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Not The River In Between

The Mighty Mississippi runs between you and me,
There is some unwritten law, the other side I never see,
Like a damsel locked away in a lonely tower,
On my side the river, I counted the hours,

At least that's how it has been for years,
Raised the river crying all those tears,
Like the river love has two sides,
There were things you wanted to hide,

Just left to wonder, I could barely ask,
You letting me know became such a task,
Any plans I braved inquiring of you,
Sent you running off with a job to do,

Parishes of Assumption and Ascension,
Keeping us apart, not the river's intention,
It has always been you who kept us apart,
Always you breaking my heart,

You once spoke of white Tahoes and a place on the river,
As of most things you spoke, you did not deliver,
Now the flame that burned for you is no longer lit,
So don't cross that Sunshine Bridge when you come to it,
Vallerie Lobell

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Yes the Gypsy told me
At the edge of the darkening town:
Leave your tears a minute
Lay aside your frown
Two cups are still standing
Three have fallen down

You must cross the river,
the river, the river
You must cross the river
And leave your past behind
You must cross the river
On the first bridge you can find

Five cups were filled with hope
Then you were bereft

Three cups you know have fallen
But two you see are left

If you stand here weeping
The fourth cup will surely fall
Only one cup will be standing
Then no cups will stand at all

Yes the Gypsy told me
At the edge of a twilight town:

One cup in twilight standing
filled to over flow

So wait us here no longer
And forward we both shall go

To the center of this
twilight town

Where I shall
bestow on you
with great haste at
trumpets sound

My gift that shall astound:

A time of distant days
Will return again as then
Desolation reach an end
And new crown then begin

A kingdom lost now found
I hear the trumpets sound

Isabelle Cooper

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This Must Be One Polluted Waterway

About the Ganges so much I have read
It's the most polluted river it's been said
But I can't comment on something I've not seen
For to India in South Asia I've not been

Polluted rivers are no longer rare
And we breathe in pollution when we breathe the air
And we drink pollution from river and stream
And clean air and water of the past 'twould seem.

Since I have not seen the Ganges I cannot compare
It to streams and rivers I have seen elsewhere
But going by those who know 'sight unseen' one might say
This must be one polluted Waterway.

Still life goes on and wild creatures mate and breed
And duck and moorhen on the river feed
And cormorant hangs her wet wings out to dry
On Ganges bank neath India's sunny sky.

Through hot and humid Northern India to the sea
The mighty Ganges flows eternally
And many who have been to India say
That it's the most polluted Waterway
Francis Duggan

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Can the streams run upto the oceans far?
Can they run along the side of the rivers known?

You were a river and I a stream
Who flowed together once.

Using the sixth sense I read your mind
The one none could read before.
Each line written on your mind
Unveiled a portrait painted never.

You were a river and I a stream..

Aside my failing senses old
Triumphed my sixth sense young.
You, the river got flooded
And I, the stream was drowned.

Denouncing the last reason left you kept even my soul off-
An act someone else could have done.
Each word spoken at my funeral often
Unravelled the mystery of your mind.

Along the side of the river of your ego,
May I flow as a stream entwining you ever in the next life too?

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