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Poems On / About SEX  8/3/2015 2:10:37 PM
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Sonnet # 253

Yes, sex`s speaking his wild urge for touch,
And love is crying for affection, care.
And I do look for you, dear, lo, so much
So we them both unite, end their despair.
So sex unites with love through you and me.
Sex gets his food whose name is called dear pleasure,
And love his paradise which`s joyfull glee,
And you and me a life nothing can measure.
So tell me where you are, or to me come
For love his sake and sex, and me, and you.
So sex won`t kill himself and love succumb,
And they don`t suffer death; it don`t come true.
If you`re as woman good and understanding,
I hope tell where you are, or to me running.
Luis Estable

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Love is not sex. Only sex is sex.
Nor sex love
Love is a thing of the heart.
Sex is a thing of the loins.
Sometimes these entities co-incide
Sometimes not.
You decide,

Sometimes they need to be pried apart
These two entities, these
Lest each gut out each.
Sometimes they need to be rolled in one
Just for fun
And sometimes not.
You decide,
robert dickerson

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Women And Wine

Women and wine corrupt the soul of a simple person
Women and wine corrupt the soul of simple person into thinking that wild sex and drinking is a measure of mighty when it is simple a matter of women and wine having sex needlessly and having wine non nutritionally.
alexander opicho

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Of Flesh And Seman

Flesh to press I'm here like walls heavy breathing-I am naming-solitaire down a dark hallway-into a musky room sex on plates-the buildup of the day unravel gives flesh you're smiling-with the fields with arms swinging hearts over and over again and again bedsores delivery of us rolling insect liquid subject to inject over and over running through the of comfort love grows like tumors-salt rumors sharp pain in one's head trauma-brain swells-give-way to collapse of a collage-forget you begged me to do this act in pictures-cut up time in a travel make me loose stool-as air fills of rust and naked rectums has the words slurred white teeth red gums me and all-laying beating skin hungry sex abrasion- bleeding from the end-was it safe as patients never know-how this overdrive ectoplasm slideshow combination of intoxication be an end-would love the long-awaited along you-in water and oil mix just like scratching-calling your name down six flights-long water repels life that the virus makes-circles from my mouth-the blood imaginary.
Joe Elmenhorst

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