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dry river

River of Doom

Sad sight dry river, and twenty years ago it was
three metre deep and had trout. We caught some
with nets and, fried them on a small fire and felt
like cavemen. Delicious fish meat we ate with our
fingers. Every year I have seen the river getting
smaller even in the winter when it rains irregularly,
it is no more than a beck. There is no fish not even
the skeleton of children caught by a wall of water,
when it had been raining upland and into the river.
Their father was arrested it was said he had killed
the children, fed them to the pigs, but for a single
button in the sty they sat him free. Terrible rumors
every summer I see him walking along the dry river,
muttering to himself trying to find his children
oskar hansen

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On Like River

We had such fun
Underneath the sun
But it's done
And time has won

In the ocean beneath
Washing away our feet
Offering my seat
And you go

On like river
Off like hurricane
Oh yeah

And you go
On like river
Off like hurricane
Can you feel my pain?

By the light in me
Helping you to see
Try to believe in me
Cuz, love, you go

On like river
Off like hurricane
Can you feel my pain?

I can't just move on
I just can't faze it out
Oh, no..

I think I'll run away
Nothing left to say
In the light of day
You go

On like river
Off like hurricane
Can you feel my pain?

Lost for words
Following the birds
May seem absurd
Cuz you go

On like river
Off like hurricane..

Please don't leave me
Standing, take me
In your arms..
Pete Rivera

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prayer-River Voyage

My voyage is also
Sometimes, on a river.
The river is gentler.

Here I have time,
As it slowly flows,
To wonder
At the lush vegetation
On its banks.

Sometimes it turns
And my heart pounds
In expectation
Of what is waiting
Round the corner.

I love the river,
Of my prayer
It carries me on
To new vistas.

Sometimes there are
Rapids in my river and
I struggle to come past them.
Yet the river is true to me and
Soon it becomes gentle again.
I can gather strength in its
Gentle flow and peaceful scenery.
Mary Mc Creath

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Life Is A River

Life is a river
It is never the same
What we do know could never be changed
For what we do, we do blind
Not knowing if it would put us in a bind
Learning from our mistakes
Knowing regret
All will come
When we least expect
For a river flows
With such passion and force
We cannot change with our remorse
We will soon see our future unfold
For the good things we did
And the bad will unfold
For life is a river
We cannot change
Only do what we do
And wait for the pain
For soon the river will dry to an end
Unable to fix
Unable to mend
For life is a river
With a passion and force
But soon it will end
And end it course
Peter Salgado

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Poems On / About RIVER