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Sun Rise The Mood Fall

sun rise each morring your a wake each moring
the moon fall dialy but when it become mide night
the moon rise and the sun fall
when moon rise it set a upon your face
the sun glow upon your face with your eyes glow like the ocean
in the moring where didi the moon go
sun rise up when you read for the day to star and
the moon fall down the sun is king
the mood rise once aging when it night
julisw kelley

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I'm His Rose

I was a rose in a garden of many thorns,
Until the day that love was born.
His hand touched my heart, giving me hope,
He picked me up, untying the thorn rope.

I'm his rose whether he knows or not,
I'm his rose because he protects me,
I'm his rose because he set me free.
I'm his rose because he never opened his hand,
I'm his rose because he's the right man.
Adnana Saric

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Black rose

Blooming night suckles the moon,
Small hours seeking to be lenitive,
Born from truth to numb thorns,
Exaggerated is her beauty,
For to nothing you can compare her,

Black rose
she makes me weak at the knees
Black rose,
she smells like my last day
black rose
she tastes like my anguish

Daughter of the dark, she wrote her name,
with sable heart, ruptured agony,
shimmers bright her proud lips,
exaggerated is her glory,
for mercy could be her middle name.

black rose
she makes me cry out her name
black rose
she feels like my first orgasm
black rose
she will never be in love with me
Reshma Ramesh

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A Lonely Black Rose

A lonely Black Rose

There is a black rose
she is very lonely

if only
someone would come
and spend time with the rose

She lives in nowhere
where cars drive by
never stop

Will someone spend time with the Black Rose?

Can anyone change this dark, black rose to a light, white rose? ?

will somebody hear her cry?

somebody please hear her cry!
Kait Bebelheimer

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