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White Rose

Pure, vulnerable as it used to be,
Where sweet fragrance rushing to meet by a bee

White rose covered with insects and grin,
Where petals turn to a twain

White rose in the garden insist,
To plea the freedom that exist

White rose where have you been?
You're fragrance lost as it was been

Get up yourself away from that place,
Let not yourself be covered with disgrace

White rose left alone in the garden,
Nurse yourself they'll be back then

White rose in the garden had plea,
To move forward with thee

White rose their journey is onward,
And yet your moving backward

White rose in the garden insist,
That in the world she exist

White rose aren't you shy?
Without wings you will fly?

White rose don't try to surpass,
A thing you cannot pass

White rose dying to reach the star,
Rejoice, in your folk you are a star

White rose get up and shine,
Embrace the shining sunshine

White rose wasting her time,
Searching for nothing every time

White rose why can't you see? life is short,
soon to be fade and no worth

White rose don't try to incline,
Your fate is already in line

White rose be satisfied,
For you are glorified

White rose, open your eyes,
And see your shameful deeds as cold as ice

White rose remember how you used to be,
In pure, vulnerable garden with the bee
mendeez ellen

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Roses smells like a flower
My baby Rose smells like love
Love that smells like roses
Roses are red but Rose
Is lavander...My favorite
Color purple....She already
Got me smelling like her
Lovely purple flowers
....I'm feeling like I'm a flower
Who has been taking cared of
And mentor by Rose....
Joy O' Pateng

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I'M His Rose

I was a rose in a garden of many thorns,
Until the day that love was born.
His hand touched my heart, giving me hope,
He picked me up, untying the thorn rope.

I'm his rose whether he knows or not,
I'm his rose because he protects me,
I'm his rose because he set me free.
I'm his rose because he never opened his hand,
I'm his rose because he's the right man.
Adnana Saric

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dont be much worry about me
life is beautiful
with roses and thorns

you never seen me
when i was with rose
yes.. i too had a rose

all roses are having thorns
but not all thorns have roses

better you have roses
without thorns....
Rajan Dhanaraj

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