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Roses In Heaven

Beautiful red, pink, yellow and white roses, They all say 'I love you'The thorns on the bush remind us that mistakes need forgiveness too.Red roses tell of god's beauty, that often thrills my soul.The yellow, whispers of his love, Chasing away sadness, and making us whole.The pink is for the blush in my cheeks, When laughter chases the blues away.The white tells of his forgiveness, We'll share together each day.If roses grow in heaven, lord, please pick a bunch for me.Place them in my loved one's arms and tell them, They're from me.Tell them that i love and miss them, and when they turn to smile, Place a kiss upon their cheek and hold them for a while.Because remembering them is easy, I do it everyday.But there's an ache within my heart, that will never go away.........
Juan Maldonado

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Blackend Rose

My heart started out as A red rosebud.With love, and happiness it bloomed.It was as red as blood.Pure, and true.I put all my trust in you.'What did I do? 'Why could'nt you love me the way that I loved you? 'With every hit from your fist my rose started to wilt.Fight after fight.Night after night my red rose blackend.This is tragic, and sad that the man I loved had to be so bad.I learned A lesson in loving you.The next man I love will be pure, and true.HE will heal the wilt with A gentle touch.He will take the blackness by telling me day after day he love's me so much.My rose will be red and bloomed when he is done. For I will forget you.
shonda barnes

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The Black Rose

The illegitimate offspring of passion and desire, that beautiful black rose without a heart, without a soul, that wilts and withers in the dawn with passion's spent desire. Fades and dies in the wake of beauty's decay, for only love's red rose can truly say; 'Dear one I love you now and more than yesterday'. How sweet the kiss that srealeth my breath away. How deep the sleep that kiss bestow, until once more, I hear your sweet voice say, Awake my child, awake, onto the dawning of God's new day. For only Love's Red Rose can truly say, Dear one I love you now and more than yesterday
Kevin Nesbitt

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War With The Countess

War with the Countess: Misseth thy countess, as I flow, as the rivers split cometh my soundless. Drops of pain, connection thy rain as he calls ya shamballa rises this way; rises rises, the doors close though arose the demises. Calleth does king the royal servants, ring doth the birds, as they gather the reefs to chain the thirds. The thirds Oh the thirds. Calleth does he, 'goeth u warriors disperse disperse the grounds belie, round nay after round, as the cells make movement quickly likened to the veins be they bound. Released lions and cattle, one of the other, the laymens forbearer lions claw kilt thy mother when horns to cling and clots to brink brink the fields with soulless bodies visibility now invisible to earth they sink.
Daegonius Bonapartea

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