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Poems On / About SEX  3/1/2015 5:26:00 PM
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Best Poems About / On SEX
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Sex is a thing of beauty
Sex is a thing of love
Sex is a thing of passion
Sex is blessed from above
James Mos

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Art Galore

Everybody ogles about this topic,
In hushed tones and wondrous thoughts they make this an epic,
Hulling it through the hot deserts, tundras and even the tropic,
Defying all odds and manners of logic.
Those who embrace it defy most laws of physics,
They throw stones and preserve but in mimics,
Yet the unlucky it leaves just as the gimmicks.

Sex is boring, sex is tiring,
Sex is vague, like looking up to vanity
Sex is dirty and its captives a bunch of mess,
Sex is defiling, sex is aggressive,
Sex is enslaving, nothing but a pointless energetic act of short sighted fulfillment,
Sex is selfish and like all evils, a balance of morals.
You don't believe me? why do people mourn, why do others groan?

Sex is healthy, it will exercise all your joints,
Sex is a gym, will work your heart, give you aerobics and push-ups,
Sex is stretchy, it will make you have horizontal acrobatics,
Sex is bubbly and will greatly delay your aging,
Sex is sweet, most sweethearts end there after all,
Sex is creative even done on strings,
Sex is powerful for out of it procreation is achieved and partnerships agreed upon.

Sex commands the madness and intrigue even of the insane,
Sex is what your mother never tells you about,
Sex is what your father will always enjoy long after your mother has lost interest,
Sex is what smolders and excites your deepest emotions,
Sex is what your partner will hold you by the scrotum in extortion,
Sex is a woman's way of commitment, and a mans source of pride,
Sex is one thing I don't understand.

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Sex With You Is Like... 3

sex with you is like fire

to where i can neva put out the flame

ur fulfillin my evey desire

and my favorite word is now ur name

sex with you is like an ocean

deep sea diving into treasure

yu drink my passionate potion

and bringin continuous pleasure

sex with yu is like rain

drip dropp all over me

i love it wen yu bring pain

its smthn that cant be beat

sex wit with yu is like ice

frozen in positions i like

im flexible so its all right

to make love like this all nite

sex with you is like trouble

we're bad because we did it

no sinqles or no doubles

jus go deep and put ur all in it

i'd like to sex yu on the stars

or unfamiliar places

or sex a little on mars

and see the aliens crazy faces

i like to sexy crazy

or maybe a little wild

limitations dont phase me

cuz rules are not my style

i sex yu in the morning

ill sex yu at work

ill sex yu till we're cuming

or maybe til it hurts

ill sex yu real fast

or i might jus be steady

yu started grippin my ass

now i jus hope ur ready

cuz sex with me is like wow

something yu cant deny

ill put it on ya like poaw!

so good it makes ya wanna cry

_haha hell yea * oriqinal-CLASSY <3
Classy Boomdata

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Sex is Sexy (Song)

Sex is sexy, Sex is tasty
Sex is fun, Sex is healthy
Sex is nice, Sex is happy
Sex is bright when you do it right.

God created two to enjoy
One with one, do it forever
Anything else is against his wish
Sex is bright when you do it right.

Porn looks fun, Porn looks great
Look at once, it makes you slave
Porn is toxicant, which kills your instinct
Sex is bright when you do it right.

Don’t do it, which feels you shy
Don’t do it, which makes you ill
Don’t do it, if you lose your self
Sex is bright when you do it right.

Keep your virgin just like wine
Wait for the time and wait for the partner
Keep this best present just for your first night
Sex is bright when you do it right.

Don’t share the bed just for fun
Use the bed with whom you marry once
Shut the doors and have more fun
Sex is bright when you do it right.

Bhavani Polimetla

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