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Black rose

Blooming night suckles the moon,
Small hours seeking to be lenitive,
Born from truth to numb thorns,
Exaggerated is her beauty,
For to nothing you can compare her,

Black rose
she makes me weak at the knees
Black rose,
she smells like my last day
black rose
she tastes like my anguish

Daughter of the dark, she wrote her name,
with sable heart, ruptured agony,
shimmers bright her proud lips,
exaggerated is her glory,
for mercy could be her middle name.

black rose
she makes me cry out her name
black rose
she feels like my first orgasm
black rose
she will never be in love with me
Reshma Ramesh

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The wind rose, the sea rose
A wave rose on the sea,
It sang the mournful singing
Of a sad centenary;

It sang the song of an old man
Whose heart had died of grief,
Whose soul had dried and withered
At the falling of the leaf.

It sang the song of a young man
Whose heart had died of pain
When Spring was black and withered
And the winter come again.

The wind rose, the sea rose
A wave rose on the sea
Swelled with the mournful singing
Of a sad centenary.
Joseph Mary Plunkett

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to a rose

a rose
for whatever reason
may change
its name

its petals
could be hurt
its sepals

a rose can hide
beside her

it is hurt
and it can

a rose
how can it
prevent it?

rose is always
a part
of my

for whatever reason
that it changes its

a rose will
always be
a rose
to me

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Sun Rise The Mood Fall

sun rise each morring your a wake each moring
the moon fall dialy but when it become mide night
the moon rise and the sun fall
when moon rise it set a upon your face
the sun glow upon your face with your eyes glow like the ocean
in the moring where didi the moon go
sun rise up when you read for the day to star and
the moon fall down the sun is king
the mood rise once aging when it night
julisw kelley

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