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Best Poems About / On RIVER
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A cascade of ices, cold fury
gargling down the Beskids
waiting basket of Baltic,
great span of your lakes
infinite stretch of Mazury-
you, marshal land-giver-
to our lives along banks
into houses and history-
what do you make of us,
God of this river?

Those who would plumb
the crevice dry cracks
fetch in your mystery,
the deep green in you,
River whose currents still
shape us with influence,
run blood in our vein-sinew
wild into your wilderness,
What do you build in us
God of this river?

As we cross the ice packs
winter’s water hidden us
floods and droughts sung
to your rhythm- fit eyes
flicked at the universe,
town’s heart pumps a pulse
just a mere quiver, under
thick ice for so long, what
have you forbidden us.
God of this river?

For us the smart facts, snatch
a glimpse of you from high
bridges across in the rush
cars trams train and bus
fast metros under you
to nest in sky-scrapers
shrinking you down to
a summer’s small slither
our lives blunder through
your slow current’s residue
What thinking, wonder you
pagan God of this River?
John a'Beckett

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Near Where the River Meets The Sea

The river widens and deepens as it nears the ocean and into a huge mass of water does grow
To look at it does hardly seem to be flowing at a snail's pace it does crawl along so slow
For dabbling and diving water birds ideal to live in with plenty fish and other water food to eat
The World is quiet by the high and brown paddocks near where the sea and the river do meet
The grebes, musk duck and black duck, the coot and dusky moorhen
The cormorants, egrets and darters birds shy of children, women and men
The omnivirous silver gulls in freshwater like to wash their feathers and preen
Near to where the river meets the ocean so many waterbirds for to be seen
When you tell me of one who does not love Nature you tell me of one to beauty blind
You tell me of one who is not observant with darkness of soul and of mind
So much beauty there is in Nature her wonders every day I see
On the bank of the slow flowing river a magpie sings on a stringybark tree
So calming for to stand on the brown banks where the river crawls on to the sea
I like billions of others love Nature the mother of the wild and the free.
Francis Duggan

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Travel Haiku - Snake River

Snake River
we twist and turn
to its slithers

Snake River
Hells Canyon looms
to the heavens

Snake River
this hell is cool,
clean and a wondrous treat

The Snake River marks the base of a seemingly bottomless gorge called Hells Canyon, a 7,000-foot deep abyss that is one of nature's grandest achievements. Whether you sign on for three days or five, a rafting trip offers plenty of fun on full-bodied, roller-coaster-style rapids. The Snake's warm, clear water is excellent for swimming and yields pristine sandy beaches you can really dig your toes into. The three-day trip will take you through the upper portion of the canyon and over the two largest rapids. Spend a full five days on the river and the secluded beauty of Hells Canyon will remain eternally etched in your memory.
john tiong chunghoo

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Watching The River Flow

While Sun shines bright
And the Moon is full aglow
That is the time
To sit and watch the river flow.
For that is the time
To write poems in the sand
And also in the mind
To hold a Lady's hand.
Heaven is above us
And Earth is still below
And not a better place to be
But to sit and feel the flow.
Fishes now are swimming
As the birds they do fly
Up and down the river
To where the bullfrogs cry,
Stars are shining bright
And the Moon is all aglow
While sitting beneath the moonlight
Listening to the river flow.
The shivers are going out
For the rivers flowing in
Up and down my life and soul,
Only to begin once again.
Heaven is above us
And the Earth is still below
How I love to sit and wish
And hear the river as it flow.

Randy L. McClave
Randy McClave

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