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In The Valley of Light

Beneath the old bridge where the old highway ends
I sat with my feet in the freezing cold river
Where time wears away dear but never mends
It hasn't been long but it seems like forever

Beside Poacher's Pool in the Valley of Light
We lay here and listened to birdsong so pure
In each other's arms dear down here out of sight
In those stolen moments when we were secure

The breezes blow gently that carry you here
Soft under starlight across Linton Lea
The river and I know you'll always be near
Down here where our loving once set us free

The salmon and sea trout lazed there in the pool
Just waiting to break for the up-river heights
Across Linton Lea the world lay before us
But we were too tied then to share in its sights

Those tender red lips I once kissed here are gone
and prettiest brown eyes that I've ever gazed on
They used to be mine by this river-side
Here under the bridge in the Valley of Light

The breezes blow gently that carry you here
Soft under starlight across Linton Lea
The river and I know you'll always be near
Here where our loving once set us free
Here where I dream across Linton Lea

21 12 07
jim hogg

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there is a winding river
beside tall mountains
you must know that we have
crossed this river
ten times already

it is the same river
winding through the banks
of these foggy mountains

the tall cogon grasses
can deceive us and so

are the boulders of rocks
that lie along our paths

we are grasping for air
to reach the highest peak of these range

of mountains and valleys and

at the topmost
there we can see the truth and negate

that we can never step twice
on that same river that winds through the hillsides

snake, boa, venomous circuitous foggy paths
damned, we stepped on the same river more than twice

this is the tenth, and this is the highest peak
the world is nothing but a winding snake.

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Ecce Ancilla Domini.

Behold the Handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to Thy word.'
The Angelus

The bells from St. Mary's still rings in the twilight
though I am a million miles away
from my hometown in which I was raised.

I hear them this early evening,
somehow they ring out this end of day
that falls, lies, then drowns

into the waters off this big city river bridge
where I sit alone,
just thinking

across the river
Ophelia closes her shop
the books standing alone, now
in perfect attention
waiting to be held
waiting to be read

I understand the books

this river's light and its reflections hold me now
and that, that is good
like the light always seems to be
though its passing will silence
the mourning birds
deepening my melancholia
like the waters of this river....

still, for now
the light shines
as the Angelus Bells ring
the light dancing
across the waters of this wide river
(Mars and Venus ascending)

that sameness of light reflects
in the eyes, the smile of Ophelia
who closes the doors
on the books
in the shop
who wait to be held
who wait to be read
who wait to be understood

as we all do
or hope to
before the Angelus Bells
ring us out of our days....
r james sterzinger

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' Emotions, Flowing Down A River... '

Emotions, Flowing Down A River
Now, Who Will Give Her
Desire, To Reach Across The Space
Splash Cold Water In Her Face?

Tragic Tears, Within A Pool
Streaming Hot and Torrent Cruel
Like Acid To The Touch
Hurts Her Hope So Much

Where’s The Rain, Clean and Cold?
Softly Rinse, Seep Into Her Soul
Her Crystal Drops, Dissolved Trust
Flowing Downstream, Far From Us

Emotions, Flowing Down A River
Now, Who Will Deliver
Courage To Reach Across The Space?
She Slaps Away Any Embrace

Can You Go Against Her High Tides?
She Dams Her Own Broken Pride
She Can’t Forget They Took
Her Every Bubbling Brook

She’s Gone Past The River’s Bank
The Strong Currents, Slowly Sank
Drowned The Confused Flood
Drained Her Own Life-Blood …

Emotions, Flowing Down a River
Have Mercy and Forgive her
Who Will Reach Across The Space
And Remember Her Fluid Grace? …

... Flowing, Down A River
MoonBee Canady

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