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Red Rose Destitute Prostitute

Rose has the reddest hair I've seen...
Rose is a prostitute of high repute....
Rose smiles and all your thorns fall off
along with your shoes..............................
Rose and I get along real swell not like
you think....
Rose lives on the streets as well...being as
she is actually she has as many as tree
or four homes a day.
Rose did not show up for her doctors appointment.....
Rose was found in an empty lot with her bush
lopped off.
Rose was destitute when found she was sent off on
what we call the gravy train to every where
rose was cremated under tarp then bailed out.
Cigar Aficionado

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White Roses

You sent me a white rose when we met.
For the white rose stood for a love pure and true.
But the petals of the rose has turned grey and fallen
Like your love for me
So send no more roses send only the thorns,
For that I will understand, I can hold close
To a heart battered and torn,
So send no more roses send only the thorns
My face will no longer glow
My heart will no longer beat for a love long ago
So send no more roses send only the thorns,
For like the rose I have turned grey and fallen,
From a love not true,
Send only the thorns, for white roses are for those
Who still believe,
White roses are for hearts not battered and torn..
Brenda D. Priest

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Rise Again, Manny!

Rise, Manny, rise!
Be proud and be brave.
You're still my boxing hero,
A pride to every Filipino.

Rise, Manny, rise!
Hold your head high.
The world is talking about you,
No wonder people still love you.

Rise, Manny, rise!
Make another fight if you want.
But please, be careful next time.
Don't let a lucky punch knocks you out.

Rise, Manny, rise!
Those fools can say whatever...
And in this battle of life,
'Never Say Never.'

Rise again, Manny!
Alon Calinao Dy

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Still i rise to fame,
trying to escape the pain that i've
Hold my head high trying to forget
the painful days,
The days that i've lost all just
trying to get to a better place,

Still i rise to fame,
Still i'm trying to write my name
on the book of fame,
Though sometimes i fail but still i
try my best to rise up and stand on
the world stage,
probably get out of this cage and
rise up fame.

Still i rise to fame,
with the world giving me a clean
Giving me a chance to write
I couldnt write about my pain,
remember what i said about a
clean page?

Still i rise to fame,
with the world as my stage,
and life as a well written but
undiscovered play,
i rise to fame,
While trying to figure out this
While trying to familiarise my self
with this world stage.

Still i'm going to rise to fame,
Despite all my pain and fails,
I rise above all the hate,
Stand tall with a smile on my face,
'Cause My past is not what my
future holds.
Lesego Tsiu

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