be seen.
You have crossed over to the other side of the river,
The outstretched field of heaven!
And as I sit on the grass, sorrow grips my mind
And... The river runs through it!
Arti Honrao

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