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Best Poems About / On RIVER
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School Memories

Born on the bank my school
Bathed in cool breeze of river Varaha
Fanned dry by coconut groves.
Blessing inside the premises
A seasoned ExamPillaiyar.
Commencement of assembly my voice to lead
Followed by the rest in increased volume
Litanies dispersing the air
Penned the pupils in respective classes
Class-rooms old and new and mine
Holding a Badam tree at its feet
Clothed full of caterpillars
And they creeping inside bit me for a year
Anyway to the bitten me
Flapped colourful wings my teachers
To fly up to catch the Rainbow

Flowed flooded river between home and school
Sharadha though otherwise calm then a gullible fool
Bridge was a round about way
Hasty Sharadha got drowned in great dismay
Pupils assembled for prayer
Then heard a screaming from the river
Sharadha's! Sent atonce the school the peon
Was Sharadha rescued from a mile on
A lesson for everybody
Ashamed Sharadha unable to look at anybody
Needn't have happened to a soft Sharadha
Shy and shivery was the real Sharadha
'Belated for the exam' was her fear
So did she get into the river
Unwilling the bridge-way chose the river-way
Wisdom then failed anyway
Hasty ventures may better be averted
Else may better be alerted
Rosy memories are sometimes thorny
Like Sharadha at times twinging me
Indira Renganathan

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He shall patiently play
him a piano piece a
Sergio fiorentino
And he will
Mimic a Schumann piece

Today he sees him
In full view
Bathing naked
On the river
He is a big man
Like himself
Now he comes
Back to the river
Where they once
Bathed as children
Naked and so
Blessedly innocent

There is malice
Now as he is
Big and muscled
And some black
Hairs decorated
His manhood
His armpits
His thighs
And his

He calls him
To join him
As they were
Once children

To have a river
To cleanse them

“come, come”
we shall have
a bath in this
river of our
vibrant laughter”

he was inviting &

he was excited.

He took off his
Clothes and
Every covering
Of his body
His second
Thoughts and
Taking courage
He jumped
Into the river
Where he
Stood naked,

What he will say
He is prepared
To defend himself

It was him
Who made the
Invitation and
All he did was
Simply to obey.

He promises
There will be no
Regret whatsoever.

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Can the streams run upto the oceans far?
Can they run along the side of the rivers known?

You were a river and I a stream
Who flowed together once.

Using the sixth sense I read your mind
The one none could read before.
Each line written on your mind
Unveiled a portrait painted never.

You were a river and I a stream..

Aside my failing senses old
Triumphed my sixth sense young.
You, the river got flooded
And I, the stream was drowned.

Denouncing the last reason left you kept even my soul off-
An act someone else could have done.
Each word spoken at my funeral often
Unravelled the mystery of your mind.

Along the side of the river of your ego,
May I flow as a stream entwining you ever in the next life too?

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Yes the Gypsy told me
At the edge of the darkening town:
Leave your tears a minute
Lay aside your frown
Two cups are still standing
Three have fallen down

You must cross the river,
the river, the river
You must cross the river
And leave your past behind
You must cross the river
On the first bridge you can find

Five cups were filled with hope
Then you were bereft

Three cups you know have fallen
But two you see are left

If you stand here weeping
The fourth cup will surely fall
Only one cup will be standing
Then no cups will stand at all

Yes the Gypsy told me
At the edge of a twilight town:

One cup in twilight standing
filled to over flow

So wait us here no longer
And forward we both shall go

To the center of this
twilight town

Where I shall
bestow on you
with great haste at
trumpets sound

My gift that shall astound:

A time of distant days
Will return again as then
Desolation reach an end
And new crown then begin

A kingdom lost now found
I hear the trumpets sound

Isabelle Cooper

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