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Rose Is A Rose

Rose is a rose- said an english dramatist;
Every Mortals mind create its own quote for the say-
Rose is beauty when it is ornamented - a mind
Rose is queen of flowers - an another mind
Rose is a rose at all times though it wither- a thousand folks mind

What me the pagan gives?
Let the rose be a rose forever-
Never try to own the rose - love it;
Rose is beauty, queen of flower and a mortal flower has immortal values-
All the qualities will be degraded when it is molested.

We the people of earth has a mind to own or to disturb;
you young parenteers teach your child-
Not to disturb the garden flower, a caged animal, a vulnerable human;
Inhuman starts where there is owning and disturbing mind-
A child should earn his rose and should never force-

Be a human or call your Hades and surrender;
Human is more than a GOD - nature
Gaia, the mother, can make and also quell- beware mortals;
Be a human or call your Hades and surrender;
Let the rose be a rose forever......
Maravan Shelley

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Red Rose

A red rose is so sweet and so delicate,
A red rose is always so bright and glimmering with red,
A red rose has always grown so gracefully,
and always before the end of the rose's life it starts to wilt,
but why does it wilt with no life left,
is the rose sad to leave the beautiful earth it grew on,
or just sad to live so short.

A red rose so wilted and dead,
A red rose is now dull, blackish, red,
A red rose that had died without dread,
A red rose that has left without a good bye or farewell,
and always so quiet and peaceful,
A red rose, farewell to you.
sarah bishop

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One Flower Grows, One Dies

that rose that grows is surrounded by the suns light, glowing
that rose grows, while my rose dies
my beautiful rose
with the smell of a million roses together
not the store bought roses that just smell like plastic and chemicals
no, the natural smell that i wish i could keep forever
she was my rose, she was the rose that died
and she is the one growing for another one
my flower dies, and the other one grew
not for me, but for you.
sarah rabago

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Red Rose

Red Rose Red Rose
Which is a sweet scent to the nose
So soft and smooth
It makes my heart move
Red Rose Red Rose
Which makes a good pose
That I like to hold
Red Rose Red Rose
Which the wind blows
As each day goes
Red Rose Red Rose
Which grows and grows
It's my favorite kind
That it sooths the mind
Red Rose Red Rose
That it helps sooth my soul
Eve Anderson

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