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Best Poems About / On RIVER
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The Merri In Flood

The old Merri River in flood waters of brown
Is flowing on bank high on by Warrnambool Town
In and out of Lake Pertobe on it's sea going way
To join the Pacific at famed Lady Bay
The old river that is old even in time
That has inspired the poets and songwriters to rhyme
In the age of the dinosaurs the Merri was old
In full flood the river a sight to behold
In Summer by the banks of the river in the shade of the trees
The Indigenous tribes had their corroborees
Like the Seasons of Nature the people come and go
But the river on down through the flat country flow
In and out of Lake Pertobe and on to the sea
The Merri in flood is a great sight to see.
Francis Duggan

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This River

I try to call out for help
but I'm suffocating
in a river of pain and treachery.
I try to call out
as I resurface once again,
but the river engulfs me once more
in it's icy grasp.
It pulls me under and slowly,
oh so slowly, extracts
the life from me.
This River feeds on your will
to keep living.
As I resurface yet again,
in a valient attempt to call out
but it's icy cold hands come forth
from This blood filled River,
yet again to drag me under
to endure the slow agonizing
half life that This River holds.
Heart of Ice Die Die Die

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The River That Flows On and On

In the mist of darkness,
Lies Deep Dark Woods,
Where the river of hatred flows on and on,
The river is dark, it is black
It is filled with sins really so bad,
It has no light, for it gives no light,
It makes the surrounding worse than night,
The people there are worse than monsters,
Never go there; it’s really very dreadful,

Then one day there came a man filled with light,
He wasn’t scared, he was alright,
He went into the Woods so dark,
And saw everything with not even a frightful start
He saw the people, who were really weird,

But still his mind was not filled with fear,
He went to river, he looked at it,
He saw the sins of mankind and sobbed with tears,
He returned home and reported his sighting,
He said it’s because of humans that the river was spoilt,

The people did their best, good not bad,
The woods grew brighter and brought out joys,
It had many visitors, not so spoilt,
The river then flowed with a gleaming light,
It was filled with the goodness of mankind,
And soon the Deep Dark Woods were called the Woods of Light.
Meriam Joseph

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My Life Is Like a River

The surface is calm, smooth and glassy,
Beauty reflected therein
An occasional ripple, or eddy,
Betrays the stillness and calm

Follow the river a while, for the eddies
Enlarge further on;
Twisting & turning, now restless,
They leap over log, fern and stone

The valley is wider, and deeper,
The river is roaring in pain
Currents confused and pulsating,
Thrashing and foaming in vain.

The cliff face is yawning & threatening,
The river is wild in its' rage;
And now, in reckless abandon,
It hurtles as it's done for an age

Right over the cliff, and onto the rocks
Where it knocks itself senseless to pain;
Now the river is curled in a pool far below,
Relieved and released from the strain

'Lord I'm ignoring the boundaries
As a river, I'm bursting my banks;
My currents are frothing and foaming
I don't want to stay in the ranks.

I need You to help me, Lord Jesus,
For You calmed the wild, raging sea
I need You to heal me, and bless me
To pour oil on the storms inside me.
Jinge Norvall

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