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A White House

There is an old abandoned house.

I planted a white rose in it's precious soil.

Clouds begin to rain calmly on the peaceful rose.

Its sparkling roots and stems slowly cover the house.

I returned the next day only to see the white rose turn the house into a big, beautifully white rose.
Roshaun Beasley

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~ I Am A Human Rose ~

Perfusive roses; not what a man can give,
But what he can DO.
Sacrifice; the ageless rose,

Human effort, and roses fleet.
Destinys land; roseless man,
Far away he came, roses and flowers, eloquent has no fame.
Dandy leo jr.

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Rose, rose, rose
how come you got
such a beautiful pose?

This is my nature
who gifted me such
a beautiful pose.

Rose, rose, rose,
how come you got
such an attractive color?

The nature with its
care and love gave me
such an attractive color.

Rose, rose, rose,
how come you got
symbol of love?

It is the Valentine
who presented me
to the people
as a symbol of love.

Rose, rose, rose,
how come you got
such a lovely fragrance?

This is the gift I give
back to the nature,
so that every living being
near me would
enjoy and rest in peace.
narendra nath

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Red Rose

Red rose so beautiful Prettiest of all flowers and so cheerful, so nice.
Red rose, ohh how I see you on a summers morning. So beautiful to admire but not to touch.
Red rose ohh how you fill my heart with joy, from just a mere glimps of your sight.
Red rose I can see that your day has come to an end as do all one day. I watch your dry crisp pettels fall down and leave nothing behind.
Back to the ground where you came from to be born again.... Goodbye old friend
patrick reilly

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