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Once More I Rise

Once more I rise
My eyes, my lungs filled with the dust
Of the arena floor

You are too strong, my worthy foe

The crowd clamors for blood
My blood
As once more I rise
This last time
Before I fall, finally and forever

But I do not rise for you
No, not for you
Nor certainly for the pleasure of jeering voices
Fomenting hate, though they know not whom
They so despise

But, in a way, I die for them
I represent their dark souls
In my disgrace, I somehow give them hope
Hope that they too may someday vanquish
Their enemies

But I do not choose to rise for them
And I most certainly do not rise for you,
Although, you are worthy
Of this, my final stand
And a chance to prove
The full strength of your hand

No, I do not rise for you but
For myself
My pride mostly
Which is all that remains of this miserable life:
Pride in the one I had hoped to become
Victor in this dark arena

And so, as I rise
It is only pride that rises
And only pride that will fall
The rest of who I am or ever was or ever hoped to be
Still lies buried in the dust
Nevermore to rise
Hm. Nes

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Come Back my Rose

I am reading the death of a
One say your rose has gone,
Two denied it's back with
Three come to claim with its blame,
No-one has seen what i see,
When I miss One tells me I am
in a mess,
I tried to go but Two assure it
don't flee,
I began to think if it was a
A loss to miss who never tries
to feel,
Three came to say who dare to
claim without a feel,
A rose is a rose everyday and
every night,
The rose is a rose and was
always a rose,
So, , theory now goes to spread
the light,
The dear only knows what
will next prove a rose,
I want to say but no-one to
The death had gone and the
Red has become,
So, , come back my rose from
wherever you have gone, ,
john nabeeh nmr

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Love Song of Rasheed the Mad Cap

Praise to thee great Allah,
For carving my beloved
Pure as the sand of Mecca,
Rarer than the rose rarest.

But Allah,
Why you make her princess
Beyond reach of servant Rasheed?

The suitors are at the palace gate
Hankering after my love-bird.
Her father the Khaleef
Hath proclaimed-
Let eet bee
Who touches the rose tree
The one she marree.

How great you are Allah,
The fat prince of Persia
Fed on lard is passing
Touching not the rose tree.

Hurray Bismillah,
The Nawab of Nokredeet
Has his eyes on the balcony
His hands on the box he carree,
He touches not the rose tree.

Marches Ahmed, prince of 7 palaces
Missing the rose tree
By an isle & 14 torches,
O merciful father of horses.

& Zanab Tak-i-Wauk
Takes his walk
Right past the rose tree
O lover of the love famished

With each suitor passing
Touching not the rose tree,
My beloved blushes
Hoping it will be mee,

Guide me then
With hands of strategee,
To the rose tree the rose tree.
G. S. Sharat Chandra

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I Will Rise

Suffocated with pain, drowning in sorrow
But I refuse to die,
Exhausted from chasing, beaten with harshness
But I refuse to die
Blind folded with bitterness, scratched with anguish
But I refuse to give in!

A day is coming when joy will be my portion,
And I will rise
A day is coming when I shall be soothed,
And I will rise
A day is coming when triumph is all my heart will know
And I will rise

I will rise to sing a new song
I will rise to dance to a new tune
I will rise to surrender to another love
I will rise to see the new Horizon
I will rise to celebrate a new dawn
I will rise to watch my pain disappear in the dark
Achieng' Ochieng'

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