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A Red Rose For You

A red rose.
A red rose for you.
A red rose for you because I love you.
A red rose for you because I love you and respect you.
A red rose for you because I love you, respect you, and cherish you.
A red rose for you because I love you, respect you, cherish you, and admire you.
I rose for you because I love you, respect you, cherish you, admire you, and want only you!
Miguel Ortega

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The Rose And The Desk

I know that flowers never fall out of open windows by themselves. Especially not at night. But that's beside the point. Anyway, the red rose suddenly lay before my black patent leather shoes in the white snow covering the street. The rose was very dark, like velvet, still slender, not yet unfolded, and without fragrance because of the cold. I took it with me, put it in a small Japanese vase on my desk and went to bed.
I woke up soon afterwards. There was a dim light in the room, not from the moon but from the stars. Inhaling, I felt the perfume of the now warm rose drift over and overheard a whispered conversation. The china rose on the old Viennese ink set was dropping remarks about something. »He doesn't have any taste, any style left,« it said, »not a trace of taste.« Meaning me. »Or else he couldn't possibly have put something like that next to me.« Meaning the live rose.
Hugo von Hofmannsthal

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The Rose

It was their first date. He held her and told her that she was the one he wanted to be with. She smiled and knew he was the one. Just then he pulled out a rose from behind his back then gave it to her. It was the most beautiful rose she had ever seen. She took it and kept it with her always. At their wedding he pulled out another rose, then gave it to her. She felt a tear of happiness fun down her cheek. She took it and said 'I do.' Ten years later she was driving home from work when an on coming car hit the drivers side door, she was rushed to the hospital but It was too late. The husband cried and cried for days and asked God why she was takin away. Was this really her time to go? Why must I hold this pain? I loved her father. Why? ...At her funneral he walked up to her casket and a tear hit the glass. He couldn't believe it and he suddenly wanted to be in there with her to end his pain. Alas he lay the rose on her casket and another tear fell, 'One last rose until I shall join you my love, my life.
Jessica Elizondo

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That Perfect Rose

There is a time and place for a perfect rose
Natures perfect beauty with an elegant pose
Standing high and dry with various colours
Giving out freely exotic odours
Which are adorable to the nose!

And here is how the story goes
That perfect rose has its cons and pros
White rose, pink rose, red rose, yellow rose
A hundred species of beauty and fragrance
Change the World of moods between highs and lows

A rose of beauty
A rose of meaning
A rose of love
A rose of passion and romance
A rose with prickles that tickles

That perfect rose
Can bring you out of your woes
So in the summer bring out your hose
While we wear the scent on our clothes
And with this special rose I propose
As I dare you right now to oppose

Copyright 2013 Sylvia Lovina Chidi
Sylvia Chidi

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