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Poems On / About SEX  7/24/2016 1:46:27 AM
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Best Poems About / On SEX
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Sex Is

sex is fun
sex is like the sun
sex can not run

sex is good
sex is fine
sex is yours and mine
sex is never time

sex is grinding
sex is always rewinding
sex is a glass of wine
sex is an addiction
sex can never be a prediction
Sex is...
Tissa Calvert

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Freaky Freaky

sky is blue 
 water is wet
 i'll make you cum, i'll make you sweat
 pressed up against my body 
 movin up and down 
 slowly but firmly
 we'll move the ground
 kissing is a habit 
 freaking is a game
 guys get all the pleasure
 girls get all the pain
 10 minutes of pleasure
 9 months of pain
 3 days in the hospital
 a baby without a name
 the mother is a whore
 this woulda never happened 
 if the rubber hadn't tore! ! ! 
 sex is like math
 you subtract the clothes 
 add the bed
 divide the legs 
 and pray to god
 that you dont multiply
 roses are red 
 grass is green
 open your legs 
 and i'll fill you with cream
 sex is good 
 sex is fine
 doggy style and 69
 just for fun
 or gettin paid
 everyone likes gettin laid
 sex is evil 
 sex is a sin
 sins are forgivin
 so stick it in! ! ! 
 roses are nice 
 violets are fine
 i'll be the six 
 if you be the nine
krystopher oquendo

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What Will You Have?

Sex like the sizzle of popcorn with hot dripping butter
Sex like the ooze of mint from within the chocolate
Sex like a rough rump roast supple yet tough
Sex like a smooth of a hollandaise ready to obey
Sex like Salty caviar pearls bursting between your teeth
Sex like a fine cru de te able to be nibbled on all day
Sex like to warm wrapping of caramel around the crisp swollen apple
Sex like the finest meal you’d ever want but never enough to be ample!
Sandra Dodd

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What Is Sex?

What is Sex?
Sex is something that we all need.
Sex is a drug of love and caring.
Sex is a thing that pleasures our body and gets us in the motivation that takes us into somewhere that we haven't did or seen before.
The moaning and the sounds is a sign of feeling good and fulfilled with excitement.
It's a strong desire that makes us feel like we are loving and soft hearted.
Sex can change us I get that but it is also a sign of love making.
If a woman asks you do you love her when you start to make love then your answer should be I do in all my heart and I promise that I will be gentle and tender if you tell me too.
Sex can be a dis pleasant when you don't give a damn and don't love that person.
But it takes a real person to know that never take love and sex for granted but to cherish it and joy it.
Sex is a great thing.
Sex is love if you don't take it for granted.
Sex is peace
Sex is intimacy
Sex is motivation.
And Sex is a sign of feeling great and having a future in the next life that awaits you.
Cmack Estevez

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