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Poems On / About RIVER  2/11/2016 4:39:01 AM
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Tears And Rivers

as i sit crying these tears of pearl i watch the river if ruby flow down my arm and i begin to wonder what the reason of life is and why we are even on earth.someones coming and i try to hide it. its not who i thought it was.the black rose, its my freind.'you dont have to hide it from me just promise me i wont find you doing it again.''i promise.'we hug and i make the river flow even more and faster im becoming light headed.....five hours later i wake up in the hospital with her sitting right next to me.'how long have i been here? ''five hours.why did you pass out like that? ' i look at my arm its not bleeding any more.'if i bleed again then im bleeding for you.'

thanks for reading this
trevor adams

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King Winter Defeated

King Winter's ice had the river crippled
but Spring Sun through the river rippled
So can healing power in each now flow
and cause sick bodies with health to glow
O Anna Niemus

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The River

Time Stands Still in a Picture, Capturing the moment
Life is like a river, ever moving
When the flow of the current ceases
The river dries up and dies.
Patricia M.Flynn

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Riming Haiku #127 (From, This Is My Wasteland)

River o river,
the life water deliver
- and spring sounds quiver.
Peter S. Quinn

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Poems On / About RIVER