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For Every Min That Respect Touch Once Heart.

When the sun raise thus for every rose that one see been touch with respect but when one look to the sun thus it's the sun that been fill with respect for who's heart will feel the touch of respect just to look to the sky for one see a bird that been touch with respect but for every min that respect touch once heart.

For where there a rose thus a rose is like being in love but a rose is the angel special rose just to fill once heart with respect for every min that the sun touch a rose for the rose shall fill the beautiful blue sky and yet for the blue moon thus it's the angel of the night but for every min that respect touch the rose of the angel.

Thus where there a warm smile for every warm smile that one see for once eyes shall sparkle in the night when the sunset thus for the blue moon will raise with the light of life yet just to feel the touch of the blue moon is like the touch of a rose that is full of respect and yet for every min that respect touch once heart.

But when one see the blue moon thus the stars will be fill with respect but for every rose that been touch with respect the more one feel the touch of respect the stronger respect shall get for it's the angel that fill the blue moon with respect every moment that one wish the more the blue moon will touch a heart and yet for every min that respect touch once heart.

For every angel that one see is the angel of respect but when one see the blue moon thus every star that one see shall twinkle in once eyes for the touch of respect just to look in the eyes of a angel for who's heart is full of respect but for one who touch a rose shall feel the touch of respect thus for every min that respect touch once heart.
Raymond Sawyer

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They say every rose has its thorn but what they don’t know is that the thorns are hidden. The rose is perfect in every way till you mishandle it and get cut. The cut may heal or it may become festered and be there forever. The rose will die and leave you with this wound. But do you have it in your heart to forgive the rose and move on? Or will you let the wound continue to bleed? If you forgive the rose you can go pick another. Maybe this one won’t let you get cut or it may be just as sharp as the last. You can look at this rose all day. But remember every rose has its thorns. Don’t let this rose cut you.

Jennifer Cramer

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The Black Rose

I've kissed the petal of the black rose as the morning dew blushed its black hue. I felt a passion beyond anything I knew, a flame, a fire, a burning desire for the black rose its petals to unfold, its beauty to behold. Your Love had me entangled upon your vine I dangled, Chained to the black rose petals I wrangled. Upon your bed in the early dew I found a colored rose petal, another heart that throbbed for you a flame that burned now an amber. Who too had thought you true and kissed the black rose petals blushing hue. Those barbed thorns upon your vine; so sharp; the lies, the deceit, the cheat; they cut, tear, bleed and don't prepare for the hurt they leave. Bold and daunting were you in your haunting. I wanted love but it was my soul you stole. In the ice cold blight of the winter night the black rose had froze. I cried, in the glistening icy snow; for the black rose had no heart to with stand the blight of that winter night. What it had was a cold heart with sharp thorns to enfold, the last cold kiss of death on the black rose shows I have no love to share or hold.
Vanita Allgood

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rise till you cease to feel
rise till you don't feel to cease
rise above your own thoughts
rise till you own your thoughts
rise above the myths of faith
rise above the whips of fate
rise when time does not stand by your side
rise till you side line the time.......
rise above the despondency,
rise above the complaints...
rise rise and rise till cynicism fails.....
daffodil tears

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