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Poems On / About RIVER  3/3/2015 8:49:51 PM
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The River of Rivers in Connecticut

There is a great river this side of Stygia
Before one comes to the first black cataracts
And trees that lack the intelligence of trees.

In that river, far this side of Stygia,
The mere flowing of the water is a gayety,
Flashing and flashing in the sun. On its banks,

No shadow walks. The river is fateful,
Like the last one. But there is no ferryman.
He could not bend against its propelling force.

It is not to be seen beneath the appearances
That tell of it. The steeple at Farmington
Stands glistening and Haddam shines and sways.

It is the third commonness with light and air,
A curriculum, a vigor, a local abstraction . . .
Call it, one more, a river, an unnamed flowing,

Space-filled, reflecting the seasons, the folk-lore
Of each of the senses; call it, again and again,
The river that flows nowhere, like a sea.
Wallace Stevens

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The River That Never Runs Dry

The River That Never Runs Dry

You are the river that never runs dry, my friend
I'll go where your river flows
Its soothing and gentle sounds
Heals my wounded soul
Kisses the desires of my heart
A joy that will never last.

Let it flow, river.. let it flow
Until our pens and minds meet halfway
I am your other angel, you said so

Reach out to me,
even if we find ourselves miles apart
I'll be your friend no matter what

Look my way
who cares completely and unconditionally
You can always count on me to be with you
What then is a friend, who made me whole
A river who never runs dry of loving me.

A loving tribute to a dear friend
Meggie Gultiano

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River Niger

Many rivers join up to the River Niger,
As it flows along many West African countries to reach up to the sea;
Port Harcourt will give you the clue because,
The Niger Delta meets up the Atlantic Ocean with love and care.
River Niger has been a lot of benefits to the West African People,
And out of the Niger Delta comes Oil to satisfy Nigerian people!
The Africans have benefited from this oil and the World as well,
And of the routes of the River Niger to settle many people as their homes;
For ths river is very important to us all in Africa and the world over.
Edward Kofi Louis

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I Gaze With Marvel At The River

By the river I stand:
Waves amass together
Will ease;
Along the river banks sand
With little ripples
As they please.

How fascinating these
Waves really tease!
Bestowing upon me a quiet
Sense of peace.
As the tension in my
Head release.

Watching with a shiver,
For, I am an avaid believer.
More than life it delivers.

The feeling is mutual.
The river signifies
Something spritual;
Right down below it is

Life form continues to
Mature and grow.
And whilst the river flows.
Who knows
That life holds for us tomorrow.

{ 12/10/2006 }
Istiqur Rahman

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