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My Forest

I always dreamed of a forest..my home, the creatures that dwelled there were my friends and family, the trees were my memories, I always dreamed i was a wolf living the life i had, but in my forest there was only one rose bush...my heart, little by little the roses begin to die except one, that one i take most dear to me, My forest seems to be losing its light, its getting darker, the cold is getting worse, the creatures are nowhere to be seen, the trees are dying, the roses are gone except one..........its dark, am alone.
Paul Chavarria

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Perfect Symphony

As I kiss you both soft and deeper so passionate getting stronger your skin feels soft and hot as breathing quickens moaning escalating chest rising body quivering as my hand continues to travel over your skin slips between your thighs influencing manipulating persuading as your breath quickens moaning intensifying excitement rises as my hardness meets your softness hips thrusting plunging back and forth harder and softer faster and slower deeper and deeper heat rises sweat pouring bodies sticking like a symphony perfect in tune moving as a union
Thuto Mohale

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Awake The Storm

We burn within the measure of a single heartbeat, marking the passing whisper of each breath as (in this moment, this instant frozen in time) our spirits rise into a midnight storm and our bodies become as racing rapids, refreshed and alive (life, the fuel on which this fire feeds) : with rising storm's surge our raging river breaks its banks, drowning out the lower places from where we rose as one. Now all lies still within this timeless place and we are at peace within the quiet of our sated hearts - bathed in gentle moonlight, covered only by the velvet cloak of night.
Kevin Moore

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All Flowers And All Roses

These pretty flowers and Those wonderful roses expose themselves To those pretty sun's beams everyday... They get their pretty portion of That pretty sun just to make Pretty necks move this way and that way... When I look at all these flowers and all those roses, I feel like I am in front of pretty faces... I stare at all flowers and at all roses Just to replenish my eye-sighting anytime... ______________________________________________________________________

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Poems On / About ROSE