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The Good Old Powlett River

The good old Powlett river so very old in time
Has been sketched by famous artists and has inspired the bards to rhyme
From the hills above Kilcunda it flows downland to the sea
Centuries before the first Australians came down to the South Country,
The good old Powlett river will flow down forever more
From the hills above Kilcunda to the great Pacific shore
By the sandhills near saltwater where the surf waves one can hear
The good old Powlett river to my heart is ever dear,
Out of the sunshine by powlett river in the shadows of the trees
Centuries ago the first Australians danced their corroborees
The people like Nature's Seasons to life they come and go
But the good old Powlett river forever it will flow
From the hills above Kilcunda babbling on down to the sea
It will babble on forever century on century.
Francis Duggan

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The Talking River

I hear the river
Words flow down the pebble creek through my heart
Defy my understanding
It comes from unknown source, and
Proceeds to unforeseen destinations
It mirrors everything in my life, and says
It’s okay to make mistake sometimes

River passes us by, and
Flow on to other places
So often I listen to it for a second
Hold the words in the palm of my hands
Before it slips through my fingers
Always the river
Remind me love and hatred has no end

So are words has no limits
I will listen to what you say, and
We listen to the river again
The talking river holds its promise
Its steady flow forgives all blemishes
Its current washes off sinking debris
Cleanse our heart as we listen to it
Grace Lim

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Travel Haiku - Hudson and Champlain's 400th Anniversary (New York State)

my little river haiku
joins hudson and champlain's
400th anniversary celebration

my little river haiku flows
into hudson to cheer up
its 400th anniversary celebrations

my little river haiku flows
10,000 miles into Chronogram
a Hudson Bay magazine

childhood river
so small
it has become

In 1609, a decade before the Mayflower landed in Plymouth, Henry Hudson and Samuel de Champlain explored the northern and southern waterways of what is now New York State, setting the stage for settlement of the Hudson and Champlain valleys. Commemorate the 400th anniversary of their expeditions with events and celebrations spanning the entire state and happening throughout the year, such as the 'Hudson River Panorama: 400 Years' exhibit at the Albany Institute of History & Art, the Circus-in-the-Park Extravaganza in Nyack, or the Cat'n Around Catskill 2009 outdoor art festival.
john tiong chunghoo

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High above the mile high Colorado Rocky mountains,
Anywhere I see, I see the tall cliffs with silver lined snow caps,
The Alpine fir, blue spruce and oak trees abound,
The winter snow is gone, the summer greenery has come to stay.

In and around the trails,
I hear the music of river creek flowing down the hills,
The sparkling clean glacier water sings its own divine tune,
The gentle wind blows over and serenades her with whispering chime.

There are many obstacles in the river's path,
The fallen limbs, boulders and numerous rocks,
The river embraces these hurdles with tender touch,
It embraces, under flows, overflows, still playing its melodious tune.

I walk miles along the river walk,
I try to listen to the joy in the music of the current flowing fast and slow,
Whatever the intricacies and hurdles we face,
We must flow like the river, singing, dancing and living with joy.
Jay P Narain

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