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Rise Again, Manny!

Rise, Manny, rise!
Be proud and be brave.
You're still my boxing hero,
A pride to every Filipino.

Rise, Manny, rise!
Hold your head high.
The world is talking about you,
No wonder people still love you.

Rise, Manny, rise!
Make another fight if you want.
But please, be careful next time.
Don't let a lucky punch knocks you out.

Rise, Manny, rise!
Those fools can say whatever...
And in this battle of life,
'Never Say Never.'

Rise again, Manny!
Alon Calinao Dy

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My Loss

IN the world was one green nook I knew,
Full of roses, roses red and white,
Reddest roses summer ever grew,
Whitest roses ever pearled with dew;
And their sweetness was beyond delight,
Was all love's delight.

Wheresoever in the world I went,
Roses were; for in my heart I took
Blow and blossom and bewildering scent;
Roses never with the summer spent,
Roses always ripening in that nook,
Love's far summer nook.

In the world a soddened plot I know
Blackening in this chill and misty air,
Set with shivering bushes in a row,
One by one the last leaves letting go:
Wheresoe'er I turn I shall be there,
Always sighing there.

Ah, my folly! Ah, my loss, my pain!
Dead, my roses that can blow no more!
Wherefore looked I on our nook again?
Wherefore went I after autumn's rain,
Where the summer roses bloomed before,
Bloomed so sweet before?
Augusta Davies Webster

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Once More I Rise

Once more I rise
My eyes, my lungs filled with the dust
Of the arena floor

You are too strong, my worthy foe

The crowd clamors for blood
My blood
As once more I rise
This last time
Before I fall, finally and forever

But I do not rise for you
No, not for you
Nor certainly for the pleasure of jeering voices
Fomenting hate, though they know not whom
They so despise

But, in a way, I die for them
I represent their dark souls
In my disgrace, I somehow give them hope
Hope that they too may someday vanquish
Their enemies

But I do not choose to rise for them
And I most certainly do not rise for you,
Although, you are worthy
Of this, my final stand
And a chance to prove
The full strength of your hand

No, I do not rise for you but
For myself
My pride mostly
Which is all that remains of this miserable life:
Pride in the one I had hoped to become
Victor in this dark arena

And so, as I rise
It is only pride that rises
And only pride that will fall
The rest of who I am or ever was or ever hoped to be
Still lies buried in the dust
Nevermore to rise
Hm. Nes

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Come Back my Rose

I am reading the death of a
One say your rose has gone,
Two denied it's back with
Three come to claim with its blame,
No-one has seen what i see,
When I miss One tells me I am
in a mess,
I tried to go but Two assure it
don't flee,
I began to think if it was a
A loss to miss who never tries
to feel,
Three came to say who dare to
claim without a feel,
A rose is a rose everyday and
every night,
The rose is a rose and was
always a rose,
So, , theory now goes to spread
the light,
The dear only knows what
will next prove a rose,
I want to say but no-one to
The death had gone and the
Red has become,
So, , come back my rose from
wherever you have gone, ,
john nabeeh nmr

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