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My rose

The shinning rose of mine,
Comforting when wind brow to it,
Fan me when it is hot,
Is wonderful rose ever seen,
since a time I was born at Mjimwema Street,
No is first time all people are amazing,

I planted it near my door,
Bedroom window warped by it,
Also a lounge and leaving room,
Making me comfortable.

My best friend came yesterday,
To greet my rose was his aim,
He set all moment near my rose,
He proud my rose,
You're so beautiful...! ,
He smell my rose,
I reacted why he stepped toward rose,
In front of my eyes he enjoyed my rose,
The medicine of my heart.

It is not a first time,
My rose shouted,
He hag me a lot of time,
I had no choice than to agree,
`Cos he knows my secret,
What I had done before you plant me here.

I fill bad to share my rose,
Even with my closer friend,
because is my only choice,
No matter what they say,
She is my only rose to shine around me.
Alex Katowo

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The Newer World

Let it rise flaunting all its color,
Let it rise to light up to be brighter,
Let it rise floating slowly in the pacific,
Let it rise sprinkling the gold dust to the aquatic,
Let it rise to extend the hands of love,
Let it rise to implant the hope for life,
Let it rise to dry up the evil that is active,
Let it rise to suck out the water to be positive,
When it rises, our hearts may bombard,
Not our land and our feeble thoughts,
When it rises, the humanity will start to boast,
The enmity will be evicted. Let it rise! !
veeraiyah subbulakshmi

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The Rose

What does the rose mean to me..
The red rose means love, a birthday gift.
The yellow rose brings memories of
a beautiful wedding in June.

A single red rose lying on an American flag
covering the casket of a fallen Marine.
Several red roses given to his granddaughter
after her magnificent ballet performance.

A rose means happiness and sadness.
A rose means accomplishment
After much hard, dedicated work..
A rose means forgive me for what I've done.

A rose means never forget me,
never forget me, never forget me.
A beautiful outdoor wedding filled
with hundreds of red, red roses.

One of God's most beautiful creations
contemplates all possible emotions,
They're everywhere in our great land
From the mountains to the oceans.
The Rose....
Esther Sakakini

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A Black Roses

Roses should smells good
Roses should look beautiful
Roses should make people fall in love
Roses should be very dramatic
for couple who in love

Roses shouldn't look ugly and unpleasant
Roses shouldn't make people feel sad
Roses shouldn't make heartbroken
Roses shouldn't be rude
Roses shouldn't have poison inside

But for Black Roses..
It's really different...
She never said a word..
But when she felt hurt...
No one can stop the poison come out from her mouth
She will make someone who loves her feels hurt

Black Roses...
No one never made mistakes....
I know you feel hurt...
But don't hurt someone who loves you
You are a winner now...
But don't let him feel more depressing with your words
Love him...kiss him... pour him with abundant love...
that i couldn't give...
I believe you can able to do that...

From someone who cares...
Lovely Sunny

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