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Wild Roses In The Bush

</></>Wild Roses in the Bush
Wild Roses in the Bush
So soft, so sweet you are,

Wild Roses in the Bush
Wild Roses in the Bush
Climbing the heavenly vine,

Wild Roses in the Bush
Wild Roses in the Bush
Your Smell is worth the Thorns to Have You.
Wild Roses in the Bush.
Linda Franklin

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Rise In Love

Rise in love, ascend towards the heavens
Rise in love and vanquish the world
Rise in love and conquer your fear
Rise in love and enter a state of bliss
Know that your soul has been set on fire
And you shall remain enflamed in the passion
In the want, in the longing, in the yearning
Of that one fleeting gaze, that one hint of a smile
Rise, Rise and Rise
Abdul Samad

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Rise, every broken spirit, rise!
Every wounded heart, beat!
You, who labored hard, rest!
Those aching white teeth, smile!
You, who fought blithe in spirit,
you, who grieved, without beds,
without pillows for your head, rise!

From Jesus, 'Come to me all, you, who are burdened
and I will refresh you. Rise and receive
the Holy Spirit! '

Rise! Rise! Rise!
rose flores rosevoc2

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The Rose

Every rose has their true colours! ? Everyone awaits to find out if its their true destiney to be that colour of that rose? But why does it take so long for that flower to bloom? I guess you will never realise how strong you really are! Everyone laughs at your jokes your magic colour heart of gold but you know your rose.

Every tear of joy the rose grow quicker than you think! Do you know what that rose is really called?
No want me to tell you?
Its your heart!

Every smile, tear, every heart beat, scream means your a true rose that shines brighter than everyone elses!

No matter what you just have to remember your important to everyone but yet your stronger than ever because of your true colours, personality that shines brighter than you think...

Never let your self get the advantage taken of you... Your better person than you think you are the person in charge of every rose that belongs to you.
Jessica Howard

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Poems On / About ROSE