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Just A Rose.

I'm a rose, but a damaged rose. The winds have torn my peddles and my color has faded. I've broken my stem through these uncontrolable storms, But a rose that has been picked and fiddled with. A rose who has learned to grow it's thorns, but a rose without it's bush.A rose that still has yet to say 'I've survived' this grassless dirt spreaded field.I'm a rose, just a damaged faded rose.
ashley derenda

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Roses for the blond girl who went a little red.
Roses for the lunatic, mind left cold and dead.
Roses for the college girl, with whom I shared the bread.
Roses for the flower girl, and roses for the dead. Roses for all the ones still trapped by jealousy.
Roses for the wiser ones who tried to set me free.
Roses for the ignorant, so they let me be.
Roses for the flower girl, and roses for the sea. Roses for the wishing ones who dream their lives away.
Roses for the shy ones, who just don't know what to say.
Roses for enlightened ones, who help to guide my way.
Roses for the broken hearted, and roses for the prey.
Roses for the ones who understand what is said.
Roses for the flower girl, and roses for the dead.
Roses for the flower girl, and roses for the dead.
Robert Kumpf

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The Disgarded Garden

Their once was a young man who wanted to become a Gardner. There once was a young Rose Tree that wanted a Gardener. They met each other one summer day and began what seemed to be a beautiful relationship. The Gardner was attentive of his garden along with his Rose Tree and the Rose Tree was so happy that its tender branches grew and it bloomed continuously for the Gardner so he’d always be happy.

As time went by the Rose Tree noticed that Gardner wouldn’t tend to her as much as he once did. And when he did he would cut away harshly at the Rose Tree. The Rose Tree being a simple plant who did not need much attention still bloomed for the Gardner. It seemed the more she tried, the more the Gardner would cut away and the tree was now nestled in the ground. Why could this be? He had a bountiful garden that any Gardner would have loved to have. What more could anyone want thought the Rose Tree.

Now in an abandoned garden the Rose Tree grows back its branches, with very thick thorn’s to protect it self. As time goes by one day, out of nowhere appears a Gardener who has silently admired the Rose Tree from outside the garden gates and begins to nurture the Rose Tree in her garden. He tenderly and sympathetically pulls away all the weeds and brush from the Rose Tree so the air, rain & sunshine can reach her again. Allowing her the opportunity to grow back as she once was; vibrant, strong, colorful and to be simply, herself.

This is something the Rose Tree had long forgotten and is very grateful for the loving words of encouragement and kindness that her new Gardner has shown. She longingly awaits for his visits and when the Gardner comes to see her she bloom’s for him and relaxes underneath his beautifully kind smile. My darling Gardner, I am glad fate has brought you to walk along the path leading to the once lost garden and Rose Tree.
Sarah Barron

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My Grandmother Loved All Kinds Of Flowers And Roses

My late grandmother loved all kinds of flowers and all kinds of Roses when she alive a long, long time ago, She took care of all lilacs, daisies, anemones, ...., ...., She grew all kinds of flowers and all kinds of roses On the top of roof of her pretty building, She used to water all these flowers and roses as if She used to take care of her kids, All my late grandmother's neighbors loved her her flowers and her Roses because they smelt fragrant, All neighbors used to come to my late grandmother to ask her Permission to pick some of these pretty flowers and fragrant roses, She cared about all flowers and about all roses, so She had very decorated containers containing pretty flowers and roses Later on all containers of flowers and roses inherited by her grandsons and her granddaughters who took them to their houses.

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