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Your Rose

This rose has been plucked from its place
It now stands where it's master hastes

It travels by its masters side
From dusk till dawn on an unseen ride

It's masters tries to mould this rose
And waits upon it to be fully grown

Holding it close and feeding it with love
This rose enjoys love more than most

Time passes and master ages
And his rose surprisingly outlasts many stages

Though shes frail and her petals are shaded
The love for her master has not yet faded

And on one late afternoon when master ceases
His rose by his side falls to pieces
Pondering6649 Ponder

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The blood rose

as the stem life flow
the ever changing rose dies
as it is filled with fearful woe
in a soiled earth it restlessly lies

for when it shall rise
It has taken on a different path.
in which to everything shall be a surprise.
so now the rose has now come back as wrath

as it seeks a lighter way.
the rose knows naught but anger and fear
that is will have to go with fates play
as the play draws to a close a happier rose draws near.
lochlan packer

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Closed Rose

The simplicity of thy rose
Is shown
When thy rose is closed
But when thy rose opens up to those
The simplicity of thy rose is closed
For you can see inside of thee
Is blooming into beauty
Soon thy rose will wilter
And be frail and close.
Paige Down

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I was willing to move far away
but you found someone new
so now here I stay

Even though you're 5,000 miles North
i wouldnt care,
just call me, and I'd come forth

Now you have found someone new
my blood rushed
and I quickly turned blue

Our love was like a Rose
once so happy and rich
but ike my big sister says
life is a bitch

Our Rose now is dead and gone
even though this happened
I hope your new Rose lasts long

Like i said,
our Rose is dead and gone
but i keep this dead Rose
because my love for you still goes on
Jonathan Young

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Poems On / About ROSE