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Roses Are Dead

roses are red
violets are blue
roses are dead
so is my love for you

roses were fake
violets too
all you did was take
it was all about you

roses cried
violets hide
you lied
to me you died

dead like the rose
dead like the violet
dead you chose
time to forget
sandy nobody

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We Have Risen

We have risen,
From the shore
Of infinity pleasures,
Sons and daughters,
Brothers, sisters.
All, - and more,
We have risen.
Found each leisure,
Mended each way;
Grown in praise,
In many ways.
We have risen,
Joy has come!
We have risen,
Each root from
Gold that glitters.
Mothers and fathers,
Generations, - and more;
We have risen,
That's for sure!
Peter S. Quinn

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A Rose

A gladly rose crawls his spines against my skin,
no blood, no scratches, just pain and many lies,
petal by petal looses his trade trough faith,
and unwittingly unleashes curses and dead....

A silver rose shines with a weaker glow,
flying among the grass and the silky sky,
drives my mind directly to insanity,
like an expert hunter kills all my ghostes....

so, there is none rose with perfect beauty,
none parfum petals to smell again,
a rose is a rose and pain is pain,
none secrets are hidden between love or hate...
Angel Rodriguez

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Inspired by Issa - A kite rises

a kite rises
twelve young eyes

twelve young eyes
a kite rises
into the sky

in 12 young eyes
a kite and
cear blue sky

twelve young eyes
rising in similar angle
a kite rises

inspired by

a kite rises
slow and easy...
a little village
john tiong chunghoo

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