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School Memories

Born on the bank my school
Bathed in cool breeze of river Varaha
Fanned dry by coconut groves.
Blessing inside the premises
A seasoned ExamPillaiyar.
Commencement of assembly my voice to lead
Followed by the rest in increased volume
Litanies dispersing the air
Penned the pupils in respective classes
Class-rooms old and new and mine
Holding a Badam tree at its feet
Clothed full of caterpillars
And they creeping inside bit me for a year
Anyway to the bitten me
Flapped colourful wings my teachers
To fly up to catch the Rainbow

Flowed flooded river between home and school
Sharadha though otherwise calm then a gullible fool
Bridge was a round about way
Hasty Sharadha got drowned in great dismay
Pupils assembled for prayer
Then heard a screaming from the river
Sharadha's! Sent atonce the school the peon
Was Sharadha rescued from a mile on
A lesson for everybody
Ashamed Sharadha unable to look at anybody
Needn't have happened to a soft Sharadha
Shy and shivery was the real Sharadha
'Belated for the exam' was her fear
So did she get into the river
Unwilling the bridge-way chose the river-way
Wisdom then failed anyway
Hasty ventures may better be averted
Else may better be alerted
Rosy memories are sometimes thorny
Like Sharadha at times twinging me
Indira Renganathan

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Life's River

Life is like a river.
It is faster at some parts
slower at other
but always putting
up a fight.
A fight to bring you down.
Some people allow the
river to take them,
giving up. If you give
up then you'll
have a harder time then ever,
but if you fight the
river, never going under the surface of it,
you will see everything at the
end, clearly for what it is.
Or maybe even in the middle of the
river. Either way,
life is like a river.
Always strong, yet gentle.
It will always test you.
Nichole Herrin

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They both tried.

They both tried -
One tried to teach language
Another tried to teach silence.

She had to say -
How drops of words coalesced to form words
Millions of years from now
When grains of earth coalesced to form stones
Stones became mute stocks of earth's wealth
Word-drops formed rivers in the labyrinth of human hearts
Islands of poems appeared in the horizon
Rivers of words rushing to meet the sea of expression.

He had to say -
How inner world of deepest emotions
Is at loss in the external, precarious world of language
Criss-crossing ripplets of rivers
Erred to speak what lay deeper in the womb of river-beds
As often language falls short of the enormity of silence
'Rivers of words rushing to meet the sea of expression'
To express an expressionless form
Only palpable through eternal communion.

They both tried -
One tried to teach language
Another tried to teach silence.

Whoever spun this web of Language and Silence?

Love smiled.
Nibedita Deb

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The Good Old Powlett River

The good old Powlett river so very old in time
Has been sketched by famous artists and has inspired the bards to rhyme
From the hills above Kilcunda it flows downland to the sea
Centuries before the first Australians came down to the South Country,
The good old Powlett river will flow down forever more
From the hills above Kilcunda to the great Pacific shore
By the sandhills near saltwater where the surf waves one can hear
The good old Powlett river to my heart is ever dear,
Out of the sunshine by powlett river in the shadows of the trees
Centuries ago the first Australians danced their corroborees
The people like Nature's Seasons to life they come and go
But the good old Powlett river forever it will flow
From the hills above Kilcunda babbling on down to the sea
It will babble on forever century on century.
Francis Duggan

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