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Spring, the rose turns golden.
Summer, the rose turns scarlet.
Fall, the rose turns ashen.
Winter, the rose turns ebony.

The roses beauty is stunning
in spring and summer.
The rose is dismal
when fall and winter come.

The rose never lives long.
It turns from a tender-hearted color
into an unfriendly color.

We want the rose to remain,
but when the final rose of fall
turns black,
love will never come back.
Genevieve Lilith Vesta

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My Loss

IN the world was one green nook I knew,
Full of roses, roses red and white,
Reddest roses summer ever grew,
Whitest roses ever pearled with dew;
And their sweetness was beyond delight,
Was all love's delight.

Wheresoever in the world I went,
Roses were; for in my heart I took
Blow and blossom and bewildering scent;
Roses never with the summer spent,
Roses always ripening in that nook,
Love's far summer nook.

In the world a soddened plot I know
Blackening in this chill and misty air,
Set with shivering bushes in a row,
One by one the last leaves letting go:
Wheresoe'er I turn I shall be there,
Always sighing there.

Ah, my folly! Ah, my loss, my pain!
Dead, my roses that can blow no more!
Wherefore looked I on our nook again?
Wherefore went I after autumn's rain,
Where the summer roses bloomed before,
Bloomed so sweet before?
Augusta Davies Webster

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Bed of Roses

Upon a Bed of Roses,
My Love is in wait for you.

Upon a Bed of Roses,
It shall stay for eternity

Upon a Bed of Roses,
Im living for you.

Upon a Bed of Roses,
I bask in your serenity,

Upon a Bed of Roses,
Lying, like a lost flower,

Upon a Bed of Roses,
My eternal Love waits to be found.

Upon a Bed of Roses,
I wait, hour upon hour,

Upon a Bed of Roses,
I wait to hear the sound.

Of your Love,
That I awoke for.

Upon a Bed of Roses,
I wish to be with you, Forever

Michael Koelliker

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''The Rose''

The unravel beauty and mysticism of rose
shows how elegantly
rose touch our lives,
with their
vibrant colors and tender petals.
With todays fast-paced life-style,
the presence of one single rose
trigger happy emotion.
Rose, heighten the feeling of life satisfaction
affect relationship in positive manner.
Everyone smile upon
receiving flowers,
as these demonstrate
extraordinary delight and happiness.
Roses, an immediate impact on happiness.
Roses, the best medium to convey and
express your feeling
Roses, make intimate connection.
Roses, as its presence
increase the contact with friends and loved ones.
Roses are close to my HEART.
seemakhera (Aanamika 805)

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