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The Waterway Known As The The Merri

On the Warrnambool-Koroit countryside a flat landscape as old as time
The waterway known as the Merri that inspired song, story and rhyme
Babbles on it's way to the Pacific every night, day and evening and morn
It has been flowing for thousands of centuries before the first human was born
Long before 'twas given the name of the Merri the old river babbled along
And long before the age of the dinosaur and the first songbird sung it's first song
The old river flowed to saltwater to mix with the incoming tide
The old river that will flow forever through the flat and ancient countryside
To the ancient land of the Merri the Seasons they come and they go
And the waterway babbles forever through the land of the dark pale eyed crow
The first people who hunted and fished here are to be seen here never more
But the old Merri flows on forever on it's way to the Pacific shore
Many people like Mother Nature's Seasons to life they have come and have gone
But the Merri the very old river is destined to keep babbling on.
Francis Duggan

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Holy Ganga

Holy Ganga
The holy river Ganga has a great spiritual value.
It is pious and sacred.
Unaccountable people are running
towards the Ganga River as to fulfill their sacred duties
People in India believe that their ancestors will go direct to the heaven through this holy river.
So they burnt their dead bodies & flow the ashes of their ancestors in the water.
This belief is an ancient one
& people are obeying his belief as the order of the god.
So many people are living in the lap of the Ganga & they are away from their family life.
We called them the saints.
River Ganga is the life line of Indian people.
vijay gupta

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Of the drink, he learned
that there was no bottom
to the glass, just a bottom
to himself which he could
only glimpse in the bottom
of the glass, which was not

If the river were whiskey,
he'd have no need for rivers.
He'd see where land sticks, rivers
turn, and far off shores would call
from where there was no river
for him to come, if he could,
Foster Blaine

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As Time Starts

As time starts a river flows
As the river flows a child cries
As a child cries the tears become a river
As the river is made life starts to grow again

As time starts a tree grows
As trees grow children climb
As children climb the stars shine
As the stars shine a story begins

As time starts a child runs
As a child runs danger chases
As the danger chases death awaits
As death awaits, the death takes you
Isabella Epona

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