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Rise, Rise, Rise, O Men

Rise, rise, rise, O men
You are to rise anyhow
From this darkest region
Feel not yourself helpless
O men, rise, rise, rise
And see the new sunrise
Hear the cuckoos's coo coo
And rise, at this time of
Cosmic annihilation and
Remember you are not anyway
Hampered by inferior cycle
Of birth maintenance and destruction.
gajanan mishra

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A Crumpled Rose

Beautiful flower, growing healthy, its cruel power can leave people wealthy in minutes.
Greedy souls use such a poor thing, such fouls broght upon it sting so much.
A delicate rose, just a bud, forced to doze where things go thud in the night. frightened.
A dead beauty, lying in a heap, it's fruity scent forever to keep, in a bottle.
A crumpled rose, crumpled rose.
How dare thy Monster take the life of such a helpless thing?
Roses are crumpled before the hate of a human, yet symbolize a human's love.
Ironic. What a nice way to repay such a generous gift.
If we should continue in such a careless way, what should we do when fate steps in our way?
Roses don't grow on trees.
They won't last the rest of eternity.
So what then?
We realize that what we take for granted won't last? But then what?
A crumpled rose, scared and dying, crying. A crumpled rose.
A crumpled rose.
Kate Ecker

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A Rose Doth Be But What A Rose Doth Be.

That flowering petal is the flag to a nose...
It's signal's is it's beautiful but uncommon sense of one lone single rose.

Leaves often than naught fall all due to a lifely end...
This lone rose does often wilt and fall and likely bend.

A rose cannot fight off and fend for itself but yet, without it's only, lonely thorn...
A rose is always planted-To never be born.

A rose's beauty is only matched by a nature's lonely girl...
When'st in full bloom-T'will thrill to all it's full beautied, viewable unfurl.

Why be it this my sweety doth love the beauty of this one lonely rose
so much? ...
This one lone rose's beauty is only surpassed by a smell and it's well softened petal's touch.

Doth be a diamond as a girl's best friend? ...
Only doth a rose doth one truely knows.

This fact be known only 'til time's eternal timely unexpected arrival
and decidedly unexpected end.
Michael Gale

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O, , Rachel, , , rise on, , , and come to lay the hand of yours in the hand of mine to feel by the smoothness of yours, , , , forever.
O, , Rachel, , , rise to the fancier man, , , let hem snatch you to the firmament, , , wherein the freedom , , , wherein mine and yours, , , solely, , , to renounce you, , , never.
O, , Rachel, , , rise to the manliness, , , whom none femininity hath seen! ! ! but Rachel, , , the liking, , , ours, and fancy our cover.
O, , Rachel, , , Rise and dance, , , the bride dancing, , , whom loved passionately her hero, , , her man, , , so keep your lover.
O, , Rachel, , , Rise to me and chant and sing, , , the song of love and the first meeting, , , oh I love the yodel of yours, , , and all yours, , , however.
O, , Rachel, , , Rise, , , rise and let us walk on the cloud, me and you merely , , , and the love, , , and the fondness above, , , hover.
O, , Rachel, , , Rise, , , and let my hands carry you, , , and run, , , or flee, , , and turn tail to the mankind.
Ohhhh, , , if only you are MINA.

February 14,2009
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Hussein Tallaa

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