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Poems On / About RIVER  12/22/2014 2:25:38 AM
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River Niger

Many rivers join up to the River Niger,
As it flows along many West African countries to reach up to the sea;
Port Harcourt will give you the clue because,
The Niger Delta meets up the Atlantic Ocean with love and care.
River Niger has been a lot of benefits to the West African People,
And out of the Niger Delta comes Oil to satisfy Nigerian people!
The Africans have benefited from this oil and the World as well,
And of the routes of the River Niger to settle many people as their homes;
For ths river is very important to us all in Africa and the world over.
Edward Kofi Louis

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(((Green River Valley)))

Your face 'tis mirrored in the river-
Along its banks where moss and algae grow-
Shadows of the dark forests unfold slowly-
'Neath the lemon moon- your reflection- simply glows;

Evening has locked its ebony blanket in-
'Cross the rivers green-gardened theme-
Fireflies flutter their brillance and gossemer wings-
While the river unfolds unfathomnable things;

In the valley under the mountains spires-
The zenith touches the skies broken white clouds-
And the fireflies- now even in daylight-
Mirror your reflection- in the river so proud;

Oh such divine whispers you share with me-
Cupping my chin in your most loving of hands-
Moving one in a caressed sweep 'cross my cheek-
Oh 'tis magical-this green gardened river land;

Where love n'er can e'er perish...
As 'tis strong water-'tis strong as death-
Reflections carry on our love song-
That seeps from your fervant and longing breath;

Theodora (Theo) Onken

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My Life Is Like a River

The surface is calm, smooth and glassy,
Beauty reflected therein
An occasional ripple, or eddy,
Betrays the stillness and calm

Follow the river a while, for the eddies
Enlarge further on;
Twisting & turning, now restless,
They leap over log, fern and stone

The valley is wider, and deeper,
The river is roaring in pain
Currents confused and pulsating,
Thrashing and foaming in vain.

The cliff face is yawning & threatening,
The river is wild in its' rage;
And now, in reckless abandon,
It hurtles as it's done for an age

Right over the cliff, and onto the rocks
Where it knocks itself senseless to pain;
Now the river is curled in a pool far below,
Relieved and released from the strain

'Lord I'm ignoring the boundaries
As a river, I'm bursting my banks;
My currents are frothing and foaming
I don't want to stay in the ranks.

I need You to help me, Lord Jesus,
For You calmed the wild, raging sea
I need You to heal me, and bless me
To pour oil on the storms inside me.
Jinge Norvall

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This Must Be One Polluted Waterway

About the Ganges so much I have read
It's the most polluted river it's been said
But I can't comment on something I've not seen
For to India in South Asia I've not been

Polluted rivers are no longer rare
And we breathe in pollution when we breathe the air
And we drink pollution from river and stream
And clean air and water of the past 'twould seem.

Since I have not seen the Ganges I cannot compare
It to streams and rivers I have seen elsewhere
But going by those who know 'sight unseen' one might say
This must be one polluted Waterway.

Still life goes on and wild creatures mate and breed
And duck and moorhen on the river feed
And cormorant hangs her wet wings out to dry
On Ganges bank neath India's sunny sky.

Through hot and humid Northern India to the sea
The mighty Ganges flows eternally
And many who have been to India say
That it's the most polluted Waterway
Francis Duggan

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