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Poems On / About RIVER  5/31/2016 6:47:48 PM
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Play Your Pipe!

Hey, shepherd! Play your pipe! The sun has woken up. It can comb your hair with its passionate eyes. Do play your pipe to the plants with emerald tongues! Who can count the drops which the soil has drunk? Shepherd! You don't need a white shirt and a tie. This barefooted river is as blue as the sky. It may also steal the sky's silver shine. Hey, shepherd! Play your pipe! The grass may hear and smile. The grass doesn't need a painted mask. Its green sunglasses can look at the sun. Hey, shepherd! Play your pipe! The day hasn't changed for the night. You can find a lost drop in a green-eyed bud. No river needs any boots to run. Play the tune which the curly clouds might have sung! They remind you of the goats making fun.
Anahit Arustamyan

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Can You Identify?

A river flows under my words; zigzag alley /..
None can guess the velocity of the weaves
On the other side of the river high hilly valley
Can you identify the fellow? who lives in the cave?

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Raging Waters

My abode is nothing of a Paris but my own holy crib. Decorated with lockers full of the past. Lockers I have chosen to forget the coms to. The locks not to be removed until maybe someday if I am strong enough but right now I still hug teddy bears and enjoy pink balloons at birthday parties. I have sealed my lips with duct tape never to let you hear the words I am too scared to say. The words that might bridge me across my roaring river thats cutting me off from you. I don't wanna spend the time to build that bridge for it will only fall through. Crack beneath the burden I carry everyday. The secrets I have stuffed in my pockets. The anger I keep hilted to my belt to fire when the river calms and you dare swim across to me. I'll play battleship with you forever. Keep you guessing. Sink your ships while you attempt to find mine. I'll taunt you with squeaky toys, beg you to come here and then dissapear. I'd use all my money to buy your love just so I could cast it away. I'll keep you guessin til you give up. I will drown you in my raging waters.
Heidi Wiggin

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Extent Of Are Your Heart

Extent of are Your heart
I Lineage from the tribe and the River
As large as you
Like the river to the sea...

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Poems On / About RIVER