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The red rose is a falcon,
The white rose is a dove.
A red rose speaks of passsion,
A white rose wispers of love.

So I send you a white rose,
With a kiss of red.
To symbolize a love,
That is passionate, and pure.
Cherokee Lady

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I suffer because I chose to love

Little roses that
Fight through a cold night
To bloom in the morning,
Die at the
Altar of a smile.

Do I blame the boy
Who killed a rose
To gift his girl?

Do I blame the girl
Who blushed and smiled
And gleefully kissed him back
When he went down on his knees
With a rose in his hand?

Do I blame the fate?
Do I blame the weight
Of unspoken dreams the little rose
Bore on its back
waiting for the sun to rise?
chelliah pandian

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Blue Roses

The pains of love are evident
from the buttonholes I see.
They are always adorned
with blue roses.

The smiles have disappeared,
sadness glows in their eyes
and always there to see
are blue roses.

Blue Roses and the ache in their heart.
Blue roses and sadness they cannot conceal.
Blue roses the colour of their day
now that love has gone astray.

6 October 2011
David Harris

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100 roses,
Is what I have delivered,
100 roses,
will not be last thing you have remembered.

Because I have more to deliver,
So thats more roses you can remember,
But your worth more than can ever give you,
To give love is not an issue.

100 roses I send because I miss you,
And I love you,
Here's some more of my roses.
Eddie Levert Smith

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