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The River Inside

I stand here still silent amongst you all
Yet within a river I hid while I stand tall
Within a deep stormy rapid river whirls
Carrying my emotions my insides hurls
Crashing water made of my inner tears
Carrying my stresses, hurt and fears
The surrounding rocks slowly in my pain
Are carved deep ground eroded away
And when there’s a sudden influx of pain
My inner river tries to keep it hidden in vain
Then the storm grows, the river does swell
Rushing cracking into the air as inside fell
Releasing the pressure its water must drift
Slowly, it trickles tortured down a vertical cliff
Water falling as jewel petals from a magic rose
These glistening inner tears that nobody knows

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The End

beyond the moon beyond the sun
the light was on the sea and by the
river of love there grew a beautiful

beneath the skies of the world it shone
beside the river wich will forever run
where long the diamond stars have shone
and through the branching years the tree will
survive loves endless tears

in the end evil will come turning all that had life
grey but the tree will stay and the river never dry
away.on this earth it will forever stand even when all
other life has left the land
long will the river flow no matter where the sun will go
Daniel Madden

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Back There By The Old Finnow River

Back there by the old Finnow river the pink breasted male chaffinch sing
And the white breasted dipper sings in the rapids and the first wildflowers of the Spring
Are blooming by the hedgerows and in the sheltered places and new leaves sprout on the deciduous trees
And the old fields becoming much greener and the Wintery chill has left the breeze
On the high fields around Clara mountain the lambs around their mothers play
And the yellow buttercups are blooming by the old rill that babbles it's way
Downhill on it's way to the river the full bloom of Spring it is near
And the small brown wren sings in the hedgerow his voice so melodious and clear,
Back there by the old Finnow river as the lamp of dawn brightens the sky
The brown lark rises up from the rushes and he carols as up he does fly
For to greet the grey dawn of the morning the airborne songster born on the ground
His wife on her grass nest cloaked by the rushes her nest that is hard to be found
Back there where the old Finnow river winds it's way on down towards Dooneen
The wildborn birds they are singing and everywhere is looking so green.
Francis Duggan

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The Waterway Known As The The Merri

On the Warrnambool-Koroit countryside a flat landscape as old as time
The waterway known as the Merri that inspired song, story and rhyme
Babbles on it's way to the Pacific every night, day and evening and morn
It has been flowing for thousands of centuries before the first human was born
Long before 'twas given the name of the Merri the old river babbled along
And long before the age of the dinosaur and the first songbird sung it's first song
The old river flowed to saltwater to mix with the incoming tide
The old river that will flow forever through the flat and ancient countryside
To the ancient land of the Merri the Seasons they come and they go
And the waterway babbles forever through the land of the dark pale eyed crow
The first people who hunted and fished here are to be seen here never more
But the old Merri flows on forever on it's way to the Pacific shore
Many people like Mother Nature's Seasons to life they have come and have gone
But the Merri the very old river is destined to keep babbling on.
Francis Duggan

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