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To The River 'Pasig'

To the river they call Pasig
whom my grandpa failed to give it's meaning,
once a mighty provider, lively yet tranquil;
nest of love and childhood dreams.

To the river of my owe
a repose from city saw,
chest of dreams and teardrops too of broken heart from long ago.

To the river they call Pasig
where my wishes all flow through - in paper boat and lilys too
to tell of love so true.
To the river they call Pasig
from childhood 'till I grow
and saw the pain of death and sorrow all, of sheer neglect and cruelty.
To the river they call Pasig
my pain I share with you
whom once a long long time ago I share laughter with you. And may that all should dream and pray
that you may live forever through.
Benjamin Intong

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The Sea Is Very Big

Do not ask me to be the wave of some vast sea.
I can agree though if you promise that the wave of the sea
Will but lose itself in the depths of the ocean and
Return again to the refuge of the childhood river.

I do not want to merge with the sea, for
It is vast, it has too great a pride,
And I am afraid of it.

It is bent on devouring the river
in intoxicated ravenousness, but
I refuse to be its victim: only
I can be its occasional companion
some morning, or,
May even go with it to the far distance
some lazy noon.

Provided it gives me the pledge
That each evening it will restore me to the quiet
River of my childhood, which I have seen
Flowing in my body and soul from birth,

That when I shall watch my river some winter night,
Sitting on its bank, it will fill this river of mine
With a new flood tide.

No oceanic cyclone
Only the soft drip-dropp of dew, like a musical tune,
Making the two 'bakul' branches on the bank
Mildly quiver.

Note: Bakul- A kind of flower tree.
Ahsan Habib

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I Gaze With Marvel At The River

By the river I stand:
Waves amass together
Will ease;
Along the river banks sand
With little ripples
As they please.

How fascinating these
Waves really tease!
Bestowing upon me a quiet
Sense of peace.
As the tension in my
Head release.

Watching with a shiver,
For, I am an avaid believer.
More than life it delivers.

The feeling is mutual.
The river signifies
Something spritual;
Right down below it is

Life form continues to
Mature and grow.
And whilst the river flows.
Who knows
That life holds for us tomorrow.

{ 12/10/2006 }
Istiqur Rahman

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My Daddy The Kern River And Me

When I was just a little girl
My daddy said it's time
To show you where I go to think
on a favorite river of mine.

But first you have to promise me
that no one else will know
Where this secret place is
Where nobody else goes.

We stood upon a rock that lies
just over the roaring white waters.
That's so very hard to get to and
that's why no others bother.

The river, called The Kern River has
always been our favorite spot
To go and think, and enjoy the peace
And we went there quite alot.

Some day I hope to go back to the
river where daddy took me.
And stand upon that same old rock
and dream of how things use to be.

The Kern River holds a memory of
the first man I ever loved.
And now I've found another man that
I am sure was sent from above.

Dianna Nally

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