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Inside A Rose

Inside a rose there is beauty.
You can’t even take your eyes off.
Inside a rose there is forgiveness
It says thank you as a gift.
Inside a rose is celebration.
Received on special occasions
Inside a rose is love.
To give to the one you really care about.
Inside a rose is many.
Inside a rose are meanings that could mean so much.
Inside a rose there’s you.
Something great and might even change the world.
Tamari Streeter

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Ten Roses

For every tear you cry,
I cry a hundred thousand more,

I'll give you ten roses,
For everything you're fighting for.

The first will be a red rose,
For courage and for health,

The second a bright yellow rose,
For gaining all life's wealth,

The third will be a soft pink rose,
So you may be happy in love,

The fourth will be a white rose,
Brought by a turtledove,

The fifth will be an orange rose,
To give you back your fire,

The sixth will be a deep pink rose,
So you may have what you desire,

The seventh will be a coral rose,
To gain you many friends,

The eighth will be a purple rose,
To guide you through life's bends,

The ninth will be a pale yellow rose,
To give you hope to try,

The tenth will be a black rose,
So you can mourn me when I die.

I have to leave my dearest friend,
But may the roses last you til my end,

I'm sorry I could not say goodbye,
Though ten roses I leave by your side.

I leave you with a kiss,
Along with these rose flowers,

I know I will be missed,
But I pray the roses will give you power,

Power to go on my love,
Power to be strong,

Power to get over me,
And let your life carry on
Ruth warren

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My Rose

The shinning rose of mine,
Comforting when wind brow to it,
Fan me when it is hot,
Is wonderful rose ever seen,
since a time I was born at Mjimwema Street,
No is first time all people are amazing,

I planted it near my door,
Bedroom window warped by it,
Also a lounge and leaving room,
Making me comfortable.

My best friend came yesterday,
To greet my rose was his aim,
He set all moment near my rose,
He proud my rose,
You're so beautiful...! ,
He smell my rose,
I reacted why he stepped toward rose,
In front of my eyes he enjoyed my rose,
The medicine of my heart.

It is not a first time,
My rose shouted,
He hag me a lot of time,
I had no choice than to agree,
`Cos he knows my secret,
What I had done before you plant me here.

I fill bad to share my rose,
Even with my closer friend,
because is my only choice,
No matter what they say,
She is my only rose to shine around me.
Alex Katowo

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Rose Love

With the bouquet of red roses,
I was standing in the desolate alley of my life,
My unkempt hair and untidy looks did not bother me,
My eyes were waiting to see you for the first time.

My dreams were composing you with red roses,
your face would be as cheerful as the rose blossom,
your lips would be red like the rose petals,
you would be tender and lovely as the rose itself,
your body fragrance would will fill the air with the scent of roses.

I saw your shadow coming close to me in dark,
your presence lighted the darkness in my heart,
you accepted the bouquet with thanks and smile,
I was all exalted and floating in my love paradise.

Our meeting lasted for a short while,
your laughter and smile filled my heart with joy,
you handed me a rose with the stem,
as the parting gift for remembrance.
The beautiful rose looked so pretty in my room,
It filled my heart with the sunshine of love and happiness.

Many days and nights have followed each other since then,
I have not heard from my lovely lady of rose for a while,
the wait for phone calls have been eternally long,
the rose has withered and lost its spirit,
The scattered rose petals on the floor,
reminds me of the remnants of my vanishing love.
Jay P Narain

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